Sanders Sides ONESHOTS♥ by AngstyVirgil
Sanders Sides ONESHOTS♥by AngstyBoi
This will mainly contain Prinxiety and Logicality. Analogical, Moxiety and the other ships besides Prinxiety and Logicality will be rare. Hope you all enjoy~! ...
  • talyn
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Trouble In The Sanders House - Baby Sanders Sides by DeCraftingGenius
Trouble In The Sanders House - Jay The Weirdo
The sides were turned into toddlers, including Deceit. Thomas finds out and has to take care of them. How will this play out? Will Thomas find a way to change them back...
  • babysanderssides
  • kids
  • roman
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The life of being Ariana's sister by KaylaAG1
The life of being Ariana's sisterby KaylaAG1
  • grande
  • honeymoontour
  • ariana
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My Little Ray Of Sunshine// Moxiety by Tasha_Cat15
My Little Ray Of Sunshine// Moxietyby Giant Nerd / Fangirl
Language Warning Trigger Warning Fluff Slow updates Idk just...
  • tayln
  • pattonxvirgil
  • moxiety
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Lost and Found- Thomas Sanders Sander Sides x Child Reader(Son, Daughter, Child) by PersonAsgartunheimr
Lost and Found- Thomas Sanders PersonofTheUniverse
You are the child of Logan, Patton, Roman, and Virgil. One day a tragic event occurs in the imagination separating you from your family. Will you ever be found? How were...
  • sanderssides
  • patton
  • thomassanderschild
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sander sides texts #2 - thomas sanders by Icecreamsunday50
sander sides texts #2 - thomas Jeremiah Adande
The sequel to sander sides text you should read that one first, because this one has spoilers from that one last time on sander sides texts thomas and the gang flew out...
  • roman
  • boyxboy
  • paton
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Sanders Sides Chat by Cardigan-Clad-Clod
Sanders Sides Chatby Patton Sanders
Basically a story about the Sander Sides in a chat room together. Ships in this book: Jomas Sandart (Thomas x Jon) Jolyn (Joan x Talyn) Prinxiety (Roman x Virgil) Logica...
  • pattonsanders
  • dremilepicani
  • deceitsanders
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Sanders Sides One Shots by AlliTheSane
Sanders Sides One Shotsby Alli (formerly HereForDestiel)
Ships: Prinxiety Logicality Moxiety Logince Analogical Joan and Thomas Talyn and Joan Open to suggestions unless you're rude Most will be based off of Tumblr posts Cov...
  • anxiety
  • talyn
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Sides Quest by how_dareth
Sides Questby how_dareth
Thomas tries to keep a powerful foe, Dareth, away from a precious gem that will make the possessor seemingly unstoppable. However, Thomas couldn't win against this man a...
  • logansanders
  • deceit
  • thomassanders
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Vacation - {Prinxiety}  by FuckingAsexual
Vacation - {Prinxiety} by FatherOfTheDamned
Thomas and Logan come up with an idea that requires ALL the sides to go on a vacation. Let's see how they all kill each other as they try to work together. Updated - Sat...
  • thomas
  • sleep
  • roman
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Left & Right brain (logicality) by Desolatenerd
Left & Right brain (logicality)by Desolatenerd
Thomas Sanders has become depressed. He ignores his friends and loses track of time and space. When he's like this, all he has time to do is think, and after a lot of de...
  • fanfiction
  • anxiety
  • thomassanders
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The New, Gay, Emo Kid (Sanders Sides Logicality & Prinxiety Fanfic) by InLoveWithAWaterMage
The New, Gay, Emo Kid (Sanders PrinxietyProblem
Takes place in a High School AU where everyone (not really) is gay. ----------------------------- Virgil transfers to a new school for his Sophomore year. It's not the...
  • gay
  • valerie
  • emo
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Sander Sides/Thomas Sanders One-Shots/Requests  by ArtyG500
Sander Sides/Thomas Sanders G ✌
Okay a little bird told me to go for it and write this. Just look at the title. yea
  • talyn
  • dodieclark
  • gay
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Joan by AceActsProductions
Joanby AceActsProductions
"I don't like to think of myself as this kickass, badass Lara Croft, no. But I try not to be your typical every day Jane Doe. So I where does that leave me? In the...
  • friendship
  • revelations
  • twistedsouls
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Ellsworld x reader oneshots by Snake-Fire
Ellsworld x reader oneshotsby Snake-Fire
This is a book on ellsworld x readers I will do female and male! Just tell me what gender or I will write it whatever one I feel like! -Edited description-
  • matilda
  • tori
  • elana
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The Witching Hour by WildSpirit27
The Witching Hourby A Biromantic Mess
Virgil is a witch. It's pretty simple, actually. You fly on a broom, you cast spells and curses, and you chill with your cat. So, life is fine. Until Virgil decides to t...
  • alternateuniverse
  • virgilsanders
  • romansanders
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It won't ever work | Thomas Sanders x reader by youtuberfanfics8
It won't ever work | Thomas Samantha
Moving all the way to Florida is hard and stressful but after you meet Thomas and his friends, life just gets harder and crazier.
  • talyn
  • thomassandersfanfic
  • thomas
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Sanders Sides One-Shots by shesquiteagal
Sanders Sides One-Shotsby shesquiteagal
Yeah. One-shots. I come up with original ideas once in a while, so sporadic updates, as if my other stories aren't sporadically updated already. Either way, this will be...
  • logan
  • prinxiety
  • logicality
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The Company - Sequel ✔ by indie_lovee
The Company - Sequel ✔by Indie 😇💕
Krislyn has now been accepted into the English National Ballet and has a contract. Throughout this journey she'll grow, and most importantly gain amazing dance skills an...
  • tour
  • europe
  • joan
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Sweet Dreams by your-delicate-juliet
Sweet Dreamsby ☁💐🌟🏹♡🌸
"Story Time! Alyiah never thought she would find a family. Little did she know, the family she had been longing for was right here the whole time." Thomas smil...
  • sandersides
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