The Witching Hour by acheairs
The Witching Hourby Amanda Lenore
Random Flash Fictions, Short Stories, and Prompts
  • witches
  • darkness
  • killers
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The suacide dont do it by bughead_gangsterlove
The suacide dont do itby bughead_gangsterlove
baA bomb is planted in school and blasted like a mass of suicide among teenagers. Prom will not be what they would be. And a love-loving couple of love is the only survi...
  • killer
  • killers
  • killyourbff
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Magic City [An Original] by bxbydxddy
Magic City [An Original]by sxilor bxtch
Margaret Brink. 17 years old. A not-so-normal girl from Ohio. As a child she was sent off to a correctional camp for killing habits. She was only 13. One day, everyone w...
  • arianamurillo
  • calebtrevors
  • margaretbrink
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The Reigsleigh Killings by ToriLeeFrisbee
The Reigsleigh Killingsby Tori Lee
Bodies have started falling at Reigsleigh, the town where nothing happens and no one leaves. Talia and Nora have decided it's their destiny to uncover the killer and the...
  • death
  • college
  • murder
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Jeff the killer and Jane the killer love story  by buffytheslayer15
Jeff the killer and Jane the buffytheslayer15
This story is about someone special
  • janethekiller
  • love
  • jeffthekiller
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Double S Academy by _ColonyOfWeirdos_
Double S Academyby _ColonyOfWeirdos_
In Long Beach, California, there are unique kids with spy abilities who attend a school called 'Double S Academy'. On the outside, Double S Academy appears to be a schoo...
  • tva2018
  • killers
  • villans
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Ticci Toby x Reader by TheRealFirstProxy
Ticci Toby x Readerby TheRealFirstProxy
You're (y/n), a not so regular girl with a not so regular life, you're only friend went missing, you were mute, you got abused, you were hated, you had no more hope left...
  • xreader
  • wattys2018
  • killers
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Lifeless (SpringTrap x Reader) by KiePen88
Lifeless (SpringTrap x Reader)by Kie
Y/n is 17 years old, her friend Nina just had started a business. Nina always loved horror so when she figured out about the 'Unsolved Mysteries' at Freddy Fazbears pizz...
  • survival
  • nightgaurd
  • killers
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Scary Things Happening  by Annoymous1395
Scary Things Happening by Hannah
About a group of teenagers, that were in the middle of the street until one day one or two kids gone missing. it was up to the teenagers { Girls: Jolene, Sara, Katie, J...
  • group
  • scary
  • teams
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Bloody Hellfire Academy by Zydeegirl
Bloody Hellfire Academyby Zyd Estelle🌸
Bloody Hellfire Academy, paaralan na pinapangarap na pasukan ng lahat. A school that appears to be amazing, luxurious, cool, topnotch and perfect on the outside.. But in...
  • weaklings
  • teen
  • assassins
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Killer's Game by SeraphinaAvillage
Killer's Gameby Seraphina Avillage
In the shadows, an endless fog shrouds a city frozen in it's false prosperity and after sixty eight years, everything falls between the cracks. Mother Earth harbours a...
  • past
  • war
  • nightmare
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Psychopaths Revenge by bloodyqueen463
Psychopaths Revengeby Irish Anne
The Peaceful life have changed and turn into a Hell one. Secrets will be revealed. Killers will be known. She never trust anyone,easily..because all of them changed when...
  • killers
  • pyschopath
In the City by noodledoodlee
In the Cityby doodleledo
"How beautiful the city of New York is." "The beauty covers up the amount of death and tears in this city, darling." New York has been having reports...
  • deathandlife
  • killers
  • mysterious
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Dead by daylight Wraith x Trapper by JoyBoom101
Dead by daylight Wraith x Trapperby Joyboom
I'm writing this because there aren't enough wraith x trapper fanfic apparently. I ship it to the MAX. I will randomly be updating. Each chapter is around 300 to 550. W...
  • killers
  • wraith
  • deadbydaylight
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My Criminal Lover by MichelleLara1207
My Criminal Loverby Michelle 663
Mark x WorstDream I never really shipped them in the start but now I do I have no idea why or how I started shipping them but LOL whatev....(They aren't really a couple...
  • killers
  • cringe
  • romance
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Brothers Boss by Z__Leoo
Brothers Bossby Z._leo
No spoilers...
  • hurt
  • thuggin
  • killers
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killer | bts murder mystery by noirjoon
killer | bts murder mysteryby 𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖊𝖓 !
❝i came here to confess that i killed six of my friends.❞ yoongi's friends keep slowly disappearing, and being murdered. somehow, there's no way of escaping death in the...
  • yoongi
  • jimin
  • kimnamjoon
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Come back to me by KamrynS4
Come back to meby Luna4
THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO WE BELONG TOGETHER. It takes place after Jughead got shot and so yeah. YOU probably will want to read the first one before this one. ALL RIGHTS...
  • jugheadjones
  • bettycooper
  • killers
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The Cold Hearted Couple by DemonWhisperer0420
The Cold Hearted Coupleby DemonWhisperer0420
At the age of 5, Sunny's parents died in a terrible car crash and having no known family members that she could stay with or actually wanted her, she was forced into a o...
  • escape
  • killing
  • couple
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The Diamond Cult by pinkpencilcase123
The Diamond Cultby Pink Princess
How the organisation works All of them are the leader of a certain branch under the the organisation, they all work together and although Azra is the 'leader' they don't...
  • diamond
  • azra
  • assassination
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