I Am Ruined (TDA Lord of Shadows Sequel) by Elysia21
I Am Ruined (TDA Lord of Shadows Sydney
"Our lives aren't ruined." His arms went around her... his fingers tracing letters, words on her skin. "I-A-M-R-U-I-N-E-D" *** After the cha...
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Lady Midnight by applepinegirl
Lady Midnightby Cheeky Taco?
This is just a bunch of TDA one shots :) This was written in 2015 before LM came out so all the theories/stories in here either aren't accurate or haven't happened yet s...
  • blackstairs
  • clace
  • sizzy
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Sexual Fantasies by ClaryHemoo
Sexual Fantasiesby Clary
Julian x Emma (kind of) Oneshot. *Lemon/Smut/Dirty* My idea of how Julian deals with all the pent-up sexual tension Emma gives him when it's late at night and he's all a...
  • sexualfantasies
  • julian
  • dirty
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DanTDM And Jemma Middleton Facts [ACCURATE JUNE 2018] by nicodiweirdo
DanTDM And Jemma Middleton Facts [ kaylee 👽
[DISCONTINUED] A bunch of facts about Dan and Jemma Middleton!
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Val and Parker  by writingstoriesalina
Val and Parker by Lord Voldy Moldy
Liv, Maddie, and Joey are all staying in California for college and for Liv's season 2 of Sing-it-Louder. But, Parker isn't going to the Bio-Dome till the end of summer...
  • val
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HEX by thegirlwithamirror
HEXby Claire//
[Highest Rank #1 ➡ 17/09/17] HEX is not some common horror story, it is a way to different than you ever thought. Emma: "I was never a believer of...
  • e-awards2017
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Invisible Boy, Visible Girl (#Wattys2017) by peculiar-ymbryne
Invisible Boy, Visible Girl ( Peculiar Child
"This is literally the best Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children fanfiction out there. Like, seriously" -- @PeculiarPotterhead ...
  • missperegrineshomeforpeculiarchildren
  • bronwynbruntley
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jemma extended LoS sex scene by thungerpjo
jemma extended LoS sex sceneby ceci carstairs
Cassandra Clare posted this unedited scene from Lord of Shadows in her Tumblr ( It belongs to Cassandra Clare, only to her.
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MPHFPC one shots  by peculiarbookgirl108
MPHFPC one shots by peculiarbookgirl108
OK, so this is my first story I'm gonna do, spoon, it may not be as good! but I hope you guys love the one-shots! N.A
  • clair
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Breathless (A Midnight Society Novel) by J_Grey1011
Breathless (A Midnight Society Jemma Grey
Sequel To Leave Me Breathless Book 3 of the Midnight Society Series Kristen Clarke is twenty years old and currently dying from an inoperable butterfly brain tumor. Doct...
  • breathless
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IDRIS (ON HOLD)  by BellaSH13
CLACE Jace's dad is Government Secretary. He's practically been raised in Idris boarding School with his best friends Alec. Clary has been to normal schools, She had bee...
  • julian
  • jaceherondale
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How to Survive as an Uneducated Peculiar by Fughbitch
How to Survive as an Uneducated Who's That Girl...It's Beth!
Uneducated Peculiar- a peculiar with no knowledge of loops, ymbryne, hollowgasts, wights, or anything peculiar.
  • jacobportman
  • oliveelephanta
  • hughapiston
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Our Lives - Why Dont We  by Sofia_Besson
Our Lives - Why Dont We by S_Besson
Five girls move to Los Angeles together and meet five boys. Their lives were going to change forever. This fanfic is all the boys not just one specific person
  • zach
  • jonah
  • emma
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What If? ~Jemma Every Witch Way by EveryWitchWay_Jemma
What If? ~Jemma Every Witch Wayby EveryWitchWay_Jemma
What If? What if Emma had met Jax first? What if Jax was that cute boy from next door, that caught Emma's eye? What If Jax was the captain of the Sharks? What if he was...
  • jemma
  • jaddie
  • deigo
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Mix-Up by loveforaliar
Mix-Upby loveforaliar
A party at the Herondale house is nothing new, and certainly nothing happens that shouldn't. Until one night when there's a bit of a mix-up...and people wake up next to...
  • clace
  • tmi
  • theinfernaldevices
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¿Solo Amigas? (Jemma) by JuaniEmma
¿Solo Amigas? (Jemma)by Emma Juani
_¿Solo somos amigas? _ Podríamos ser algo más.
  • emma
  • 100díasparaenamorarse
  • juani
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From the Rubble by Shieldfansunite
From the Rubbleby Samantha Demigodcookie
Changed up season 5's finale. Leopold Fitz makes it out alive, but what does he lose? SO disclaimer a lot of the chapter are angsty because Fitz is a very angsty charact...
  • shield
  • fluff
  • angst
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Together Forever- SkyeWard by aos_xx_riverdale
Together Forever- SkyeWardby aos_xx_riverdale
Skye should hate Ward for what he did. He betrayed her for Hydra. There was only one problem... She didn't. What happens when Skye is forced to be face to face with War...
  • may
  • ship
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Adopted by DanTDM by maikeruanne
Adopted by DanTDMby M A R U
Fourteen year old Kathleen, lives at an Orphanage near the City of Coventry. She's a Minecraft gamer and a music remixer, and her parents died from a horrible car crash...
  • kathleen
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MPHFPC one-shots by CasualBookNerd440
MPHFPC one-shotsby Lana ✌️️
One-shots from the amazing MPHFPC books. Requests are welcome!
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