Icarus by nearxlight
Icarusby meg
They walk like men. They talk like men. They seduce like men. But they are not men. For centuries, the pack has survived by sending its wolves to the human world to find...
  • wolf
  • romance
  • protective
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Never ending Love - RagLak  by Sukorian
Never ending Love - RagLak by Sukorian
Peep in
  • love
  • lakshya
  • laksh
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A Speck Of Dark by Demisa_T
A Speck Of Darkby Inferno_Flames
Wonderful poems that are both sad and deep. Take a look And maybe you'll Be relieved. For the enjoyment For the sadness For the reality Take up this book Knowing it's a...
  • culture
  • poems
  • sad
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Charles Journal (Kidnapped By Cannibals Book 4) by True_Original_Horror
Charles Journal (Kidnapped By True_Original_Horror
This is a prequel to Kidnapped by Cannibals by Mason Fitzzy I do have permission from her to write this book. This book is about Charles before he had his kids even befo...
  • book
  • rules
  • kidnapped
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This story is about two arrogant, rich entrepreneurs. Come let's have a look how these two believers of hatred fall in love with each other.
  • forcedlove
  • indian
  • business
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New Life (新生活) by Renuka_Babbar
New Life (新生活)by Renuka Babbar
Haruki Yamamoto who came to tokyo, five years back in search of job. He was not too much educated, so he didn't get the job of his choice. After giving so many attempts...
  • death
  • love
  • japantradition
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Storms Abrewing by JourneyWyllie
Storms Abrewingby Journey
An unusual night with an unusual vistor.
  • lonely
  • old-fashioned
  • tradition
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|| The waves of live || by myworldlee989
|| The waves of live ||by sai Kumari
This story is about the values and vows in relationships. About family and what are the problems, they face when they know the true colors of their own people. To know...
  • relationships
  • love
  • friendship
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Mrs Piggy's Kicka$$ Piñatas by agentmg17
Mrs Piggy's Kicka$$ Piñatasby MÓNICA
What is a Piñata? Here is an attempt at explaining not only what a piñata is, but also why they are an integral part to any party and/or celebration. Within you'll find:...
  • crafts
  • latino
  • iwp
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The Greatest Showman: Love Conquers All by AngelStar100781
The Greatest Showman: Love Angela Antoinette Twigg
A Crisis , The Perfect Life....Finally, For Everyone in the Barnum Clan & Circus.
  • engagement
  • marriage
  • stress
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ıllıllı ᴀʀᴛ & ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ sᴛᴜғғ 2 ıllıllı by AuroraEuphoria2003
ıllıllı ᴀʀᴛ & ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ sᴛᴜғғ 2 ıllı 《Maryjuana》
Do not, I repeat, do NOT read the first one. I'm not kidding. You know the drill if you've read book one. I post random shit and you either comment or vote on it...doubt...
  • randomness
  • drawings
  • back
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tea girl // one by MentalPerfection
tea girl // oneby beth
"What coffee would you like to order today from gimme coffee?" "Let's make a deal, you give my tea in coffee cups." "Why would I do that?" ...
  • drinks
  • dialoguestory
  • stickers
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Mi yidi ma - Unendliche Liebe by aminomus
Mi yidi ma - Unendliche Liebeby aminomus
Ramata ist ein gewöhnliches, dunkelhäutiges Mädchen, aufgewachsen in Deutschland. Ihr Leben läuft wie am Schnürchen, bis sie die Neuigkeit erhält, die ihr Leben veränder...
  • romantik
  • zwangsheirat
  • tradition
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The legend of the wolves. by ForeverAnimeFangirl
The legend of the Fairytail ForLife
From all across the world every wolf young and old gather under the full moon to celebrate the birth of their kind. But one wolf must die to keep the tradition. They say...
  • legend
  • wolves
  • sacrifice
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Alejandra by Carolina_Alcaraz
Alejandraby Carolina Alcaraz
Alejandra is the first Mexican-American female, in her family to graduate and before she enters into college, she has to go through trials that will test her friendships...
  • latina
  • grandma
  • life
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To Trust Him by GiantGorilla
To Trust Himby GiantGorilla
Meeting your mate was every she-wolves dream since most of them happened to live happily ever after. But for Elly, it was different. She learnt what was the meaning of h...
  • magic
  • waffles
  • family
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I'm Ready For Tommorrow, Tommorrow Starts Today by MB-143
I'm Ready For Tommorrow, MB-143
Ricky and Landry are happily married with a son named Asher Jonah Angel-Garcia who attends at middle school. He starts to develop a crush on a girl named Peyton Elizabet...
  • tradition
  • randry
  • andimack
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Sensual Seduction by eNcHaNteD_pHoeniX
Sensual Seductionby eNcHaNteD_pHoeniX
"A pair of emerald eyes, an unceasing obsession and a corresponding past - that was all it took for my marriage to crumble." Naina has had a very disturbing pa...
  • emotions
  • london
  • hatred
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Dream Mate by ChemistryOfLife
Dream Mateby Alice
Long ago, the Goddess Máni blessed her wolves with a gift to find their true mate - the gift of dreams. When two mates fall asleep, they are blessed to be able to intera...
  • traditions
  • lockwood
  • mate
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Rishte by AngelLeeana
Rishteby Leeana
Cid story... Three girls .. Two of them best friends forever while some they just meet. These girls Have their own problems with life . Problems they have to solve to h...
  • lavi
  • mylife
  • investigation
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