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i can't be gentle on bed//jentop// by MobishopAfrimi
i can't be gentle on bed//jentop//by Mobishop Afrimi
Lisa and Jennie they are a cute couple with different personalities Lisa is a girly girl but Jennie is tomboy and she's intersexual
Daddy Is Mrs.Perfect(Jenlisa) by kpopFan_hqlcyon
Daddy Is Mrs.Perfect(Jenlisa)by ˢˣᵐᵖ-ˡⁱˢᵃ
[Story not mine!❌] A baby enters their lives as result of a conspiracy. When Lisa meet Jennie again a few years later, Jennie doesn't seem to be as cold and aloof as th...
My Rosie by AsjidNaeemShahid
My Rosieby Asjid Naeem Shahid
Chaennie story Jentop conveted
LISA by Jendeuk_M
LISAby 🌻
jentop lisabottom
JENLISA SERIES - BOOK 1 A week before her wedding, Lalisa discovered that her fiancé is having an affair with her half-sister at her bachelorette party. Lalisa then walk...
Business Proposal - English Version Complete!  by topjendaddy
Business Proposal - English thirdy
Just Jennie and Chaeyoung against a crazy mad woman and a family drama.
My Bizaare Love by Ruby_KiManoban
My Bizaare Loveby KiManoban
Jennie Ruby Jane Kim Who doesn't know that name? Everyone with a pulse knows her family. She's blessed with her father's devilish looks and cunning mind. She's already...
Coming Back To You by Mrjodam
Coming Back To Youby Mrjodam
This is the sequel of my story " Letting You Go "
SFY BOOK 2: STRUCTURE OF LOVE (COMPLETE) by _bcdef_h_jklm_op24
SACRIFICE FOR YOU BOOK 2.... ------ Complete 💯✅ ------ After 7 in years of waiting she finally came back to the place where she made all her good Ms bad memories. Memor...
My Chemistry Tutor by LILI_NINI0323
My Chemistry Tutorby LISA MANOBAN
(story adaptation) The school knows Lalisa Manoban as the badass who always speaks her mind, but the truth is that she is barely holding on. She is forced to work long...
My Sugar Daddy - Jenlisa JenTop by JenTop_16
My Sugar Daddy - Jenlisa JenTopby ✨❤️
Jennie Kim, CEO of the Kim empire, has never been in a relationship or had sex with anyone due to having male genitalia. However, when she attends a meeting at YG Entert...
Remake by pinkhairedlisa
Remakeby 🌸
Lisa was finally living her life away from Jennie. She was her life since they were highschools until they knew they were ready to step up whatever their relationship i...
My Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Jenlisa) by jenniertyuiop
My Beautiful Wife And Genius Son ( ruby jane manoban
Interview... (JK - Father, LM - Mother, L - Son) 1. What is something you carry everywhere with you? JK: A gun. LM: I prefer being indoors, specifically inside a lab. ...
my addiction  by lilixnin27jenlisa
my addiction by lilixnin27jenlisa
when jennie kim "the queen" bee is so crazy inlove with lalisa Manoban "the nerd"and their in secret relationship for 7 years but lisa dont want the...
Sacrifice For You (COMPLETE) by _bcdef_h_jklm_op24
Sacrifice For You (COMPLETE)by g
SACRIFICE FOR YOU BOOK 1.. ------ Complete 💯✅ ------ Lalisa Manoban she is a person who is selfless, always think about others before her self. Have a twin brother who...
BEST FRIEND (Completed) by mandukim28
BEST FRIEND (Completed)by mandukim28
Are you willing to do everything for your best friend? Even it is gonna make you feel hurt? Are you going to confess to her what's your real feelings towards her or you...
DAY 27 by pinkhairedlisa
DAY 27by 🌸
Day 27 of the month, where are you? A Jenlisa short story. This is a work of my imagination.
clingy lisa / jentop by MarissaLeones9
clingy lisa / jentopby Marissa Leones
Sorrry everyone I need to sleep
Roommates // Jenlisa by sshlalisa
Roommates // Jenlisaby sshlalisa
[ COMPLETE ✅ JENLISA AU ] Lisa Manoban moves in with 3 college girls. In addition to her stress with adjusting to living in the city, a new job, and an annoying uncle wh...
Best Friends Forever | jenlisa by dltfsayldt
Best Friends Forever | jenlisaby xx
JENLISA GXG STORY Enjoy!! And vote guysss!! - Started: 26th March 2022 Ended: 22nd May 2022