7 Minutes in Heaven

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Jemma Song is Little Miss Priss. Nate Stanford is Mr. Player. She doesn't drink, party, fight, smoke, do drugs or sleep around. He does, and when these two first meet, Jemma wants nothing to do with Nate. But when her older brother, Emmett, throws a party, she's made to play the game 7 Minutes in Heaven. And guess who she ends up in the closet with? Nate. Jemma's life will be turned upside down and will be thrown into so much more drama than she's prepared for. Yet the question still remains: How can just one simple game affect the relationship between Jemma and Nate?
its not racist, it's stereotypes... being racist is saying for example Hispanics are better than whites (just an example) saying one ethnic group is more superior than another
Seriously my Maths teacher's like this. She starts talking about maths, bla bla bla.. And then he starts taLKING ABOUT HIS SON
@AlexaRuss I just saw your comment on this one and I was like
                                    "This nigga read this too"
social studies teacher is exactly like this(●__●)makes me jealous of the deaf
sweetie... you just explained your whole life in one sentence....
This sounds like my teacher! Like no joke! And no I'm not failing her class