face // jackbum by jibootyjimin
face // jackbumby alexa
@defsoul has started following @jiaerwang or an Instagram au in which famous Chinese rapper Jackson Wang acts like a complete fanboy over idol singer Im Jaebum
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Fuckboy,  Jackbum; by chokemekeith
Fuckboy, Jackbum;by lol.urnot
~Started: 30th July~ ~Ended: - ~ A story where Jaebum has onenightstands all the time and Jackson despises them. -EDITING-
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Yeon {JackBum} by moonlightmonbebe
Yeon {JackBum}by 민희
Sometimes a miracle comes from the person you least expect it to Most Impressive Ranking: #1 in Jackbum
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  • imjaebum
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control - jackbam by TaesGucciBag
control - jackbamby TaesGucciBag
jackson didn't realise boys could develop eating problems, especially not his childhood friend. but bambam's already-thin frame continued to become skinnier as he grew. ...
  • ana
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  • drugs
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hotshot 一 jackbum by softbnior
hotshot 一 jackbumby サイコ
two basketball lovers who go to the same school who have hate for each other, eventually start liking each other. jaebum, b average student who plays basketball all day...
  • jackbum
  • jaebum
  • jackson
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Prove it  [Jackbum] by 22jinyoung
Prove it [Jackbum]by 22jinyoung
Ever since Jackson befriended Jaebum on Instagram they had a instant connection with each other but a month later, Jackson's old best friend from high school comes along...
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  • youngjae
  • got7fanfic
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Just Yours - (Jackbum) by wang_holic
Just Yours - (Jackbum)by Ari
"He was touching you. He was so close to you." He shakes his head. "What?" I don't get it. "Are you crazy?!" "Yes! I'm crazy." He...
  • jackbum
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BamBam | Hell by YvonneCarterz
BamBam | Hellby YvonneCarterz
"Get off me!" "Just one more..." How would you react if you wandered into a warehouse one night, only to be met by a blood-sucking, monstrous male? ...
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  • jackbam
  • featured
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chat group || markjin by softiebum
chat group || markjinby bad habit
in which mark adds a wrong person to his chat group ─ lowercase intended #1 jinmark 18/05/2018
  • markxjinyoung
  • tuan
  • jaebum
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babyboy | jackbum by urmycocktail
babyboy | jackbumby tovvent
I was just about to leave the room when a small whisper made me freeze on my spot. "Daddy... Don't go. Lets play." I turned to see Jackson hiding under the be...
  • bambam
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JACKBUM - oneshots by bobbiikim
JACKBUM - oneshotsby MONEY MIMI🌊💸
Lim Jaebum and Jackson Wang of Got7 This duo is my weakness in life and my actual parents
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spiral | ᴵᴶᴮ × ᵂᴶˢ by jeonsobi
spiral | ᴵᴶᴮ × ᵂᴶˢby 溡
ㅡ ❝do you think I'm so stupid that I wouldn't know that you're crying at night because of me?❞ Jackson was lost in his love for Jaebum.
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  • markjin
  • jaeson
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Sinner//JackBam by MissRandomThings2001
Sinner//JackBamby EAAAZYYY
"You will always hate the sin. But you will always love the sinner."
  • gothromance
  • jackbam
  • got7
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holy // jackbum by jibootyjimin
holy // jackbumby alexa
all my jackbum one shots whoop. - 98%smut - top jaebum - bottom jackson - very filthy - enjoy, bye
  • boyxboy
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  • bambam
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Loving My 6 Kidnappers (GOT7 X Jackson) by RobloxianRobot
Loving My 6 Kidnappers (GOT7 X Jac...by Gyeomie Loves Peach
Jackson Wang, a young which nobody cares. His parents thrown him out because they didn't have enough money to take care both him and his brother. On the same day his par...
  • jackgyeom
  • jackbum
  • youngjae
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GOT7 x bottom!jackson by levicosplay
GOT7 x bottom!jacksonby levicosplay
Anyone shipped in GOT7 with Jackson and only bottom jackson!!
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  • jackbam
  • smutmaybe
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Lolita Boy✧Amerithaikong by Trashcanii
Lolita Boy✧Amerithaikongby Trashcanii
✧・゚:* you have entered the room *:・゚✧ "Hello again!" "Holy shi-" -=-=-=-=-=- Or basically when Jackson and Mark clicks on a website in Jaebum's brow...
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The Only Omega (GOT7 X Jackson) by RobloxianRobot
The Only Omega (GOT7 X Jackson)by Gyeomie Loves Peach
When the weakest Omega was pregnant by one of the strongest alpha. Warning: Male Pregnancy Smut Kinks The worst ABO story you have ever seen as it is not logical
  • jackbum
  • mark
  • yugyeom
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Certain That I'm Yours  by AriZ2367
Certain That I'm Yours by 🖤I_got_7_Dolans_🖤
Jackbum/Jaeson Love is so complicated it can't be explained with just simple words.
  • marktuan
  • markjin
  • kimyugyeom
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2Jae OneShots. (Mostly) by 2JaesAngstyMommy
2Jae OneShots. (Mostly)by Mommy •Slow Updates•
It's pretty simple. Just one shots of 2jae. IM AN MPREG (Male Pregnancy) WRITER. DO NO READ IF YOURE UNCOMFORTABLE.
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