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My Hellsing Academia (EN) by nekos21
My Hellsing Academia (EN)by Trollkastel Piece
So this is pretty much a crossover between My Hero Academia and Hellsing Abridged, where Izuku is gonna make a decision that will change his life forever. DekuxToga. The...
Pushed to the brink by Sabeltje
Pushed to the brinkby Sabeltje
"I didn't inherit any quirk from my parents, it's a birth defect, it barely happens. I still wanted to be a hero, but in a society based around quirks I couldn't l...
The Mad Ripper (insane deku au) by 420fuckme
The Mad Ripper (insane deku au)by 420fuckme
izuku midoriya a name that sent shivers down the spine of anyone who heard it people would never believe he used to be a little bundle of sunshine a man who single hande...
The Symbiotic Heroes: Deku and Vampiress  by Revognah
The Symbiotic Heroes: Deku and Vam...by Revognah
What happens when two childhood friends both with "villainous" quirk start a relationship? What happens when the try to become heroes? What happens when they m...
Izuku's Pet  by TimeLordKronos
Izuku's Pet by Cheery Reaper
cross-posted from my Ao3 account. Izuku finds Toga in an alley way before the canon show, and it all spirals out of control from there!
The Undying Boy by NekoM4ster
The Undying Boyby JustAnotherSuperPerson
Izuku couldn't hold out anymore. After so much bullying and having his dream crushed by his idol, he decides to end it all in one leap out of a roof. Warning: Death and...
The story of heroes in the making. Striving within trials to envelop redemption in the corrupted hero society. Join the quirkless Izuku Midoriya on his journey of how he...
Being Myself with You by DePowerful1
Being Myself with Youby Stone Throne3309
When Midoriya finds out that Uraraka was only using him to get closer to Bakugo, Izuku feeling betrayed goes out on patrol to clear his mind. He runs into a yellow-haire...
Izuku Yagi: Theif by Black_Death303
Izuku Yagi: Theifby DarkPhantom
Most would assume that being the son of two top ten pro-heroes would be an amazing life. Well, it is, unless your quirkless. After being diagnosed quirkless Izuku Yagi...
"League of no Dads" (BNHA/Villain deku) by miiindyy
"League of no Dads" (BNHA/Villain...by miiindyy
In a society of heroes, villains, and quirks, you just don't know what's coming for you out there. Everything is unpredictable. But these 4 friends helped each other to...
Quirkless hero by Wolfie932
Quirkless heroby Wolfie 93
not sure if I've done one where he is both quirkless and powerful but oh well in this he is confident.
The Underground by JamesOwO
The Undergroundby James
Because of his quirk, Izuku Midoriya had been abandoned by his father. His mother, who still believes him stayed by his side. Until a tragic incident happen. After that...
The Heavenly Hero; A My Hero Academia Story by DerekRussell4
The Heavenly Hero; A My Hero Acade...by Derek Russell
Izuku was just an average kid, but the major thing that is wrong with him is that he is quirkless. In a place like that he feels weak and useless; but with the help of a...
Change of Heart (IzuToga) by TriggeredIida
Change of Heart (IzuToga)by TheGreatestKing13
After being rejected by the love of his life, Izuku is kidnapped by a villain named Himiko Toga. What will he do? Will he fall in love with her? Will he be tortured? Who...
Change - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | IzuToga by undefmidi
Change - Boku no Hero Fanfiction |...by undefmidi
The league of villains is planning to look into Izuku's memories to find what kind of connection he has with All Might, but... Is that all they will find? Will Toga find...
Izuku's children of the future by ErvingGamer
Izuku's children of the futureby Erving Garcia
A normal day in UA where we can see class 1a and 1b training together but all of a sudden a portal opens an out of it come...kids.Both classes are stunned because of thi...
The Unspoken Truth by GhostsEye
The Unspoken Truthby Watlelick
Izuku, at age thirteen has a child. He goes through an adventure with some people of his daily life as a parent. Through his daily life, he has secrets that is unspoken...
[VILLAIN SYSTEM] by NozarickRin
[VILLAIN SYSTEM]by Nozarick Rin
Izuku, dies in the slime incident and wakes up in a void space with a blue screen in front of him. He accepts the systems power and Wakes up again. Using the power of ga...
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Izuku's Bad End System by IzukuMidoryiagobrrr
Izuku's Bad End Systemby Himi
Having never grabbed All Might, Izuku Midoriya almost gives up on his dream of becoming a hero. Suddenly he heard a ding, and in his vision a blue screen. (Cover by Feer...
Izuku- All For Nothing (Villain Deku AU) by redrazor66
Izuku- All For Nothing (Villain De...by crimsun_moon
Izuku is quirkless. He has no superpowers or abilities that make him special. In a world of superpowered individuals where 80% of the population of the world has quirks...