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The Keyblade Duo by Swiftdragoon
The Keyblade Duoby Swiftdragoon
Izuku Yagi was abused and neglected by his parents and bullied by his sister and friends every day until one day, they went too far. They try to apologize to him, but Iz...
Holder of the Light  by Starlightfudo
Holder of the Light by Karina Estrada
Izumi Midoriya was the daughter of a keyblade master. On the day she was born, her father locked away her quirk. She was with four of her master students, before they d...
.May My Heart Be My Guiding Key. A kingdom Hearts X Reader (more added) by Xion_005
.May My Heart Be My Guiding Key. Xion
SO I wanted to create a journey of a reader x character! You are a 14 year old child(in the beginning) and you go on multiple journeys and of course romance awaits with...
Kingdom Hearts x My Hero Academia crossover by RoxastheXIII
Kingdom Hearts x My Hero RoxastheXIII
The city has been attack by heartless and nobodies, and at the mist of the battle the one for all user meets a hooded figure dual-wielding to blades. Will Deku be able t...
Hyperdimension Neptunia x Male Keyblade reader by DiamondHunt61
Hyperdimension Neptunia x Male Diamond Hunt
You were a everyday otaku that enjoyed playing through Hyperdimension and Kingdom Hearts. One day, you were summoned to the world of Gamindustri and gained the power of...
The Vytal destiny  by AshKetchum55374
The Vytal destiny by Agent-47
Disclaimer: I dont own this story, this story's orignal author is TheD-Rock900. I copied paste it here, all the rights of the story goes to TheD-Rock900 Ash has been bet...
Kingdom Hearts: Saving Life in Another World by GreenWarrior291
Kingdom Hearts: Saving Life in Ronaldo A Amaya
After having defeated Xehanort and managed to have saved Kairi from her fate, Sora disappears into a dark abyss of Darkness. Just as it seems like it'll be an endless sl...
Destiny Battles by DestinyProduction
Destiny Battlesby Destiny Productions
These are the battles that take place following the events of Destiny Rebirth. Promises will be fulfilled, bonds will become stronger, and mysteries will begin to emerge...
The Angel's Keyblade by KingdomHeartsMuse
The Angel's Keybladeby Madi Stevens
Ranked #31 for keyblade 08/02/2018 Ranked #3 for keyblades 11/2019 Ranked #68 for hearts 05/05/2020 The worlds are in trouble once more when Sora, Riku, and Kairi myster...
A Paw Patrol Story 11:The Successor To The Champion Of Spirit by PawPatrolChaseFan
A Paw Patrol Story 11:The PawPatrolChaseFan
After being told the truth about the secret is his best friend had been hiding from him, Matthew and Champ gotten into a huge argument, but all that soon ended when Matt...
Key to the Sea and Sky by Nexlaru
Key to the Sea and Skyby Nexlaru
A girl wakes up on a distant shore...with no memory of who she is or was before the moment she opens her eyes to the sky. The only thing is, in a universe where there ar...
Dark Skies and Crystal Seas by The_Fantasy_Siblings
Dark Skies and Crystal Seasby The_Fantasy_Siblings
Based on Square Enix games series Kingdom Hearts. What if Sora was evil? What if only Kairi could save him? After Sora's disappearance everybody starts to look for him a...
Edens Zero x Keyblade Male Reader by sambamhaw
Edens Zero x Keyblade Male Readerby sambamhaw
After being separated from his friends he grew up on Destiny Islands, Y/N ended up on a planet called Granbell, a deserted theme park run by robots. He then meets his ne...
Time of the Keyblade (KH OC Story) [OLD] by GrimstoneRX1300
Time of the Keyblade (KH OC Story) GrimstoneRX1300
On a world where the inhabitants are masters of time, Arcturus Farron lived as an ordinary teenager, until a accident occurred, resulted in awakening new powers and beco...
It Started With Suicide||Axel x Depressed! Reader by ARMYWEEB14
It Started With Suicide||Axel x RayTheSinner
✓completed✓ A simple girl who's lost everything meets a man who has no emotion. This is a story when Alex, a nobody who has no emotion, meets y/n, a girl who has nothing...
Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy: In a Nutshell by Sherlock145
Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy: Mycroft Moriarty
"DARKNESS within DARKNESS awaits you" "What?" The cast of Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy reacts to themselves and their game... In a nutshell. I do n...
A Paw Patrol Story 9:The Battle For The Last Champion Child by PawPatrolChaseFan
A Paw Patrol Story 9:The Battle PawPatrolChaseFan
When a young Rockruff arrives in a completely different world, she is hunted down by every threat Matthew, Champ, and the Paw Patrol have faced so far. Matthew must be w...
Lost (Rainiamtor book 3) by doctorofhope
Lost (Rainiamtor book 3)by doc
two worlds one fate Charlie is lost, his mind has been racing for the last month a mysities impossible letter, and now this a young man named Ember, stranded in the wro...