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DBS reacts to DBZA by Newdawn57
DBS reacts to DBZAby Newdawn57
After the tournament of power ends, a mysterious and omnipotent man dressed in black with a katana strapped to his belt appears. His presence terrifies every being, even...
Dekubaku Oneshots🛐🥂 by _KamiKam_
Dekubaku Oneshots🛐🥂by 神
(REQUESTS ARE WELCOMED I update when i have time it's just for when i wanna do some oneshots Impressive rankings: #3 out of 540 stories in Kami 22/10/2021
God's an Adventurer Volume I by PrinnyHDood
God's an Adventurer Volume Iby PrinnyHDood
Kami has created everything known to mankind and more for millions of years and he's grown tired of constantly keeping check on it all. The only thing that had kept him...
Kaminari's Secret "Girlfriend" by sage-writes
Kaminari's Secret "Girlfriend"by Sage-writes
Kaminari and Shinso have been dating for about 2 months, but haven't told anyone about it. Kaminari spends as much time as he can with his boyfriend, but his friends sta...
The Fox Can Love (Tomoe x Reader) by internallybeautiful
The Fox Can Love (Tomoe x Reader)by internallybeautiful
You, (Y/n), are a (your animal of choice) yokai living near a village. But the peace ends when a band of evil yokai raid the town. Somehow, you manage to escape. Then a...
Baby Boom Boom by LonelyPotatoKai
Baby Boom Boomby Kai
Kaminari and Kirishima live together to be with/take of bakugo when he is in littlespace. Contains -BoyxBoyxBoy -Littlespace
Let's Watch The Multiverse (On Hold) by theo1004
Let's Watch The Multiverse (On Hol...by theo1004
Kami has come to UA to show the people the multiverse of Izuku A/n: This is my first story I plan to dedicate you I'm not the best writer by far including fight scenes...
why the fake mask by Prince_Hitoshi
why the fake maskby ❤ Prince Hitoshi ❤
denki and shinsou are done with there first patrol assignment they got from aizawa, after hey were done they decided that they should get a drink (like coffee or someth...
Electric Rage by KiriUnbreakable
Electric Rageby akameiji
"Haha, oh Kaminari." "You dunce." "You failed again?" "You're a living joke, dude." "Kaminari you're so dumb." "Yo...
Rewinding The Clock by Cupcatey
Rewinding The Clockby Ah Potato
Naruto was falling. Falling in time. He didn't know where nor when he was going. He only knew it was to the past. With Kami's blessing, will he be able to change everyth...
Querencia ~ a Khun Aguero Agnes Fanfiction by Nashima_
Querencia ~ a Khun Aguero Agnes Fa...by Nakashima Aya
"Without her, he lost his power-" "-and without him, she lost her soul." . . . You and him, two people who destined to be in each other's arm...
// bnha headcannons & oneshots by Charity-
// bnha headcannons & oneshotsby ☁︎☆
A bad collection of bnha/mha headcannons and oneshots. @donutfindme made this amazing cover! I love them so much! So go check out their cover shop
Let Me Be Your Hero (Yato x OC)} Noragami fanfiction by shirocchiouji
Let Me Be Your Hero (Yato x OC)} N...by space child 👽
I got hurt by others And hurt them back. Others hated me But I didn't care. At least it looked like I didn't care. And then I met THEM. And with THEM, I also met HIM. Th...
8 Bit Glitch by Elisedeluxe
8 Bit Glitchby Elisedeluxe
Izuku MIdoriya lives in a house full of video games, from the old classic arcade machines to modern discs. It's only natural Izuku gains a Quirk that compliments his ho...
Our Little Pikachu {Adopted- Petal_Cosplay} by yourfairyg4ymother
Our Little Pikachu {Adopted- Petal...by Em
This is an adopted story from @Petal_Cosplay so go check out they're page. The first two chapters of this book are in fact from the original writer. Either way enjoy lov...
The Lady of the Savannah|Stuck in Naruto by Fallen_Angel--x
The Lady of the Savannah|Stuck in...by Distant Stars
Hana was an ordinary girl in an ordinary world. She lived with three roommates and was obsessed with Naruto. One day, she tried a jutsu, and it worked! From that moment...
Future of Konoha | Naruto Fan Fiction |[DISCONTINUED] by Insectivemaaza
Future of Konoha | Naruto Fan Fict...by Maaza Beowulf
Konoha's greatest heroes that are Fugaku, Mikoto, Minato, Kushina, Kakashi, Rin, Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Obito....well Obito's dumb but i like his character...so w...
The anger manifestation of deku's quirk by erin_honey
The anger manifestation of deku's...by Erin
Deku wasn't having a good day or week to be exact, so what happens when he snaps and is the angriest anyone has ever seen him. And what happens when his anger causes his...
Just Us by -pure-chaos-
Just Usby AJ/Prince
This is a short fluffy Bakukami fic There's only one chapter with small angst but I kept it short and full of cuteness for anyone who likes that. I hope you enjoy readin...