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Mother's Love (Vigilante deku) by CelesteBronson
Mother's Love (Vigilante deku)by Celeste Bronson
Izuku is being abused at home by his mom cause he is quirkless. He sneak out to help others like him at night
but I love you..    bakugo x deku  by theshadowofthemoon_
but I love you.. bakugo x deku by fear
Izuku Midoriya struggled with life, to say the least, ever since he was announced quirkless,he lost everyone,everyone that he cared for.His best friend left him,his moth...
my own problem child by liljan1200
my own problem childby liljan pingel
izuku was a happy little child. keyword "WAS" as soon as he turned four he was deklert quirkless and abused by his parents who sold him to the villains when...
A descovery in homeschooling by MHA_is_all_my_life
A descovery in homeschoolingby MHA_is_all_my_life
( Finished but under editing) I read some stories like this, but i really wanted to write it so here you go: Izuku Midoriya, student at the UA and since a breakout of a...
He's Back by sunnidae_
He's Backby sunnidae_
Midoriya was the class scapegoat due to his lack of a quirk. In the world of quirks, not all men are created equal. When what's left of his dream is burnt away by his id...
BNHA chatfic But With Angst And Coronavirus by emo_the_emu
BNHA chatfic But With Angst And Co...by bowie
I see no reason not to click on this story and read it right now. Go on... (Tododeku) (dadzawa apparently) WE. LIVE. FOR. ANGST. This has gots some a b u s e And stuff...
Resilience by Ridney7277
Resilienceby Ridney7277
Izuku Midoriya was a typical kid in the quirk-filled world. Having a few close friends and living life despite only having a mother to support him, however, something ch...
Journey For Trust (Vigilante Deku) by Xx_Akemi_xX
Journey For Trust (Vigilante Deku)by Liz
Izuku Midoriya swore he'd become a hero to his mother. But, he was powerless in a super powered society. No hero agency in their right mind would even think a quirkless...
The Hopeless Boy (U.A Staff Chat) by JustUrLocalDumbass
The Hopeless Boy (U.A Staff Chat)by ÅMĮÑÅ
As Present Mic created a staff chat for important meanings *cough* Chaos *cough* He accidentally added a random person in the group chat they let him stay but the will t...
Silence  (Dadzawa) (Abused Deku)  by charlieex0
Silence (Dadzawa) (Abused Deku) by Charlie
⚠️Trigger Warning ⚠️ Suicide throughts/atemps Self harm Abuse Death Blood (May be more added) Slow updates! The green haird boy is standing on the edge of the roo...
Izuku's Abusive Life by BlueRoseTech
Izuku's Abusive Lifeby BlueRoseTech
Izuku has a abusive boyfriend that's 2 years older. His boyfriend goes to Shiketsu Highschool and is in the hero course while Izuku tries for UA. Will he be saved? Izuku...
A Twin's Atonement by Guiden64
A Twin's Atonementby Guiden64
Izumi Yagi has always cared for her older twin brother, Izuku. when she was thirteen, however, something caused her and everyone around him to neglect him. When she figu...
probably some mha angst  by emo_the_emu
probably some mha angst by bowie
[COMPLETE] I just wanna write pointless shit that isn't one shots so take this ig yk. y'all seemed to like the last bs I made 🙄
Masters slave Bnha by Narutoasdeku
Masters slave Bnhaby Miko♡
In a world where quirks and sub and dom's exist Izuku Midoriya is one of many people who are a victim to abuse, discrimination and more. This book includes: Smut Rape A...
The Muzzle (Dadzawa) by CoutirAnimations2
The Muzzle (Dadzawa)by Lesbian_Donut
I was born with this quirk. A quirk that is my curse. Cages, leashes, and the muzzle, it's all I've known. I am obedient. I listen to my master, only biting back at thei...
It's fine, just SMILE! by LazyCat158
It's fine, just SMILE!by Ch@oticC@t1nDi$guise
Smile! Everything is fine! How much longer do I have to play along? Izuku Midoriya, he has lived his entire life playing games, but what happens when others discover wh...
latxes hero by snipgenr
latxes heroby trash man
i am doing a challenge where i have to do at lest 500 words a chapter i dont own any pics in this book i dont own mha or transfurmation
Ball of sunshine by KeigoTheWeirdo105
Ball of sunshineby YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodWeir...
Izuku Midoriya was abused his whole life by his father. His mother and half brother was too. His brother eventually got kicked out and his mother killed infront of him...
when the moon rises by yhntre
when the moon risesby yhntre213
Izuku Midoriya was quirkless, he was beaten and shunned by society yet he still fought to get back up again. Izuku was striving to be something he wasn't, that is until...
When the jester gets mad by Avacadowitch
When the jester gets madby I’m an avacadowitch
Izuku midorya...the name of a boy who has been tormented his whole life. His hero's abandoned him His father abused him His mother's gone He's kidnapped He's alone But...