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Sweeter Than Fiction | ✓ by PandaGuts
Sweeter Than Fiction | ✓by Pearl. W. Pleyse
Rudy Sampson hates a lot of things. He especially hates his job and the new guy that works there. Right up until he doesn't. This is the tale of how Rudy and Miles fell...
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Pissing Off The Universe by TGbookworms
Pissing Off The Universeby T&G
What happens when you mess with the past? Can you actually change the future? How far would the universe go to maintain this balance? Haidyn, a broken hearted boy, wil...
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Unlimited Possibilities by Crazymeg1
Unlimited Possibilitiesby Meg
Nora has ridden horses all of her life. Though there are many horses on her parents equestrian centre, she mostly rides a grey thoroughbred named Ace. Everything is perf...
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Center for Equestrian Writers by NovemberRider
Center for Equestrian Writersby Alyx Barter
Tired of looking for a good equestrian book? Want to rant about the stallion trope, or the academy trope? Want to WRITE about the academy/stallion trope? Well here we g...
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Double Clear (Pony Jumpers #2) by KateLattey
Double Clear (Pony Jumpers #2)by Kate Lattey
Katy has grown up on horseback, training promising young ponies under her mother's guidance. Although unable to afford top level show jumpers, she has been fortunate eno...
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Large Jumpers // HS by HarrysBumBun
Large Jumpers // HSby Azuza
Happiness is a closet full of large cable knit sweaters.
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Triple Bar (Pony Jumpers #3) by KateLattey
Triple Bar (Pony Jumpers #3)by Kate Lattey
Susannah Andrews has always been a keen competitor. Spurred on by her parents, she was climbing the Grand Prix leaderboard with a firm eye on the top prize - until it al...
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- Game Jumpers - The Haunted Mansion - {book 1} by Chiller25
- Game Jumpers - The Haunted Mansi...by Penguin
When three teens play a video game, they receive something that puts them into the game, they must beat the game to escape it
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My heart for horses by BetteGober
My heart for horsesby Bette Gober
A young girl living a dream and all the sudden her horse breaks his leg how will he survive? find out in this amazing book!
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A Market Meeting by miss__alaineous
A Market Meetingby miss__alaineous
Sherlock is finishing up a case, and John just wants a cup of coffee. A collision between the two results in an interaction leading to the formation of a new friendship...
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Bridge Boy by Escapingthereaper
Bridge Boyby ✯ Elijah ✯
Noa James is the kind of girl who lives in stories, and believes in magic, and falls for story-book boys. She trusts in fate's plan for her, and knows that she'll eventu...
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ODST: Line of Fire: by NickGarascia
ODST: Line of Fire:by Nick Garascia
A young ODST named Johnathan was dispatched to eliminate the threat of a group of hinge-heads. What he has to do is his second mission and is one of the easiest but scar...
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Jumpers by MentallyInsaneWolfie
Jumpersby MentallyInsaneWolfie
This is basically a story about some Jumpers from the Golden Gate Bridge who survived and chose to tell their stories. This is not true, but based on true events.
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Dimension Jumpers Book Ideas by TheEmeraldCat
Dimension Jumpers Book Ideasby QueenTemLovesFandoms
This is where I will post ideas for more stories. And I can see what you guys think about them. Please vote on any idea you like. The story with the most votes will be e...
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Where do angels come from? by TheRespawnSeries
Where do angels come from?by TheRespawnSeries
War.. War brings death, loss, and destruction, but it also brings glory, and honor, and a time for a man to fight for his country.. This...this is not war, this is the p...
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