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Miss Bookworm (COMPLETE) by Viana_Iiii
Miss Bookworm (COMPLETE)by H.Mercurio
Ella has always been the smart one in their school. People call her 'Miss Bookworm' due to her hobby of always carrying a book wherever she goes. She doesn't leave her h...
Our Little Princess / Bts Ot7 by Marryyn8
Our Little Princess / Bts Ot7by kookie kook
"In a world of crime and violence, seven ruthless mafia leaders, known for their deadly charm, laid eyes on her" - Y/n, a stunning and naive beauty. Entranced...
Will Always Find You by Prin_Apelila_4
Will Always Find Youby Apelila
Find Amelia in a different world in the same one she has been, around people who she doesn't know who it's human. But, with all the chaos, she finds romance but also mat...
Stay With Me  by blueyes93llife
Stay With Me by Ελενη Παπαιωαννου
There was a overwhelming silence after the shot. As Lisa kneeled, the rose which Lisa was holding on her left hand the one Jisoo gave her earlier, fell to the ground nex...
Kidnapper II CZ by jusTDenise
Kidnapper II CZby Denise T.
,,Chceš mě zabít?"tichounce zašeptá. ,,Kdepak."zavrtím hlavou. ,,Co se mnou chceš udělat?"mumlá dívka. ,,Chceš pravdu?"nadzvedne obočí. Hned přikývn...
Duskwood: A Town of Mysteries by 001writer
Duskwood: A Town of Mysteriesby Unknown
"It may seem like any place. Cold, monotonous. But can you imagine what lurks deep in the forest of the town of mysteries? Coincidence, fate?" Vanysh Webster j...
Death Note: L Lawiet x Reader,  {Hello Old Friend} by MossleafOfEchoclan
Death Note: L Lawiet x Reader, { MossleafOfEchoclan
You live with a crazy father who is Saddly an alcoholic. At the age of 7 you decide to run. You run to Tokyo Japan where someone finds you and sends you to an orphanage...
Kidnapped by The Pack by Lunarthegreat
Kidnapped by The Packby Lunar
Skye was always and amazing person, her dad died pretty early in her life, and her mom is all she has. Her only option to get out of her own head is watching her idols...
My Life, My Secrets, My Story (THE LIFEST SERIES BOOK 1) by MysteryWriter96
My Life, My Secrets, My Story ( (It's a) Mystery
There's no reason. No explanation. No scientific function, for what is about to happen. No one knows who, or when or where or why. But it's going to happen. A girl, th...
Hard Timez (Completed) by augustalsina2013
Hard Timez (Completed)by smilez
Te'ambrah was always popular in the city of Chicago, She was known as one of the best dancers around until her harsh mother made her move away leaving her only sister an...
No Hope by 1honeybee10
No Hopeby Alex
When Bakugou wakes up in a place he doesn't recognize with someone who claims to love him he immediately hates everything about his situation. However he quickly discove...
Kidnapped by 1D by QueenMariana
Kidnapped by 1Dby Mari
{Completed. Sequel completed } "Finally, you stopped wiggling. Now this will be much easier." He says with a husky voice. I closed my eyes not wanting to feel...
Saved By A Hardy Boy [Jeff Hardy Love Story] *SLOWLY BEING EDITED* by IndieRokker96
Saved By A Hardy Boy [Jeff Hardy ^_^
Rose was kidnapped by drug lord Bill Wilson and is will be forced to marry his son Tyler. During a drug bust she is found but has been through massive trauma and won let...
My kidnapper~(tom riddle x reader) by sexy_tommy_riddle
My kidnapper~(tom riddle x reader)by sexy_tommy_riddle
"BANG"my eyes shot open. It sounded like there Was someone in the house I ran to my wardrobe And hid in it I could hair footsteps coming up Stairs I was s...
the lost De Luca priness  by TylaMafialove233
the lost De Luca priness by #mafialoveWATTPAD
"you have the best timing in the world don't you Mike" I started every one looking at ne as I spook on the phone "Atheana he's back" that was all I...
Kidnapped by Fall Out Boy by Menece
Kidnapped by Fall Out Boyby Menece
You get kidnapped by your favorite band Fall Out Boy. How you gonna survive? This is just a fan fiction. Just for fun. If you know Fall Out Boy, they are nice, kind and...
Hindered Love (A Severus snape love story) by patdfanatic
Hindered Love (A Severus snape patdfanatic
Hestia Bell, Intelligent, Pretty, Witty and Cunning Sixth Grade Slytherin, has fallen hard and fast for her Potions Professor, Severus Snape. Surprisingly he feels the s...
How They Escaped | The Black Phone by Iloveerattlesnake
How They Escaped | The Black Phoneby Iloveerattlesnake
Robin, Bruce, Vance, Griffin, and Billy. What happens when kids get caught, but escape the grabber in the end?
Stolen Hearts by anamoristsoul
Stolen Heartsby Amorist ♡
A smirk formed on her face. "You think 'I' will marry 'you'? Not even in your freaking dreams." She pointed her index finger towards his chest. Unexpectedly, h...
Unexpected Love by Jbimagines_13
Unexpected Loveby Jbimagines_13
[EDITING] When Sabreena meets the bad boy Justin Bieber she immediately hates his cockiness. Until one night when Mr. Bad Boy saves her life things get twisted. Her past...