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Devil Chick ~A Kick Ass Story: Dave x OC~ by RubyRoseRabbit
Devil Chick ~A Kick Ass Story: RubyRoseRabbit
I don't own Kick-ass Hey guys. This is another story from my one of favorite movies. I watched both Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2. I love both of them so much. Enjoy the sto...
Hell Child ~A Kick-Ass Story~ by xFreexspirit96x
Hell Child ~A Kick-Ass Story~by xFreexspirit96x
What if the McCready family had an extra person. Paige is the adoptive sister to Mindy. She is trying to find her way through life. As she starts to follow her calling a...
The Shrewd Wolves (H&HP Series #3) by shruthii
The Shrewd Wolves (H&HP Series #3)by Shruthi
"You don't want a mate and neither do I. So for the sake of our wolves, let's just complete the mating process and part away like... friends?" Quillon said and...
HAWK by Mike_I_am
HAWKby Mike
New chapter every day! *** Paperback now available on Amazon! *** Kas Balera is used to a bit of chaos. As a space bounty hunter, capturing three Class-2 criminals shoul...
MaNan- My Sassy Wife ✔ by Aaku_14
MaNan- My Sassy Wife ✔by Aaku
Manik never wanted to marry Nandini in the first place and it wasn't any different for her too but then they were given no other choice. She was a headstrong sassy girl...
Bite Me ✔ by theGhoulBoys_
Bite Me ✔by 𝓣𝓪𝓿𝓪𝓷𝓪
《 Highest Ranking: #5 in Vampire 》 "Is that Marcus? Marcus as in, from our High School Marcus!" Casey squeaked. I spun around, not quite believing her, but th...
Aaron Taylor - Johnson Imagines by AprilCourt
Aaron Taylor - Johnson Imaginesby AprilCourt
Imagines of Aaron Taylor - Johnson
The Bad Girl's Fight by phoebe_unic0rn
The Bad Girl's Fightby Phoebe ✨
Violet Cartel is the mysterious, new addition to South High, With a mean right hook and a past that keeps her from staying for too long in one place, will she finally fa...
Desert Thorn by elphadora
Desert Thornby Elphadora
Since ancient times, the desert people have long been regarded as masters of unarmed combat. The tribal people are exceptionally trained and conditioned to meet any tria...
Transmigration with QQ Farm by Eyzie_ph
Transmigration with QQ Farmby Imogene
for offline purposes only. Credits to the owner and translator. Author: Die Lian Huahua Lian Rui, 蝶戀花花戀蕊 Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Mystery,Romance, Sci-fi...
Underestimated Alpha by books_n_boots
Underestimated Alphaby books_n_boots
I was soon deemed an Omega, diminishing hope of our pack having an Alpha female. My father had things under control but he is getting old and wishes to retire. Cale will...
My Best friend is my mate and he rejected me by JsReadings
My Best friend is my mate and he JsReadings
Do you know what it feels like to be hated by the people you call family? Do you know how much it hurts to be rejected by the one person that is supposed to love you fo...
Head Above The Water|Arthur Curry by sinisterxxxx
Head Above The Water|Arthur Curryby hades
Based On Justice League and Aquaman movie(s). ~ They always told her to keep out of trouble. Keep your existence a secret. She didn't quite listen to them. Updated every...
A Beast of Beauty by ih8nuts
A Beast of Beautyby ih8nuts
Blue ; the female who defined lethal. The defier of convention, a shifter as brutal as she was engaging. A woman with a will of iron and the soul of a true warrior. A sh...
Hunter of The Supernatural by 13defender37
Hunter of The Supernaturalby 13defender37
When a mysterious girl turns up and saves the Winchester brothers from a Wendigo she ends up hurt. The brothers fight their way through the forest and down a mountain wi...
The Unexpected Queen by scbates15
The Unexpected Queenby the og SB
(sequel to The Unexpected Princess; book 2 in the Skylar Jackson series) Ever since she started dating the crowned prince of Anedonia, life hasn't been the same for Sky...
The Silken Scarf by star22bella
The Silken Scarfby star22bella
Abrisham is of mixed Pakistani Swiss and Spanish Colombian descent. She ends up living with her paternal grandfather because her parents want her to connect with her pat...
Mord-Sith » The Vampire Diaries by ritzmix
Mord-Sith » The Vampire Diariesby Rita
When the witches cursed the travelers, their thirst for revenge grew with time. Their leader, Markos, decided to create a powerful weapon that could eradicate the witch...
Bite me back ✔ by theGhoulBoys_
Bite me back ✔by 𝓣𝓪𝓿𝓪𝓷𝓪
"It's good to see you again" "I wish I could say the same, you broke my heart last time when you chose him over me" he replied. "I had to look...