The Bad Girl's Fight

The Bad Girl's Fight

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phoebe By phoebe_unic0rn Updated Feb 22

Violet Cartel is a sassy bad-ass, when her bad past comes knocking will she find a way to fight it or will Violet do what she does best, run?

Cole Harding is a young mafia leader, hiding behind a brick wall built on lies. Before Violet stumbled into his life his wall stood tall and proud. Is one particular girl all it takes to bring it crashing down or will she only make it stronger?

When both 18 year olds meet at South High will they both turn and run or will things get interesting? 

"Not all girls are good girls"

WARNING ⚠️: Mature language 
                              Mentions of self harm
                              Unbearable sassiness

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COVER BY: @VictimOfMyFeelings


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