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Soul Rings (Prinxiety) by jaune14
Soul Rings (Prinxiety)by Gabby Carman
~Prinxiety soulmate AU~ When you turn 5 you are given a ring that displays your soulmate's emotions through colors. This was supposed to be angst, but it's all fluff exc...
Virgil's Journal  (Sander Sides Prinxiety) FINISHED by ThePurpManOfficial
Virgil's Journal (Sander Sides help lol
Dr. Picani recommended keeping a journal to help Virgil with his struggles, on the way he finds more help from his "friend" Princey. (Prinxiety warning ⚠️) (A...
Losing Control - Sanders Sides by ElliottGreen333
Losing Control - Sanders Sidesby 💜💜 Ellybean 💜💜
Everyone knows Virgil is hiding something. He's acting weird, he barely eats, and he isn't coming out of his room. Oh, but if they only knew. There are Trigger Warning...
Prinxiety Oneshots by Mermaid-Ghost-Girl
Prinxiety Oneshotsby Mermaid-Ghost-Girl
Prinxiety oneshots Sorry for the bad grammar and spelling mistakes. They get better after part 2. GF edits some of the one-shots, some anyway. I will try to post on a...
your highness... || Prinxiety (Complete) by MiBiFisignal
your highness... || Prinxiety ( Lion_Kunt
Roman is a prince and Virgil is his personal servent: meaning he does whatever Princey tells him to but that doesn't mean he can't be a little sarcastic and mess with pr...
Caged by MickWrites67
Cagedby MickWrites67
#27-anxiety For Romans whole life, he's always wanted to go to Cove Discovery, a place where there was Reef's, Fish, Sharks and Merfolk?! No one ever was able to train...
Tension (Prinxiety) by officiallesbeean
Tension (Prinxiety)by officiallesbeean
The Deal {prinxiety} by Emo_creepy_cookie
The Deal {prinxiety}by Emo creepy cookie~
roman has never liked virgil but when he starts to have feeling for virgil after a deal but virgil took the deal because virgil dosen't want the sides to to know about t...
Awkward Antics [Sanders Sides Highschool AU] Prinxiety+Logicality by OuranAndTStrash
Awkward Antics [Sanders Sides Lacking
This is a Highschool AU with a soulmates theme too. [It is a small one compared to some other versions.] This one is just a piece of Jewelry that turns white when you me...
Prinxiety One Shots by mangomandy024
Prinxiety One Shotsby A Gay Fool™
A compilation of Prinxiety (and background Logicality) one-shots from my own brain. I am absolutely not above using bad tumblr prompts and requests are 100% encouraged. ...
Trustfall || Sanders Sides Equestrian AU by aceydisaster
Trustfall || Sanders Sides Luna
It's one thing to be the best rider in the riding school's team. It's one thing to have the most expensive, perfect horse in the stables. It's a whole other thing, howev...
My Princy~ by A_S_H_Writes
My Princy~by Ash🥀
A Prinxiety fanfic. This is my second fanfic about Prinxiety and both are separate stories. Virgil is Thomas' anxiety who seems to hate one of the other sides but he se...
Unexpected  by Star_675
Unexpected by Star
One introvert plus one extrovert and a quarantine order forcing them to stay in an apartment for a unknown amount of time is a recipe for disaster. Or so Virgil thinks...
I Hate That I Love You //High School Prinxiety// by Squishy_Emo122
I Hate That I Love You //High 🖤🦖Soft Goblin🍄🌻
Roman, a popular jock with a secret side to him develops feelings for Virgil, an outcast emo boy who's been in love with him what seems like all his life. But he doesn't...
Huh,That's weird {soulmate a.u} by Lilymysticmoon
Huh,That's weird {soulmate a.u}by Lilymysticmoon
On your 16th birthday your suppose to get a soulmate, right? Virgil gets a soulmate, well soulmates, theirs five. And he doesn't know what to do. Roman- the romantic one...
Just purrfect. by elaysha07
Just elaysha07
A prinxiety story with a lil' bit of Logicality. Fanfic You already know the drill. Virgil, whenever he's anxious or having an anxiety attack, becomes a cat. Or a neko...
guys like you [ prinxiety ] by arloisnotinteresting
guys like you [ prinxiety ]by arlo
"watch where you're going, pretty boy." "i am pretty aren't i."
Sides of a story (being rewritten) by Fangirllocked
Sides of a story (being rewritten)by Fangirllocked
Virgil and Patton are best friends since kindergarten. Just like Logan and Roman. What will happen if these four have to live in one apartment?? Will there be hate?? Or...
It's Just Business by Creepypasta_fander
It's Just Businessby Blaize
The final story in the You're Not Allowed To Fall In Love With Me trilogy. After having not seen each other for a decade, Virgil and Roman are cast in the same West End...