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My Inkigayo Sandwich  by mochldi
My Inkigayo Sandwich by 𝗖𝗢𝗖𝗢
What exactly can an inkigayo sandwich do to two idols? ⠀ "Just call me nochu :)" published // mar 30, 19 completed // oct 6, 20 ©2019pinksrose
Little Creature  by slipperqueenbiatch
Little Creature by 𝐢.𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐤.𝐲𝐨𝐮(ง'̀-'́)ง
A small kitten was abandoned on a sidewalk near a dark alleyway. When suddenly a tall blonde happens to walk passed by the little creature and out of pity and its cutene...
Heart in Seoul - Jenlisa G!P by GirLovesick
Heart in Seoul - Jenlisa G!Pby Jenlisa
(Completed) My heart is in Seoul always and forever because you are there 💗 ~ Lalisa Manoban
My Husband With Scolar Syndrome [ Jenlisa ] by jenniertyuiop
My Husband With Scolar Syndrome [ ruby jane manoban
Jennie Kim lived for twenty-six years before she knew that she had a sudden genetic disease. There was no medicine for it, and there was only death waiting for her. Befo...
Don't Love Her by Bp_hiu
Don't Love Herby Baeleeeunbo
Lisa had been wanting to live a simple life ever since she turned into a teenager and had no butlers, maids, or bodyguards around her. Her parents never allowed her to b...
Jenlisa's Curtain  [Short Stories]✔️ by KnightPrincess27
Jenlisa's Curtain [Short Stories] KnightPrincesssss
Do you like angsty story with a happy ending? Then.. This book is just for you! Enjoy :3 Short stories compilation: 1- Real 2- Star 3- 🌟 4- Fix Me (a book have been ma...
MR CEO | liskook by wnderlis
MR CEO | liskookby wnderlis
"who's luckier? of course me." book cover by wnderlis
PERFECT MATCH | liskook by wnderlis
PERFECT MATCH | liskookby wnderlis
"she's so beautiful yet so mystery" book cover by wnderlis
"Lisa love Jennie so much, she can do anything to proved her feelings for jennie. But jennie not feeling the same way. she always hurt lisa's feeling. One day, ever...
My bullies, my wives✓ by KpopIdolFF2417
My bullies, my wives✓by K.
[Lisa × Twice] "I want you to agree on my proposal" he plead. "I can't Park, you know that they hate me!" I replied. "I know but you're the o...
They Don't Know About Us (JenLisa Fanfic) CMPLTD by fivehptx
They Don't Know About Us ( fivehptx
The media and their fans wants to know the real truth behind JENLISA. There are bunch of evidences like photos and videos roaming around the internet about them. But wha...
Our Falling Apart Marriage -Liskook ✓ by lisgotkook
Our Falling Apart Marriage Jeon Lalisa
•A married couple, that was on the verge of divorcing because of a young boy, but got a divorce because of a lot of things. Would they still get back together or is it t...
Lisa X Reader {Oneshots} by hersheyyy_2006
Lisa X Reader {Oneshots}by Hershey
~ Lisa x female reader ~ Mix of smut and fluff ~ Smut (includes G!P) ~Requests are open :)
PLAYED // JENLISA by jxx_xoxo
"I like you more as time goes by." What will you do once you realized you got played? Especially by the person you're not really fond of. But do you really got...
Never Knew I Needed (Chaelisa) by chaelice_97
Never Knew I Needed (Chaelisa)by Chaeng and Lili 💙💜🍒
Lisa quickly turns her head, hoping her suspicions wasn't correct but then she sees the smooth, pale skin of someone's back and tousled, blonde hair spread out across th...
Still With You by LK_127
Still With Youby Zenith Montecillo
Lalisa Manoban went to Korea to pursue her childhood dream, to become a Kpop idol. As she destined to be, Lisa debuted as one of the member of YG's girlgroup, BLACKPINK...
You're My Lobster (JenLisa) by TheMissusM
You're My Lobster (JenLisa)by M
"Lobster" Refers to the person of whom another is meant to be with forever. The term originated due to the fact that lobsters mate for life. (At least, accordi...
THERE'S NO WAY (JenLisa) by TheMissusM
THERE'S NO WAY (JenLisa)by M
A Friends to Lovers romance story from the fluffy corners of the writer's mind (who also brought you Love Charms and Donuts): Jennie and Lisa sitting on a tree... K-I-S...
Magnets ✔️ by lovely2431
Magnets ✔️by Lovely2431
Enjoy this compilation book full of Jenlisa one shots!! 💓💓💓💓
My Prince is A Woman by bp_mvp
My Prince is A Womanby MVP
[ EDITING ] "Jennie if you'll win, you're going to marry the prince." "But?" "Your family is more important than anybody else Jennie" T...