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Web Of Lies by Author_k0
Web Of Liesby Author_k0
What if Johns' suspension gave the Authorities a chance to take him into their hands? (UnOrdinary is not owned by me, I only own the plot of this story and some minor ch...
Sorry Ma💙 by YeahhCeCe
Sorry Ma💙by C e C e🔗😽
24 year old Jaidyn raising 2 boys with a abusive boyfriend, how will she raise her boys to respect women ?...
.UnOrdinary. Changed  by AnneZea
.UnOrdinary. Changed by Annie.Z
-updates at least once a month (but I'll try to update quicker)- These are NOT my original characters. Some of the ideas are by me but the original is by Uru-Chan please...
-Mentally trapped-UnOrdinary- by ItzSuko
-Mentally trapped-UnOrdinary-by Itz_Sukooo
This takes place after a few weeks after John comes back to school (Sera and johns abilities didn't get stolen they also didn't do the Rowden trip) John and Seraphina ha...
unORDINARY Jera One-shots by BlueSandshrew1
unORDINARY Jera One-shotsby BlueSandshrew1
(Mostly) Jeraphina One-shots. Some will be romantic and others will be more friendship based. If the chapter title doesn't specify a ship assume it's Jeraphina. I hope y...
You are mine, now and forever Park Jongseong by Silvers_May
You are mine, now and forever Silvers_Nadaleine_May
this is story revolving around the love story (and past) of 2 lovely boys Park Jongseong aka Jay who is an omega and sim Jaehyun aka Jake who is an alpha. join them and...
Fractured-UnOrdinary (Rewritten) by KittCat20
Fractured-UnOrdinary (Rewritten)by KittCat
Life is unpredictable. You'll find yourself caught up in situations you never even dreamed of happening. One day, you're trudging through school, trying to deal with th...
Every single BLOOM by OTParloxjohn
Every single BLOOMby ꒷꒥♡꒷꒥
Jarlo.......................................................I was bored so here is my book.......ever single bloom. Enjoy? Late bloomer is a word that is rare to say. I...
UnOrdinary Oneshots by JarloSupremacy
UnOrdinary Oneshotsby Kenzir
just a ton of random unO oneshots not very many ship oneshots but i will mainly be doing jarlo and jera if i do NEVER DOING X READERS i don't own anything all credit goe...
A HOOD LOVE STORY by chiiii__
Just a story about a thug nigga and his girl ...
My Bodyguard ✔ by Rociodiaz1525
My Bodyguard ✔by The Mrs. Styles 💍✨
This is a story I made on YouTube and i'm sharing it here :) I hope you like it. Victoria recently finds out that she is the daughter of the president. She will have to...
Little Blue [Unordinary Fanfiction] by Shimosu
Little Blue [Unordinary Fanfiction]by Shimosu
Life has its ways of bringing you back to deal with your old problems. You know, the ones you tried to forget about, ultimately being left unresolved until they pop up a...
DUDE! [BoyxBoy] by HeyItsJosh
DUDE! [BoyxBoy]by Joshua (Josh)
His brown eyes start assessing my face, making me feel really uncomfortable. I mean, the guy’s really tall. He like looms over my short figure. I’ve never seen him so up...
Love or lies by votemybooks
Love or liesby votemybooks
a girl named Le'Iona live in the bad side of New York in a bad neighborhood with nobody but herself when her mother is nowhere to be found and has no help with her stru...
His Ideal Girl by alaizaliexa03
His Ideal Girlby alaizaliexa03
"I like girl that a kind one, but I don't know why I fall to the girl gangster" -Keon
Book Ī :Thirst Of Blood  by Seni0ritaPerfect4
Book Ī :Thirst Of Blood by Beth💕
Elizabeth is a one of a kind and unique vampire who prefers to keep to herself. Despite her calm demeanor, she possesses indestructible strength. Her little secret is t...
A New Progress by Shadow567895434
A New Progressby Shadow567895434
John transferrs to Wellston High after a tragedy that happened in New Boston High. He decides to not keep his power a secret. Although he had found someone who became hi...
Third's point of view by Yohablopormi
Third's point of viewby Dawn
Can you guess who is the main character?