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manipulate // enoch o'connor by sasscastic
manipulate // enoch o'connorby rea
Abomination - Enoch O'Connor  by Catlove3321
Abomination - Enoch O'Connor by Catlove3321
she's stubborn. she hates being touched and she doesn't like many people. her hair is nearly as black as the heart she wants the world to think she has. in the eyes of...
Dreamers // Enoch O'Connor by Lola_the_Dreamer
Dreamers // Enoch O'Connorby Lola M.
Ashlyn Wainwright is a peculiar with an odd combination of peculiarities: She's hallucikinetic, cardiokinetic, and amokinetic. In summary, she can find out what people l...
A Peculiar Time in 1944 - A Millard Fanfic (Miss Peregrine's Home) #wattys2020 by randomreader000000
A Peculiar Time in 1944 - A randomreader000000
Aurora Abbott does not live a peculiar life. The only extraordinary thing about her is her ability to still be so kind and selfless while the country is torn apart by WW...
Peculiar Salvatore (MPHFPC/TVD crossover) by writingWeirdo1226
Peculiar Salvatore (MPHFPC/TVD Writing Weirdo
Savanah Eleanor Salvatore, the youngest Salvatore, has been presumed dead for over 100 years but never forgotten. Somehow, she survived just as long as her brothers how...
The Peculiar Accident in Narnia by Regulus_Sirius_Pads
The Peculiar Accident in Narniaby Padfoot
{Edmund Pevensie x Reader} 《Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children and The Chronicles of Narnia crossover》 YN Bloom was a peculiar, just like her sister Emma. They...
I See Red // Enoch O'Connor by WrenMC510
I See Red // Enoch O'Connorby Wren M.
A girl who kills everything she touches and a boy with the ability to bring things to life. She can't touch anyone. He doesn't like to touch anyone. She can touch him...
Lush Loop Love by maykeeboo
Lush Loop Loveby Maykeeboo
Some independent stories mainly about Miss Peregrine x Jake. The characters do not belong to me, but to the author of Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children. If yo...
The Peculiar Witch ~{MPHFPC Fanfiction}~ by rixtonfan15
The Peculiar Witch ~{MPHFPC rixtonfan15
"You are my Witch," he said, running his hands along her thighs and down her calves, feeling the shape of her even as the silk of her gown kept them both from...
𝒮𝒽𝒶𝒹𝑜𝓌 || Enoch O'Connor by captain_ouat_swan_
𝒮𝒽𝒶𝒹𝑜𝓌 || Enoch O'Connorby 🌼doing my best fam
{BOOK 1 IN THE "SHADOW" SERIES!} Umrakinetic, Eleanor Draven lived alone in a small village in Northern Ireland until Miss.Finch came to her and took her to he...
~Peculiar~ by Bored_To_Death44
~Peculiar~by All_for_fun
Davina Bruntley, older sister to Victor Bruntley and Bronwyn Bruntly. She wasn't just like any other peculiar, let's just say she was extra peculiar....
"Who's that?" Jacob asked as he and Emma walked through the backyard where all the other children played. "That's Raven." Emma stated. "She's...
Metamorphmagus by MyNameIsDe
Metamorphmagusby MyNameIsDe
Mi Thomason is an American 16 year old girl. But she's peculiar, a metamorphmagus. What happens when Mi joins Miss Peregrine's loop? Metamorphmagus: Being that can chan...
My Precious Bird (Alma Peregrine X OC)  by pawsthec1
My Precious Bird (Alma Peregrine Caz
Caroline Dashwood escaped and saught closure in another loop. Here she found a new life, less strife and an oh so stunning wife. We learn about her dark past through dre...
Voices · Enoch O'Connor by HelloItIsChloe
Voices · Enoch O'Connorby Daydreaming
❝I don't have the peculiarity of reanimating dead things or controlling air or fire, I just have voices in my head.❞ Adelaide Cromwell was very peculiar when she was you...
The witch in the dark • mphfpc fanfict by -i-will-yeet-u-
The witch in the dark • mphfpc -i-will-yeet-u-
Raven always new she was different. Growing up her father had died when she was about 6 and her mum well let's just say she didn't want to have anything to do with Raven...
Show Me (Millard x OC) by moose_tracks_789
Show Me (Millard x OC)by moose_tracks_789
a girl who can't see a boy who can't be seen a perfect match if you think about it started: 11/9/21 finished: n/a
Kingdom by jeeyn_kold
Kingdomby Charging...
A Fantasy-FanFiction story where different royalties in different kingdom who has wonderful and peculiar traits will be gathered to train their abilities. Twice x Fem. r...
Honeybee [Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children FF] by BellaBelk
Honeybee [Miss Peregrine's Home Bella Belk
*OCxHugh, OC-Millard friendship* From the moment Iris Thorne steps onto the island, things begin to change. The year is 1946 and she's visiting her aunt just before an a...
SPARK // Enoch O'Connor by rzvenclzw
SPARK // Enoch O'Connorby -wanderer-
COMPLETED 2016-2017 • • Book One in the SPARK duology • • "Hey wait there a second, invisible boy. I never said I had feelings for Enoch." "Oh please,&qu...