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Love Through the Ages by MakiSakura
Love Through the Agesby MakiSakura
Kagome's sister Kimiko has the Shikon No Jewel.
  • sango
  • kagome
  • sesshomaru
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Sesshomaru's Twin Sister by ElegantRose269
Sesshomaru's Twin Sisterby ElegantRose269
The sister of the Great Sesshomaru of the West has come about. She roams the lands being the only Miko Inu demoness in all of Japan. How will her appearance impact the g...
  • naraku
  • inuyasha
  • rin
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I'm In Inuyasha!? What the hell!? (Inuyasha fanfic) by FertileVeil6549
I'm In Inuyasha!? What the WritersAmys
Hey! Okay so I was thinking of another Inuyasha fanfic like my others. So here it goes! A girl by the name Kasuya (Ka-sue-y-a) lived in Arizona with her parents, since...
  • kiara
  • songo
  • kagome
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My Lady and Mistress (ON HOLD) by xYoviekijiromaru
My Lady and Mistress (ON HOLD)by Shîøķæ
●»●«● A half yokai God, who loves humans. Kikyo Kogami, a half kitsune and half god. There are two feared yokai Tomoe & Akuraou. But what if tomoe fall in love to kikyo...
  • yokai
  • past
  • kitsune
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M I N E: a Sesshomaru Fanfic by Pooh-san
M I N E: a Sesshomaru Fanficby Nyxxxxx
Kira Higurashi may be the sister of Kagome Higurashi but She looks nothing like kagome, she has long black hair and emerald green eyes. Kira always gets bullied for her...
  • kikyo
  • shippo
  • miroku
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Que inesperado (SesshomaruxKagome) TERMINADA  by Yan_skyblue
Que inesperado (SesshomaruxKagome) Yan_skyblue
"La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida" (Los personajes de Inuyasha le pertenecen enteramente a la gran Rumiko Takahashi)
  • sesshomaru
  • fanfic
  • sesshome
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Inuyasha X Reader by OtakuInu_Star
Inuyasha X Readerby Silver Star
This is the story about you a white haired half wolf demon who just landed in another one's territory will you mate or will you kill C=
  • kagome
  • shesshomaru
  • rin
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A New Pack by FantasyWriter345
A New Packby FantasyWriter345
When Inuyasha lets Kikyō join the pack without Kagome's consent, she and Shippo leave the pack. Along their journey, they make a new pack: a dragon demon prince, a kind...
  • kagome
  • kikyo
  • fantasywriter345
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wait for me [illumi zoldyck] by zacarak
wait for me [illumi zoldyck]by Zacarak
"Father always told me that I was in love with you when I was a child but I denied it," Illumi said, leaning in until their noses brushed, "I never realiz...
  • wait
  • love
  • fanfiction
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Little Zoldyck  by Uchiha-chuu
Little Zoldyck by Zoldyck Illimi
There was eldest Illumi, then Milluki, Killua, Alluka and Kalluto but no one knew there in the zoldyck masion on kukuro mountain, lives a small little girl with white ha...
  • twinfic
  • gon
  • illumisister
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The Girl and the Wolf(InuYasha fanfiction)  {EDITING} by ErikaShinigami
The Girl and the Wolf(InuYasha 🌸 Eri 🌸
Selena, the cousin of Kagome, travels to feudal era and falls in love with Koga! Discover her adventures in the feudal era and the secrets she unveils!
  • kikyo
  • inuyasha
  • koga
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Forbidden Cursed Love (SessKag) by Nerd-With-Attitude
Forbidden Cursed Love (SessKag)by Nerdy Scientist
It was getting close to Winter. Instead of Halloween Edo had a festival; games, food, Lanterns, even horse riding. But as the festival went along, something happened. Na...
  • minisesshomaru
  • kagome
  • naraku
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¿Soy como kikyo? (Sesshome) by a-y-a-y
¿Soy como kikyo? (Sesshome)by a-y-a-y
Pasen a leer, le drama nos aguarda. -Los personajes no me pertenecen, la historia si.
  • kikyo
  • mikai
  • kagome
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warmth of fluffy (COMPLETE) by inu_youka
warmth of fluffy (COMPLETE)by muskan~
hiyo mina~ here I finally published my first story desu ^^ plz like it ne~ I hope it pleases you u guys well this is related to inuyasha anime but not completly just the...
  • love
  • adventure
  • anime
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Soul Mate // Inuyasha by withlovehes
Soul Mate // Inuyashaby sinthia
We're best friends. We're like sister. We always joked that we were a soul in two different bodies never did we think it was true - I do not own the content(the show a...
  • sango
  • kagome
  • sesshomaru
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The twin*ON HOLD* by KiannMariee
The twin*ON HOLD*by Kiannmariee
What if Kagome wasn't the only girl in her family? What if she had a twin that was forced to go with her wherever she went? This is the story of how me and Koga fell in...
  • kenta
  • jaken
  • hakkaku
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True Love's Perspective! by SesshyUchiha
True Love's Perspective!by The One, Who Loves A Snake!
Read the first chapter, if you don't like it you don't have to continue! :) P.s. It's Sesshy x Kag
  • kikyo
  • sesskag
  • shippo
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Demon ninja kagome(an inuyasha/naruto fanfic) by redwoodwolf
Demon ninja kagome(an inuyasha/ PANDA NUNJA
When the battle is over kagome stays for 2 years and trains with sesshomaru when she try's to go back it sends her to a whole different dimension(time?) with ninjas wher...
  • yokai
  • fighting
  • inuyashaxnaruto
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Inuyasha's Decision, Kagome's Heart by toriinyell16
Inuyasha's Decision, Kagome's Heartby Victoria
-Inuyasha loves both Kikyo and Kagome but, when he lost the one he truly loves, he has to get her back. Can he stand to hurt the woman who was his first love? -Kagome i...
  • etc
  • kikyo
  • inuyasah
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Triggered | Hisoka x Reader x Illumi | Discontinued. by flirtgasm
Triggered | Hisoka x Reader x h i a t u s
Trauma at a tender age led to a ruthless assassin rising from the ashes of her old self. Y/N L/N, trained by the Zoldycks with power to rival that of Zeno Zoldyck's. Her...
  • hunters
  • illumi
  • killua
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