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[HIATUS]Unordinary | The Masked Fighter by Crasalty
[HIATUS]Unordinary | The Masked Fi...by
John realizes that his wallet is empty and he needs some money. He decides to take part in illegal underground fights to get some money in his wallet. This book takes pl...
Will it sail? UnO ships by KittCat20
Will it sail? UnO shipsby KittCat
Just some UnO ships. There will be many pairings and more to come. Hope you all enjoy! ^-^ Note-cover photo is Jane and William from Uru-Chan's Instagram. I own nothing.
Fractured-UnOrdinary (Rewritten) by KittCat20
Fractured-UnOrdinary (Rewritten)by KittCat
Life is unpredictable. You'll find yourself caught up in situations you never even dreamed of happening. One day, you're trudging through school, trying to deal with th...
Long Live the King || unOrdinary by johnwithglasses
Long Live the King || unOrdinaryby John Doe
John begins his days at Wellston. However, this time something is different. Instead of posing as a cripple, he reveals his true power right away. He still befriends Ser...
The Shinobi in the Neighborhood by Neck_Concussion
The Shinobi in the Neighborhoodby What a smol
--PAUSED-- Muyukara Uchiha Yaki is known as a freak. Her headband was considered a religious ritual item, and she was there for looked down upon. But she couldn't...
Seraphina's Cure (jarlo) by CEOofboomers
Seraphina's Cure (jarlo)by CEOofboomers
The plot revolves around Seraphina's ability coming back because her sister was able to find a "cure" of sorts. This somehow results in John and Arlo having a...
A cheerer-upper by ThePrincessofMagic1
A cheerer-upperby ThePrincessofMagic1
A book of funny lines that are bound to make you laugh. I recommend reading this when you are angry, upset or tensed. By ThePrincessofMagic1
Something Terrible: A Leilah and Pierre story by jujuTHEclam
Something Terrible: A Leilah and P...by jujuTHEclam
In this Pokemon gijinka world a newlywed litwick and spiritomb are headed off to their honeymoon when one of them gets attacked. Can Leilah and Pierre get through this...
Hello There..Mate?! [ON HOLD] by indiesunshiine
Hello There..Mate?! [ON HOLD]by a l e x i s
"Mate!" He growled and stalked towards me. "Mine!" My back touched the wall and my breathing came out in puffs. His breath warmed up my neck, my eye...
Xavier by nobody4872
Xavierby nobody4872
Leilah Miller Bright, fiery, and passionate Xavier Miller Dull, cold, detached These two are completely different but you know what they say. Opposites attract
That One Evil Twin by BonnieLestrange
That One Evil Twinby Bonnie <3
14 years ago Lily and James Potter were killed, 14 years ago Harry and Leilah Potter were orphaned, 4 years ago Harry Potter went to Hogwarts and Leilah to Ilvermorny, 4...
The boy who was once a monster by kodaxgamer12
The boy who was once a monsterby Me commit die
JUST READ THE BOOK(sorry i saw a women eat pig on YT im traumatized
Beyond Return by hiccup45
Beyond Returnby Hiccup45
(This story was not written by me, but my talented friend Emoop4. I have gotten their permission to post this story on my account as a way to advertise their works to mo...
Bella by Porchpercy
Bellaby Porchpercy
Bella, quiet and peaceful A first year student studying Law always lived her life as if she's a ghost but!! what happens when she...
The Baller  by EssenceFlowers
The Baller by Essence Flowers
This girl that lives her life and go to the WNBA
Finding Matty by TrashcanUwU
Finding Mattyby QueenOfTrash
After Matty Bo was found in the forest by two siblings, Leilah and Sam, they take her to a nearby village where she can have a real home. After a couple of days, she sne...
my weird friend by itnotrealmochaboba
my weird friendby itnotreal mocha boba
im new so it short don't judge me please
UNOFFICIALLY YOURS by lescyemerald
Leilah had been haunted by her feelings for Daniel for nearly a decade. Willing to prove to her friends that she no longer harbor feelings for the greal 'ol Daniel she t...