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Six Days (Jenlisa Short Story) by Jenlichaesoo
Six Days (Jenlisa Short Story)by Jenlichaesoo Parkimanoban
"So, 6 days, we are only away for six days and I think we missed a lot? Mind to explain what happened inside our house? What's with you two?! Did you enjoy your alo...
JENNIE by Jendeuk_M
Jentop Lisabottom
Blackpink Oneshot by Seninthebuilding
Blackpink Oneshotby Sen
Blackpink One-Shots Contains G!P both CS and JL | Starring | Jennie Kim as Jennie Lalisa Manoban as Lisa Kim Jisoo as Jisoo Park Chaeyoung as Rosé Jenlisa Jentop Chaesoo...
NERD SECRET by Lalisa_Kim1627
Jennie kim known as nerd who has a secret that nobody knows only his family and close friends.what if she suddenly fell in love on the queen bee known as lalisa manoban...
My Senior Officer Is My Girlfriend by MeraManoban
My Senior Officer Is My Girlfriendby MeRaReDuX
Newbie Cadet Lisa Manoban of YG Military Academy what will be her fate in the hands of her senior officer 2LT Jennie Kim a cold,badass officer of YGMA. Will she experien...
Trapped by a Kitten | Jenlisa AU by LiLiTop_NiNiCutie
Trapped by a Kitten | Jenlisa AUby Caela
Jennie Kim, a very famous person. Her Instagram hits 53M followers while her YouTube channel has 49M subscriber uploading only 9 videos of her. It was a phenomenon, She...
I'm not just a Pretty Girl by ilyzahjean
I'm not just a Pretty Girlby The legend
Lalisa Manoban also know being a 'Pretty Girl' who everyone admires. She's not just a pretty girl.She's also rich,famous and Dual personality...she maybe good but it cha...
ONE SHOT [ Jenlisa ] -Hiatus- by fellowme1
ONE SHOT [ Jenlisa ] -Hiatus-by fellowme1
{ Smut🔞 } simple one shots about Jenlisa [ Jentop JennieG!p ] ≈This is my first one shot so don't expect that I'll be good at this because I am not So thank you if you...
a story which two popular girl and also know as a mafia leader in school is secretly in relationship with two girls that almost all student love them top jennie and jiso...
24/365 with JenLisa ft. ChaeSoo by arjaaaaayyy
24/365 with JenLisa ft. ChaeSooby RJ
Welcome to JenLisa's YouTube Channel!
MRS.KIM by iamrheagabriel
MRS.KIMby Loveyah💕
Jenlisa's fanfiction Just for fun gays
Mafia Kim | JENLISA (HIATUS) by Jenddududdudukie
Mafia Kim | JENLISA (HIATUS)by Jenddududdudukie
Mafia Kim the new nerd in School!? She's protecting someone!?? Mafia Gang? Leader? Find out who's who?👀🤔 Follow,vote and share thank you!! 💕🔥💸 jentops cuz she h...
I'M-MATURE (Jenlisa One Shot Stories) by Jenlichaesoo
I'M-MATURE (Jenlisa One Shot Jenlichaesoo Parkimanoban
This is a ONE SHOT STORIES that contains MATURE (🔞) and IMMATURE contents. Just some random shits. •GIRL X GIRL• "You know there is no perfect relationship. Coupl...
Rock paper scissors by zanayapalaroan
Rock paper scissorsby zanayapalaroan
Jennie GIP jennie top Lisa bottom ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠Warning wild
Detective || Jenlisa by Avocase___
Detective || Jenlisaby potato
"Who? When? Where? How? ....and why? Things that we need to discover on every crimes." One night, a crime happened on alley in city of Seoul. All polices...
Friends Or Lovers   by slipperqueenbitch
Friends Or Lovers by 𝐂𝐄𝐎 𝐨𝐟 𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠
This story is about jennie and lisa growing up together while one of them falls inlove with the other. Will that friend notice and reciprocate her feelings or just play...