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Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes by BlackMors_
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotesby Mors
Just some Hermitcraft incorrect quotes. There may be swearing in some of the quotes and the hermits will probably be ooc. There will be ships in this book. Also, I only...
Hermitcraft oneshots and other hermit things (Hiatus) by SharkBait_13_23
Hermitcraft oneshots and other Shark
This will be a book of whatever hermitcraft related ideas I have. I do ship the hermits Minecraft personas ONLY. There will be no shipping of real life people! So if the...
On the Run - A HermitCraft Fanfic by Rye_Lie
On the Run - A HermitCraft Fanficby Rylie
'Being tortured isn't that bad once you get used to it' After years of the AHA, or Annihilating Hazardous Anomalies, plucking his feathers from his wings and torturing h...
Hermitcraft: Oneshots, Headcannons and General Shenanigans by ausforyou
Hermitcraft: Oneshots, AC
~Hermitcraft~ That's it, that's the description : D But no, really, all I can say is that this book is full of STUFF and THINGS about Hermitcraft, OC lore and my HC mult...
Help (Moonbae) by lAnAruLeS
Help (Moonbae)by Lana ❤️
Where Jacob was in an abusive relationship and was left in the streets when things went south. Then he meets Kevin, someone who might be able to help pick up the small p...
Group Chat! || Hermitcraft Texting by VengefulThorn46
Group Chat! || Hermitcraft Textingby Thorn
it's litterly just a group chat between hermits. Some are PM's though there my be sensitive subjects in this book read at your own risk
But She's So Mean!  by DancingLapras
But She's So Mean! by DancingLapras
I've got all the Riverdale ships here so come to enjoy any ship you want! If I don't have it It was probably never suggested 😔. Please note that this book is down to it...
INSIDE RIVERDALE  by choniblaze
INSIDE RIVERDALE by choniblaze
Inside the kids of Riverdale's text messages and social medias.
HermitCraft - Ask Or Dare by thebirdfantasy
HermitCraft - Ask Or Dareby birdfantasy
This is for me to fangirl anytime and anywhere... I've done these people: -aGlitchNamedDanie -AwesomenessGamerSUHB -Kinshi___ -giratinashelper x6 -Lucy_The_Llamacorn x4 ...
Hermitcraft and Empires Oneshots by TheLeafwing
Hermitcraft and Empires Oneshotsby TheLeafwing
Welcome to my Hermitcraft one shot book. Be warned, I'm not the best writer, and I cannot replicate personalities, so they will be very out of character. Any shipping th...
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Hermitcraft Oneshots  by Fuckboy_repellant
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Fuckboy repellent
these are old, i see your comments, i'm sorry lmao this is all based in season 7 i'm probably not gonna keep making any of these so :D enjoy what's there tho Damnit I g...
Hermitcraft Stories by AquaticMcFan
Hermitcraft Storiesby 【 AquaticMcFan ♡ 】
Howdy, welcome to the Hermitcraft Stories Book! This book will contain oneshots, ships & non-ships, incorrect quotes and more. Also, I am not shipping their Personal Ava...
Julius X Kevin by magnitostarkbarnes
Julius X Kevinby lAnGuAgE
⚠️ Smut Warning ⚠️
The Fourth Star - Rewrite by thathermitweirdo
The Fourth Star - Rewriteby Weirdo
Rewrite of The Fourth Star Cover by Rosie_b_bee on Instagram/Sweetest-Honeybee on Tumblr! ⭑ Watchers. Beings of ultimate power. Gods. They were simply a myth, a legend l...
Crap but mostly Hermitcraft by kiiwiiowo
Crap but mostly Hermitcraftby ⤷∴⊹robin 💫
Cover art not mine I just adore that drawing Contains shipping lmfao
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Bluebandit036
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Blu€Bandit
Exactly the title. Requests are open, but no promises with anything getting done quickly -October 2022 Requests are on hold for now -March 2023
My Oneshots And Stories by Hermicrafters
My Oneshots And Storiesby -
Just Oneshots, and some stories with part with them // also many of those will have Mumbo in them so
Hermitcraft One-shots and Head-cannons! [OLD] by -y-tho-
Hermitcraft One-shots and Buddy 🧸
[DISCONTINUED AND OLD] LMAO Okay, ships will be platonic and parental. Anyway, head-cannons can be suggestions, same with ships and plots. There might be occassional cra...
Hermitcraft One-Shots (S7) by reagle13
Hermitcraft One-Shots (S7)by seaweed!!
A book of Season 7 Hermitcraft One-Shots. All the characters belong to their respective channels. NOTE: Anyone I ship together, that is fake. For example, if I ship Str...