Sanders Sides ONESHOTS♥ by AngstyVirgil
Sanders Sides ONESHOTS♥by AngstyBoi
Any ship or platonic ship you would like to see :) but it is mostly Prinxiety and Logicality. REQUESTS ...
  • logansanders
  • pattonsanders
  • creativity
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My Little Ray Of Sunshine// Moxiety by Tasha_Cat15
My Little Ray Of Sunshine// Moxietyby Giant Nerd / Fangirl
Language Warning Trigger Warning Fluff Slow updates Idk just...
  • pirgil
  • anxiety
  • thomas
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Four Boys And Four Girls by WorthlessBobysoxer
Four Boys And Four Girlsby QueenEsther
Four girls and four boys. Nagsimula sa away hanggang sa mauuwi sa pag-iibigan pero ang bawat kwento ng mga nag-iibigan na ito ay may mga halong kalungkutan at pagsusubuk...
  • jethro
  • fourgirls
  • czarina
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Lost and Found- Thomas Sanders Sander Sides x Child Reader(Son, Daughter, Child) by PersonAsgartunheimr
Lost and Found- Thomas Sanders PersonofTheUniverse
You are the child of Logan, Patton, Roman, and Virgil. One day a tragic event occurs in Thomas' mind separating you from your family. Will you ever be found? How were yo...
  • patton
  • roman
  • lamp
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Cheesy nachos //spam by joanchicken
Cheesy nachos //spamby joanchicken
Read about how much I love cheese and chickens
  • weird
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Could Be Gayer *Fanfic* by Mimirayne
Could Be Gayer *Fanfic*by BrittBrat
Awkward theater boy, Thomas Sanders tries to get through life as painless as possible... and that means hiding his true self from his peers. Popular makeup extraordinair...
  • patton
  • logicality
  • thomassanders
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The 'troubled' kid (sander-sides story)  by _the_quiet_one_gala
The 'troubled' kid (sander-sides _the_quiet_one_
Galaxy was in the adoption program. Most people came to that orphanage to find a 'troubled' kid to help him, her or them. Galaxy just happened to be the most 'troubled'...
  • homeschooled
  • love
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Teenagers (prinxiety/logicality Highschool AU) by Marshmellow_111
Teenagers (prinxiety/logicality Marshmellow_111
When an Emo, a jock, a nerd, and a cheerful geek get put in detention for different reasons, unlikely friendships blossom, but what happens when more blossoms from that...
  • deceit
  • patton
  • virgil
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Chemically Imbalanced by ClappedNonceySket
Chemically Imbalancedby ClappedNonceySket
Roman's first mistake was taking Mr. Sanders History class, expecting an easy ride. His second mistake? Hitting on his son.
  • warnings
  • logicality
  • prinxiety
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Who am i? by Anxious_boi_12
Who am i?by totaly_an_anxious_boi
Thomas Sanders is a famous YouTuber/viner who is mostly known for his story time days on vine and his Sanders sides videos. well let's just say he has a sibling named Li...
  • thomassanders
  • lgbtq
  • joan
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Adopted by Thomas Sanders by SPNandHPandPJ
Adopted by Thomas Sandersby SPNandHPandPJ
Evie Jackson was 11 years old when their abusive step dad killed their mom. Gabe got arrested but Evie was sent to an Orphanage where they tried to fit in, what will hap...
  • joan
  • roman
  • sandersides
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Joan by AceActsProductions
Joanby AceActsProductions
"I don't like to think of myself as this kickass, badass Lara Croft, no. But I try not to be your typical every day Jane Doe. So I where does that leave me? In the...
  • magic
  • friendship
  • edalirwen
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The Witching Hour by WildSpirit27
The Witching Hourby emotionally exhausted 24/7
Virgil is a witch. It's pretty simple, actually. You fly on a broom, you cast spells and curses, and you chill with your cat. So, life is fine. Until Virgil decides to...
  • cursing
  • joan
  • virgil
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OT Hogwarts!AU by _crxcio
OT Hogwarts!AUby crxcio
Ha empezado un nuevo curso escolar en Hogwarts. Marta se ha propuesto hacer que Hufflepuff gane el torneo de quidditch, cueste lo que cueste. Natalia no puede quitarle l...
  • albalia
  • almaia
  • joan
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Untold Secrets  | Thomas Sanders x reader by youtuberfanfics8
Untold Secrets | Thomas Sanders Samantha
They look at me, "yeah I just wanted to warn you about Thomas, he's very unpredictable, and if you catch him off guard, who knows what he'll do next" -extract...
  • sandersides
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  • thomasxjon
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Joan Kross and the Greek Mythology : Zagadka Runa Percy Jackson Fanfiction by CoraPosejdona
Joan Kross and the Greek Soyokaze Mizui
"Nazywam się Joan Kross, prowadziłam normalne, prawie, że bestroskie życie, aż tu nagle, przez jadną przerośniętą miedziankę i jednego przyjacielskiego kozła, moje...
  • poseidon
  • jackson
  • runo
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Sanders Sides One-Shots by shesquiteagal
Sanders Sides One-Shotsby shesquiteagal
Yeah. One-shots. I come up with original ideas once in a while, so sporadic updates, as if my other stories aren't sporadically updated already. Either way, this will be...
  • logansanders
  • virgilsanders
  • romansanders
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New Beginnings by Mimirayne
New Beginningsby BrittBrat
*Thomas Sanders Fanfic* Moving into your own apartment for the first time is scary, especially when you move to a city where no one knows you. At least it's better than...
  • anxiety
  • firststory
  • love
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What if..  by JBouvierK
What if.. by Ava Cardosa
What if Jack was in a serious relationship with a different girl? Jackie was engaged to John Husted and was a Kennedy friend but hasn't seen Jack in years until she in...
  • bobby
  • paris
  • whatnow
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Something To Believe In | Thomas Sanders x Joan | A Thoan Fan Fic by uttertrash500
Something To Believe In | Thomas uttertrash500
After enduring a terrible break up Thomas is brought to the light of who his true friends are and begins to realise that maybe, someone could be a bit more then friends.
  • sanders
  • joan
  • thoan
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