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Deku the Genius by Diamondragon23
Deku the Geniusby Diamondragon23
It was common knowledge that the quirked were superior to the quirkless in every possible way. It was common knowledge that the quirkless were a useless minority, unneed...
Izuku the Demon Swarm of Wrath by RSK12321
Izuku the Demon Swarm of Wrathby
This my first fanfic and description sorry if terrible: After Quirks first appeared changing the world were superheroes and supervillains exist, people noticed that only...
Not just a Hero, I'm a Papa aswell (Eri Midoriya) by theonetruewurmple
Not just a Hero, I'm a Papa theonetruewurmple
One raid. One girl. One happy little family. (By reading this story you hand over all Emotional rights you have in personal possession as of this day forward. No you are...
The Titan in a Quirky world by CresentMoon69
The Titan in a Quirky worldby CrescentMoon69
I'm not the best with descriptions sooooo... here we go: "Weak" "Worthless" "Trash" "Waste of space" Imagine a world of mostly fe...
Deku Steel by Kevhedgehog
Deku Steelby Kevhedgehog
After the death of his mother after the sludge villain incident, young Izuku was left alone on the streets, with no food or money. He thought his life was over until he...
Yin Yang Hero and His Royal Tsundere by KingIzaya
Yin Yang Hero and His Royal Izaya X
Izuku Midoriya, a kid who is a hero in training. One day he was ambushed and was transported to another world along with his adopted daughter, Eri. Noelle Silva, A Royal...
Father-Daughter by Deku_Mania
Father-Daughterby Deku_Mania
This will be a very slow going story but it will follow the life of Eri and Izuku as He takes on the role of Eri's father, and She struggles to cope with her trust issue...
The four of them by animeshiper0002
The four of themby animeshiper0002
This is from my old account so please bear with me
Black by im_outta_pocket
Blackby Zeno solos
Deku and Todoroki are black
The Fey Hero: Rattenfanger by Sword_king_19
The Fey Hero: Rattenfangerby Sword_king_19
What if when quirks first appeared, magical creatures, like fey, and japanese yokai, showed themselves as well. I'm going to try to at least update this story and The Dr...
Deku: The NIGHTFURY  by myhiroacademia15
Deku: The NIGHTFURY by myhiroacademia15
httyd x mha fanfic where deku has a nightfury quirk.
Betrayed Deku, Regretful 1-A.  by DabisBlueFlames22
Betrayed Deku, Regretful 1-A. by Jordan.
Okayyy, random idea I had. Same old Izuku gets betrayed, thrown in prison. However......... Izuku's REAL mum comes to the rescue, scares Nezu, Makes all might shriek an...
Herido (Vigilante!Experimented!Deku) by AlexaNightmare828
Herido (Vigilante!Experimented! AlexaNightmare828
"THEY'VE ESCAPED!" was screamed into a walkie-talkie, alarms going off all over the place. "WHO?!" "PROJECTS 067, 112, 002, AND 001!" ...
A Different Deku by Gman33105
A Different Dekuby RinngedEyedDevestation
We all know Izuku Midoriya was formerly quirk-less, we all know he has a hard time controlling One For All, and we all know he has confidence issues. But what if things...
I'm ordinary right? by Midnightblue2937
I'm ordinary right?by You can’t kill me!
Izuku Midoriya owns a small cafe in the bad part of town. Sadly it seems fate didn't like midoriya as it keeps spinning him down some deep rabbit holes. With his non-ove...
Eri's new dad.........The N1 hero by Bubbon
Eri's new dad.........The N1 heroby Bubbon
Eri was rescued from the grasp of Overhaul thanks to Izuku and his childhood friend and lover, Himiko Toga. Eri got attached to Izuku and Toga and calls them her parent'...