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Amara by Jessybaeb
Amaraby Jessica Okolie
Amara is a young warrior witch who finds herself in a foreign country known as Joseon after unfortunate circumstances seperate her from her mother. Unable to return to...
The stormy season | Under the queens umbrella x reader by GiyuOnlyFriend
The stormy season | Under the Omi
You were the daughter of a high up noble family with close relations to the Queen, your father being a major supporter of her and the royal family in general. This meant...
THE CONCUBINE  by masmonaa
THE CONCUBINE by masmonaa
Han Jiyeon's life takes an unexpected turn when her unwavering loyalty catches the eye of Emperor, leading to her swift elevation from servant to concubine in the Joseon...
How To Avoid Doom Flags? : A Guide By Lee Felix by TheQuill2021
How To Avoid Doom Flags? : A Quill
Lee Felix is just your average guy enjoying a sabbatical trip to South Korea - that is, until he abruptly finds himself thrust in the midsts of the Joseon Era. And yet...
တိမ်တိုက်တွေရဲ့အလွန် ( တိမ္တိုက္ေတြရဲ႕အလြန္ ) by lka__thv
တိမ်တိုက်တွေရဲ့အလွန် ( တိမ္တိုက္ေတ Aoku Kaito
ဒီဇာမဏီငှက်လေးလွတ်မြောက်သွားရင် တို့တွေအတူတူထွက်ပြေးကြရအောင် ဂျောင်... ဒီဇာမဏီငွက္ေလးလြတ္ေျမာက္သြားရင္ တို႔ေတြအတူတူထြက္ေျပးၾကရေအာင္ ေဂ်ာင္... Start Date - 13.6.2024 End...
Wrong Desire | Taekook by BananaMilkBanana
Wrong Desire | Taekookby BananaMilkBanana
Taehyung is a prince from the joseon dynasty who must marry Jeon Somi. But when he meets her brother and sees his beautiful eyes, he immediately falls for him.
Dreamcatcher by brit_cute
Dreamcatcherby brit_cute
A university student discovers a mysterious connection to a Joseon Dynasty prince through her vivid dreams. As she navigates royal politics and intrigue, she must confro...
/Дууссан/ The Sun: Queen from the future |JJK| by youjin_jkjc
/Дууссан/ The Sun: Queen from ~🌙Jkjc🌙~
Гол дүр: BTS Жонгүг Төрөл:Хайр дурлал, адал явдалт Хэсэг:37
Forbidden Love  by jeonbangtan0
Forbidden Love by Anne🤎
"لقد كُنتُ المُنتصر الوحيد في جميع معاركي سابقاً وفي معركة قُلوبنا قد هُزِمتّ" كانا بينهم عداوه استمرت للعديد من القرون ، دماء ،حروب ،شعوب ،صراعات، عروش انهار...
Alpha and Ashes | Kim Namjoon x Reader by mociminji
Alpha and Ashes | Kim Namjoon x mociminji
A prequel of Wolf Allergic Don'! *sneeze First, because I'm not available *sneeze Second, I'm allergic to dogs! *sneeze So go away! - A story about an alpha wo...
How Can A Girl Be So Handsome by mei_xianqi
How Can A Girl Be So Handsomeby Senshii
"ඇය නම් බෙහෙවින්ම කඩවසම්.. තරුණයෙකුටත් වඩා.."
Fix Me (K-drama) by CIRaccon
Fix Me (K-drama)by CIRaccon
As a Fixer, it's Jane's job to go back to the past and make sure certain events happen as they should. But when her unit breaks down one day, she finds herself stuck in...
Who Made Me A Princess : Runaway Princess by -SpeedyPikachu-
Who Made Me A Princess : Runaway eeeruiscringy
a lucas x athy short story! includes lots of fluff, (some hurt/comfort), definitely a tinge of enemies to lovers <3 ; runaway princess What if- Athanasia was sent to...
Epoch [Taegyu] ✔️ by vnssjnnhyun
Epoch [Taegyu] ✔️by BAE | 배
Whereas Taehyun is a webtoon lover. He would always read webtoon everywhere regardless the time or the place. And his favourite genre, is boys love webtoons. One day, he...
Back into time. by justAnotherB3BE
Back into ꪗ
▪️BACK IN TIME ▪️Woo do hwan ff. When her marriage falls apart sooyoung can't help but drown her sorrows with historical manga wishing for a loving romance like back...
Omurice (Rooftop Prince Sequel) by Rheinielle
Omurice (Rooftop Prince Sequel)by catwithoutafish
Prince Lee Gak has solved the mystery of the Lotus Pond. His life continues after everything that has transpired---a life full of what ifs---and then Fate and Destiny sc...
Bangtan Universe • BTS oneshots by AmlikaQ
Bangtan Universe • BTS oneshotsby Amlika
Different BTS pairings, infinite parallel universes. A collection of oneshots, each chapter a new story. 1. Fools Rush in • fashion taegi 2. Elysium • assassin vmin 4...
The General's Bride by AndreaWatts
The General's Brideby Andrea Watts
Kaia Michaels is on an extended stay in Korea and while exploring the palaces there is soon thrust into the ancient Joseon dynasty. If that isn't bad enough, she's taken...
Fated era by Dharavioza
Fated eraby Dhara Vioza
The story set up in the early of Joseon dynasty (Korea). Yoona, a 20-years-old girl from modern era got transported back to Joseon dynasty and got trapped in the conflic...
MR QUEEN (Alternate Ending) by CrazyNachos
MR QUEEN (Alternate Ending)by CrazyNachos
This is just an alternate ending for Mr Queen . Make sure you guys watch the drama series first okiee. p/s: tbh I cannot move on from this drama T-T