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Invisible Boy, Visible Girl (#Wattys2017) by peculiar-ymbryne
Invisible Boy, Visible Girl ( Peculiar Child
"This is literally the best Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children fanfiction out there. Like, seriously" -- @PeculiarPotterhead ...
  • emmabloom
  • romance
  • fugh
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Boss by jemma-phandi-miego
Bossby Reading__nerd
Just read it
  • breakup
  • phandi
  • cheating
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Jemma  by Mcoshea
Jemma by Mcoshea
Jemma, that's all I have to say.
  • love
  • true
  • princess
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When Worlds Collide by underrated_particles
When Worlds Collideby Shxnnxn
Carolina Coulson was born February 29th 1991. She knew her mother for the bitter part of 8 minutes and her father for 15 years, until the world decided it wanted to scre...
  • aida
  • jemma
  • parallel
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Queen of Darkness - Shadowhunters by wunderkatze
Queen of Darkness - Shadowhuntersby wunderkatze
Ich weiss nicht was euch in dieser FanFiktion erwarten wird, da ich selber ohne Plot einfach losschreibe. Allerdings bin ich mir sicher, dass es eine Fortsetzung von La...
  • emma
  • julianblackthorn
  • jemma
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Biggest Fan~Adopted By DanTdm🚧UNDER CONSTRUCTION🚧 by Tacks_for_snacks
Biggest Fan~Adopted By DanTdm🚧 Maddie
An orphanage in London contains 4 friends in between it's old walls. Emily, always looking forward to the future but, ALWAYS making bad decisions loves adventures. Her l...
  • ellie
  • surprises
  • emily
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You by speck1
Youby Grace
This is a story about a girl named grace who Is pulled into a world she never knew about read and join grace as she go thought this crazy Journey with her friends This...
  • kidnapped
  • izzy
  • mermaid
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I Adopted a Witch!? ( A DanTDM FanFic) by Here2LuvLife
I Adopted a Witch!? ( A DanTDM Jamie Afton (FNAF OC)
Dan and Jemma deside to adopt. When they are at the orphanage Dan sees a 10 year old girl being bullied and they deside to adopt her. Little do they know that she is a w...
  • jemma
  • dantdm
  • eva
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The Evil Gal by EwwFanfic837
The Evil Galby Aloha
  • eww
  • demma
  • jemma
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What The Future Holds by RoxiePoxie17
What The Future Holdsby RoxiePoxie17
this story is just about Jemma and there life. It's going to start off in high school but then they graduate and Maddie has a surprise for Diego and Emma and Jax move fo...
  • teamjax
  • emmaalonso
  • jemma
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Every Witch Way--What's Next? (Jemma) by lovingjemma
Every Witch Way--What's Next? ( lovingjemma
After Andi has left for WITS Academy and the Panthers are searching for kanays, it's just Jax and Emma left. What's in store for them now? Be prepared for new friends, f...
  • witsacademy
  • jax
  • emma
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Say you'll never let me go by SamiGole
Say you'll never let me goby .anonymous.
This is a story on how relationships have their ups and downs, but if your bf, or gf loves you enough, they will stay true to you, forever after. And remember, par...
  • course
  • lila
  • jemma
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Crush (Every Witch Way fanfiction) by AviatorOne
Crush (Every Witch Way fanfiction)by Audrey
16-year-old Emma Alonso attends a new modern boarding school in Miami. She plans to renew her reputation from unpopular nerdy nobody to – at least – an average girl, wit...
  • temma
  • everywitchway
  • rueda
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Ojos azules, me pierdo, no me encuentro. Quiero quererme y quererte
  • jemma
  • 100diasparaenamorase
  • emma
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The 30 Day Challenge ~A Thediamondminecart FanFic by eevar-
The 30 Day Challenge ~A Raveena
30 days. Dan has 30 days to change Emily from a girly girl into a tom boy/gamer girl. In those 30 days she learnes 1 thing : Family is chosen for you,even if they arn't...
  • tdm
  • jemma
  • jemplaysmc
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LOST CHANCES by 2SecretReaders
Given that Jake & Francisco have both agreed to forbid their children from having a relationship after the loads of trouble Jax & Emma had caused, the two have no choice...
  • bad
  • emma
  • scott
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My Amazing Family by NotAnMouse
My Amazing Familyby BelliBug
Hai! My name is ella and I'm a foster kid in Australia. On day I'm told that somone has adopted me, I jump with absolute joy as they tell me that the adopters name is Da...
  • minecraft
  • dan
  • jemma
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