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My Little Human~ (Yandere My Little Pony x Child Reader) (Discontinued) by unidentified562
My Little Human~ (Yandere My Littl...by Unidentified
You were on your way to school on a rainy day on the bus and it was noisy on the bus as usual and it didn't bother you, the same can't be said for the bus driver who fin...
Pink Freedom (GB) by WickedSerenity
Pink Freedom (GB)by WickedSerenity
Sang Sorenson, grows up, living on a ranch of bucking Broncos, and kicking cowboys, only she lives for the limelight, so she can hide all the fear and abuse at home. Bla...
New Moon (My Little Pony) by Azura_Keres
New Moon (My Little Pony)by Azura_Keres
For so long Luna wanted her ponies to appreciate her work, the labor she endures every night to ensure their protection. But her compliments have come hollow and the nig...
MY Little Doll (My Street!Zane Ro'Meave X Reader) DISCONTINUED by A_Crystal_Clod
MY Little Doll (My Street!Zane Ro'...by Kaiiii
20 year old (Y/n) has just moved into My Street to surprise her childhood friend, Travis. What if the "Neighborhood Watch" Zane Ro'Meave falls head over heels...
love comes through dimensions (a sequal to portal to love) by mlpwarriorcat
love comes through dimensions (a s...by A Dork
READ PORTAL TO LOVE FIRST The turtles find themselves in another dimension with some old allies. As in the ponies. But right away things go crazy. Writer finds it hard t...
Rumor Has It by katered7books
Rumor Has Itby I love Bo!
Lizzy Bakstone is a regular girl. She lives in the city, goes to her local public middle school, and has tons of friends! But when an accident happens to her parents, sh...
Rumbaloo by x_Scootaloo_x
Rumbalooby x_Scootaloo_x
"I wasn't running away from you, I just wanted to ...be alone for a bit" "With Rumble?" *** She's literally the only good thing going on in my life...
Blind Faith by katered7books
Blind Faithby I love Bo!
Faith is a horse crazy girl. Just ask her, and she'll tell you anything you want to know about horses. Her weekly lessons confirm to her that she's horse obsessive. More...
MLP x Reader One-shots by EpicBelleCipher
MLP x Reader One-shotsby DapperMuffin
These are from my Quotev. Anyway, here it is, if anyone was looking for something like this.
New Beginnings at Century Farms 2: The Rescue Horse Camp by katered7books
New Beginnings at Century Farms 2:...by I love Bo!
The Rescue Horse Camp is the second book in the New Beginnings at Century Farms series. It's finally summer for Melody Jones and all of the horses at Century Farms, the...
Chrysalis's Biggest Scheme by outlander234
Chrysalis's Biggest Schemeby Queen Chrysalis
While it may seem like Queen Chrysalis and Twilight hate each other, they secretly had planned each and every encounter they had. And none of the Ponies in Equestria kne...
Fluttershy x reader by pajamathief
Fluttershy x readerby pajamathief
You wake up, feeling a great pain in your neck. You have no idea what happened before you opened your eyes. All you remember is a loud thud. You then see a yellow figure...
Stride Away Equestrian Academy bk2 by Bungeesmartie
Stride Away Equestrian Academy bk2by Bungeesmartie
Sequel of Camp Horse. 'Stride away Equestrian Academy might become the largest horse school in the world' The opening of stride away academy was a huge world wide event...
Phantom Son by Firestorm808
Phantom Sonby Firestorm808
While sisters of the Sun and Moon were still together, they adopted an abandoned young colt as their son.
MLP ~ Taking over the world with you (Starxie) by -Tearful-Shushu-
MLP ~ Taking over the world with y...by Selkie.Selkie
Looking for some place to preform, Trixie Lulamoom stumbles upon a village in the middle of nowhere. But nothing seems right there. The only thing that has kept her fro...
You know you're an equestrian when... by equestriantori
You know you're an equestrian when...by Horse Stories
Ways to tell if your a true equestrian..
New Beginnings at Century Farms by katered7books
New Beginnings at Century Farmsby I love Bo!
This book is about Melody, a girl who lives on a farm that rescues abused horses. She loves to help her mom train the abused horses and help them start new lives. When o...
El Turnia: Becoming Fire by ravenfemme
El Turnia: Becoming Fireby Durgonluver
Note: Cover art by: yakovlev-vad Princess Gloria must become the on of the greatest queens in the history of El Turnia. She must fight and she must survive. She must ru...
Ravenfemme's Art Book 2 by ravenfemme
Ravenfemme's Art Book 2by Durgonluver
My second art book! Cover art by me
New Strides || Canterwood Crest || Book 19 by jumpingchic
New Strides || Canterwood Crest ||...by ♕ M A D I ♕
The original Canterwood Crest fan-made book 19! Sasha Silver is bringing a new friend home to Canterwood... Or should she say, a four-legged friend? Sasha's first year o...