HAWK (Wattys 2017 Shortlist)

HAWK (Wattys 2017 Shortlist)

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When Kas Balera awakens on her small spaceship to find herself in the hands of the very criminals she was pursuing, she knows she's going to need all her wits and skills if she's going to turn the tables.

HAWK is an action packed, futuristic sci-fi adventure focusing on the exploits of kick-ass bounty hunter, Kas Balera, as she takes on interplanetary criminals, intelligent killer robots and the occasional astral police officer.

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ilaikay ilaikay Sep 06
'Mana' in my language means miracle, and seeing as there have been alot of near death experiences in Hawk, it seems fitting that there should be a Mana amongst our lil misfit crew. (Pronounced: mah-nah)
layla_t layla_t Sep 11
Achala (ah-char-la) means The Unmovable One and is a great name for a strong, female character!!
wow, this is really good. Mine, however, is still in development, and it's not that good.  It's called Xenopocalyps, and, I still need to do some major work on it.
Gonna do this again! @KeyNox25043 U should do it! Mine got chosen last time because only two were entered so he used both!
                              Zorinder Perucillium
Everyone calls me Elo. It's short for my World of Warcraft characters name.
emilyb012 emilyb012 Sep 06
If you're going for a nickname like the others, what about 'Mole' ?