The Bad Girl's Fight

The Bad Girl's Fight

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Phoebe ✨ By phoebe_unic0rn Updated May 15

Violet Cartel is the mysterious, new addition to South High, With a mean right hook and a past that keeps her from staying for too long in one place, will she finally face her fears and fight the ghosts of her past?
She's a sassy bad-ass but when her bad past comes knocking will she rely on her fight or her flight?

Despite his age, just 18, Cole Harding is one of the best gang leaders ever to lead the King Cobras. Cole is constantly hiding behind a brick wall built on lies, not even his own sister knows him as well as can be considered 'normal'. Cole isn't at all normal; Left behind by his parents' tragic death he must juggle his school life by day and his gang life everywhere in between. 

When both lives collide, will they turn and run or will they find an interest in each other that forces them together whether they like it or not? 

"Not all girls are good girls"

WARNING ⚠️: Mature language 
                              Mentions of self harm
                              Unbearable sassiness

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