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Strawberries & Cigarettes by vcw226
Strawberries & Cigarettesby vcw226
She has obsessive-compulsive disorder. He finished all the required classes for graduating by his freshman year. She trains in ballet four hours a day, five days a week...
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A Part Of Me // Nowhere Boys by xCrossRoads
A Part Of Me // Nowhere Boysby Kodi
Max Delaware is the kind of girl to avoid as much social interaction as she can and considers headphones as another body part. When Max is assigned to be in a group wit...
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Teenage Runaways  by hayhay_28
Teenage Runaways by Haylie
Thank you so much to @LavenderLily02 for the beautiful cover. It not the best decision to just pack up one night and runways with out saying good bye. But that's what Bl...
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This Isn't Me by HollyMD
This Isn't Meby HollyMD
Spencer is the new girl in town, (big city Los Angeles) from a small quiet town in Ohio. She meets Ashley, whom she instantly connects with. Hard times, broken relations...
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Nowhere Boys preferences and imagines by scarface876
Nowhere Boys preferences and Mrs.
This book is about no where boys in my perspective, please enjoy, Andy, Felix, Sam and Jake spending with you
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Nothing by marjgwaps
Nothingby Jeramiah Krista Ann
A random thoughts
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The Muted by KuoYogo
The Mutedby Writer-To-Be
Canadi, formerly known as Canada, was overrun with a whole new government 40 years ago. Different laws. Different customs. Now, people have the chance to go mute when t...
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Nowhere Boys Imagines by Dying_Fire_Lives
Nowhere Boys Imaginesby Full Fledged Weeaboo
I do requests when I get bored. Comment on the posts that are talking about requests, I will do all of them... eventually. Feel free to comment and vote, I love seeing p...
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Nowhere Boys - Choose Your Own Adventure by Kat_EJ
Nowhere Boys - Choose Your Own Kat Jurgens
Choose your own adventure based on the Australian tv show Nowhere Boys. Set after season 2 but before the movie
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✧ While the World is Asleep ✧ by silverenvogue
✧ While the World is Asleep ✧by 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐠𝐞 <33
『"and so all while the world is asleep, we run free"』 [see inside for extended summary] BEST RANKINGS #1 - sleepaway #6 - alonetogether #7- nowhere #19- trends
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Nowhere  by shhravanii
Nowhere by Shravani G.
❛Walls have ears. Doors have eyes. Trees have voices. Beasts tell lies. Beware the rain. Beware the snow. Beware the man you think you know.❜ ~songs of sapphique ▪▪▪ Wh...
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Lighting Lex (Nowhere Boys Fanfic) by horrificfelix
Lighting Lex (Nowhere Boys Fanfic)by -sophie-
Lex, Lex Adver hasn't been your golden ray of sunlight. She goes to the principals office every week for something, wears boyish clothes and is saving up for a skateboar...
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Brambles, Nomad x Skout by http-skoutshonor
Brambles, Nomad x Skoutby Sƙσυƚ H.
Don't mind the cover.
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My Life, My Secrets, My Story (THE LIFEST SERIES BOOK 1) by MysteryWriter96
My Life, My Secrets, My Story ( (It's a) Mystery
There's no reason. No explanation. No scientific function, for what is about to happen. No one knows who, or when or where or why. But it's going to happen. A girl, th...
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Middle Of Nowhere by HappyLove_1415
Middle Of Nowhereby HappyLove_1415
In BlazeHill High,twelfth graders go on a surprise trip in the third semester. It is usually fun but this time things do not go as planned.The hint of the surprise tri...
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Can I trust you? //Tanner Fox [Completed] by Swooshii
Can I trust you? //Tanner Fox [ short adult
Life for this young girl slowly starts to loose it's meaning. She's gone through to much to recover... or so she thought. A boy around the same age as her slowly works h...
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Pyromaniac || Felix Ferne by StellaTheMage
Pyromaniac || Felix Ferneby Stella
Py·ro·ma·ni·ac ˌpīrōˈmānēˌak/ noun a person suffering from pyromania.
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Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl (Felix Ferne FanFiction) by Dying_Fire_Lives
Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Full Fledged Weeaboo
Blake Wesley was not your average girl. She was a witch. When she gets lost with four boys on a trip in the forest, they assume everything will be fine. But when the ret...
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The Truth Hurts (BoyxBoy) by Dying_Fire_Lives
The Truth Hurts (BoyxBoy)by Full Fledged Weeaboo
Life was weird sometimes it gave you lemons, sometimes it gave you limes. What are you supposed to do with limes? It's not like they were going to turn into lemons. Besi...
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Nowhere Boys (FF) by skynight360
Nowhere Boys (FF)by skynight360
I absolutely loved ABC 3's Hit TV show Nowhere Boys so. I decided to write a fan fiction. In my version of the story I have based it on the original but I added charact...
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