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Unordinary | King's Return by Crasalty
Unordinary | King's Returnby
John has overcome the troubles caused by New Bostin and will turn a new page in his life and try not to make his old mistakes again, and if possible to make up for those...
Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
Exposed Secrets Lead to New Secrets by EmDoesntSleep
Exposed Secrets Lead to New Secretsby EmDoesntSleep
John is now the king of Wellston with no regards to anyone or anything around. After all, he has nothing left to lose with no more secrets of his to be exposed, right? W...
Boys are Pups, Men are Wolves by FlamingLeeAndre
Boys are Pups, Men are Wolvesby FlamingLeeAndre
All her life, Helen Craft has always loved Dominic Woods. He was like the big brother she never had. But lately, his behavior has been causing her buried feelings to ris...
His Wild Ways by shezallTHAT
His Wild Waysby CutThroatBitch
Author: S.A.T RATED SPG/Mature Language Vaughn E. Salvatierra dated his girlfriend Sammy Sandiego since they were both on their 2nd year of secondary level. Parehong nas...
Borderlands Scenerios by Tranquil_Writer
Borderlands Sceneriosby Tranquil Writer
Just some random scenerios that i come up with or that are requested. You may request any characters(below are the characters that are currently in the book) from the ga...
UnLimited by Skylar_AlphaX
UnLimitedby ꧁Skylar꧂
[This story takes place after Seraphina got her ability back, nobody knows yet. But, John is still Joker and he hurt others.] When John's ability becomes unlimited, eve...
I Don't Like A Bad Girl by tantroomzz
I Don't Like A Bad Girlby KJ
Roffer Vincent Feather ay isang simple lalaki lamang siya pero joke lang 'yon hindi talaga siya simple. Ang iniintindi lamang niya ay ang pamilya niya, pagaaral niya at...
Taming the Bad by Im_Eudaimonia
Taming the Badby nia
Zahara Gail is a law student and an independent woman. She's a very strong woman, but also weak in love. She's also a stubborn woman, but her brother can't do anything a...
Royal Love by Skylar_AlphaX
Royal Loveby ꧁Skylar꧂
The characters don't belong to me they belong to uru-chan. Time : Takes place after episode 234 John & Seraphina has feelings for each other.. Will they end up together...
UnOrdinary: Unleashed Hell by SpiritualElement
UnOrdinary: Unleashed Hellby Spiritual Element
Of all the emotional turmoil John went through his suffering was only beginning. John has repressed memories even more traumatic than the ones he remembers. A mysterious...
Babygirl💍🥰 by luhhbihh_tashaaaa
Babygirl💍🥰by luhhbihh_tashaaaa
A hood love story💞 Mia and choppa is.....
Tales from the Borderlands One Shots by ReiGn165
Tales from the Borderlands One Eyes up, Guardian
(TFTBL Character X Reader) COMPLETED Tales From the Borderlands One Shots series, here for your enjoyment of character scenarios and inserting yourself in the story to m...
Tales from the Borderlands by CelestialShadowWolf
Tales from the Borderlandsby Lost in the Stars
Rhys has created an A.I. named Chase. She has a personality like a normal human being and has a human body. She can also turn into a hologram at will. She helps around H...
Double Trouble by dramionetvd
Double Troubleby dramionetvd
Kol Mikaelson is filled with hatred, but by someone who is just as dangerous and smart as him, a girl, Isabel Reilly. She's vicious, she's cunning, she's one of the most...
What Would Happen by AlyssaMarieLeVesque
What Would Happenby Alyssa Marie M. LeVesque
What if Stephanie McMahon was pregnant in 2002? What if Vince and Linda kept the baby? What if they met? Would Stephanie and Triple H keep the child? How would it affe...
I'm Here Now... by EmDoesntSleep
I'm Here EmDoesntSleep
"It's ok." "They're gone now, you're safe." "I'm here now." --- A Jeraphina fanfic~ After John and Seraphina's fight, instead of John stayi...
Steal My Heart by couchpotato4life1
Steal My Heartby ~trini
When fire and water collide, neither will back down.
Telltale One Shots by S_R222
Telltale One Shotsby S - Anon
Here you will find a bunch of random one shots based on some of Telltales characters. If you have any requests, just let me know!
Rebels Chase Me (On-Going)  by bittergourd4sale
Rebels Chase Me (On-Going) by JELAII
"Roses are red Violets never been blue God, All I wish is to be happy But why can't you gave it to me?" -Vaughn