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King of the hero's |My hero academia x One piece| by _kosu_
King of the hero's |My hero academ...by Kosu🐉
In this timeline, Izuku Midoriya was born with the Gum Gum quirk, which allows him to stretch and blow up his body at will. In the beginning, he thinks it's useless unti...
Crimson Empress (FemDekuxToga)  by Waffles_The_Neko
Crimson Empress (FemDekuxToga) by Elizabeth K. Mewian
Not all people are created equal. At the young age of 4 she had learned the true meaning behind that statement. Status, power, ability, connections, reputation, those we...
Pushed to the brink by Sabeltje
Pushed to the brinkby Sabeltje
"I didn't inherit any quirk from my parents, it's a birth defect, it barely happens. I still wanted to be a hero, but in a society based around quirks I couldn't l...
venom blast by redpan45
venom blastby DinoGum
izuku gets betrayed by his girlfriends and all might. Also loses ofa gets kicked out of ua for being quirkless. While that happened his mom died a week before from a vi...
Being Myself with You by DePowerful1
Being Myself with Youby Stone Throne3309
When Midoriya finds out that Uraraka was only using him to get closer to Bakugo, Izuku feeling betrayed goes out on patrol to clear his mind. He runs into a yellow-haire...
My Hellsing Academia (EN) by nekos21
My Hellsing Academia (EN)by Trollkastel Piece
So this is pretty much a crossover between My Hero Academia and Hellsing Abridged, where Izuku is gonna make a decision that will change his life forever. DekuxToga. The...
Izuku Yagi: Theif by Black_Death303
Izuku Yagi: Theifby DarkPhantom
Most would assume that being the son of two top ten pro-heroes would be an amazing life. Well, it is, unless your quirkless. After being diagnosed quirkless Izuku Yagi...
God Slayer by Veiss7
God Slayerby Veiss7
Izuku Yagi never had a good life, always neglected and beaten, but what if he was given a power so vast and immense he became the most feared man...that even the Gods th...
[VILLAIN SYSTEM] by NozarickRin
[VILLAIN SYSTEM]by Nozarick Rin
Izuku, dies in the slime incident and wakes up in a void space with a blue screen in front of him. He accepts the systems power and Wakes up again. Using the power of ga...
Izuku's Pet  by TimeLordKronos
Izuku's Pet by Cheery Reaper
cross-posted from my Ao3 account. Izuku finds Toga in an alley way before the canon show, and it all spirals out of control from there!
Relapsed (Izutoga) by MaybeBi12
Relapsed (Izutoga)by Dr.DeathDefying
Izuku was abused by his father, beaten by his only friends, and ignored by his hero. Then it gets better because of a better hero. Then again there is always a relapse...
The Last Werewolves by KingDonkeY12
The Last Werewolvesby Patrick
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES PRESENT OR MY HERO ACADEMIA _________________________________ Izukus quirk is an ultra rare version of the mythical beast. He can turn...
Jinchuuriki Izuku (Undergoing edit) by NerdyHollow
Jinchuuriki Izuku (Undergoing edit)by Nerdy Hollow
Centuries after the 4th great ninja war the time of shinobi ends. After an era ends another comes, this era was the super-human society. Even after the end of shinobi e...
Ninja Izuku (Has Been Rewriten) by Wolfie932
Ninja Izuku (Has Been Rewriten)by Wolfie 93
Izuku Yagi was a smart kid his IQ rivaled that of the chimera principal of U.A. himself. He then trained to be the best assassin, and to be the grand master of both the...
Deku 10: Héroe Alienígena. (Temporada 2 Al Aire.) by tennyson10010
Deku 10: Héroe Alienígena. (Tempor...by tennyson10010
la historia de Boku no hero con un deku algo distinto... eventos desde la serie original hasta Omniverse.(posibles aliens del reboot porque algunos son interesantes)
Izuku's Secret(Adopted by Ideatron007) by Hermitcrab420
Izuku's Secret(Adopted by Ideatron...by Hi
Izuku never wanted to be a hero he just wanted to be a tattoo artist.But hero's always made there way into his life. He never was what you call a good kid in school.Cau...
Izuku's Villain Family by JRORTIZ5
Izuku's Villain Familyby
In this AU, Izuku is born into a villain family Izuku is being raised along side his siblings to be villains along side their parents but Izuku was born as a kind soul a...
Another Bad End (MHA Rewritten) by CaffeinesTrueKing
Another Bad End (MHA Rewritten)by CaffeinesTrueKing
Having never grabbed All Might, Izuku Midoriya almost gives up on his dream of becoming a hero. Suddenly he heard a ding, and in his vision a blue screen. There will maj...
BNHA Reacts To Ships by T0xicShad0w333
BNHA Reacts To Shipsby T0xic Shad0w3
I read to many shipping story
Expendable Assets, a yandere in the secret service by hanel1066
Expendable Assets, a yandere in th...by DragonstoneH
The League is gone, All for One is gone. Carried by fate, Himiko Toga is given a second chance. All she has to do, is kill the right people. With the only hero who will...