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UA: Separated Genders by fanfat99
UA: Separated Gendersby fanfat99
This story takes place in an AU where UA separates its home rooms by gender. Not getting enough girls to fill a home room, they are forced to put a boy in it. Somehow, s...
Time hero: Scarlet devil [DISCONTINUED] by Accursed_Trash_Panda
Time hero: Scarlet devil [DISCONTI...by Accursed_Trash_Panda
Izuku Midorya was a less than normal kid with a less than normal quirk. He had a quirk that could stop and slow time. But when Izuku returns home to find his mother dead...
Izuku the Champion by ElementOfLife
Izuku the Championby ElementOfLife
What if instead of quirks the people of the world had magical creatures? One of these people is Izuku Midoriya, treated bad at a young age ran away. After sixteen years...
It's hard to say goodbye by GuyDube
It's hard to say goodbyeby Chris-P Bacon
Izuku recived a bad news who change his life forever
the mechanic Book 4 The Wedding Arc  by WolfSama8
the mechanic Book 4 The Wedding Ar...by Wolf Sama
The war is over, the trials are done, now all izuku and tsuyu have to concentrate is on the wedding, but just because there finally finished doesn't mean others are
Dekuverse? Sounds Interesting. (On Hold) by Anime-Lover-Meesum
Dekuverse? Sounds Interesting. (On...by Meesum Zain
My turn on the dekuverse. Also it is an izukuxharen story. yeah that is it. just read and find out.
the mechanic book 2 life after jail arc  by WolfSama8
the mechanic book 2 life after jai...by Wolf Sama
izuku Midoriya, a name most of Japan has come to hate, a former prisoner now just a simple mechanic trying to make the most of the second chance he was given, how will h...
the mechanic book 3 the trial arc by WolfSama8
the mechanic book 3 the trial arcby Wolf Sama
Things were beginning to look up for our protagonist, izuku finally popped the question to Tsuyu and they were going to get married, should be the happiest time of there...
izuku midoriya the saiyan of justice and revenge (Discontinued) by 20078907poke
izuku midoriya the saiyan of justi...by The Dark Saiyan of Power
izuku was framed for stealing UA information about their students and teachers. He sent to prison but they didn't stay there for a day. Someone broke him out and decided...
Izuku Cleopatra, the Egyptian hero by AvengedMoon
Izuku Cleopatra, the Egyptian heroby Avenged
What happens when a deity of a greater time took notice upon young Izuku suffering. After being abused, neglected, and forgotten Izuku finally get free from his cycle of...
Watch the Deku-verse by Unity_Flare
Watch the Deku-verseby Horuhe
Hey this is my first fan fiction soooo...you know there might be some spelling errors. It might take me some time to make some chapter, but I'll try to as fast as I can ...
Izuku of the Sands (Izuku x Tsuyu) by 0kHomie
Izuku of the Sands (Izuku x Tsuyu)by 0kHomie
Izuku is basically Gaara. He aces the UA exam but is denied entry so he becomes a villain.
the nicest hero ever by Lufocy
the nicest hero everby Lufocy
Holy shit 37.9k reads I never thought that this many people would read my story at all thank you so much also just wanted to let you all know i am currently working on w...
Deku verse(on hold) by JackNewton5
Deku verse(on hold)by JackNewton5
Bnha belongs to its respective athor
The ink hero  by Light1yagami02
The ink hero by Light1yagami02
Izuku has ink powers or whatever and a big harem
¡¿MY CHILD?! by liesix6
¡¿MY CHILD?!by Lily Sixter
Múltiples hijas de Izuku aparecen en el salón 1-A para asegurar su futuro, aunque tienen demasiada competencia! Saga MY TIME TRAVEL
Midoriya by WeebAl3rt
Midoriyaby Leo Issei
Izuku's birth was accidental. an affair between citizen and the number one hero. After Izuku finds out that his father is All Might, he plots a sinister revenge plot aga...
Tsuyu x Deku One Shots by Heeeyyyyyyno
Tsuyu x Deku One Shotsby Dragonrider4321
Hello, Hi, Ola, aJdujosafyuuafy (Sup in Alien) This will be a multiple one shots between the frog girl herself Tsuyu and The One for All User Midoriya. Instead of the ty...
Dragon Force by quinngamercomic
Dragon Forceby Hey Bro Nice Cock
Izuku will have a fusion of Yugo powers form Wakfu and Ko powers From OK KO Let's be heroes. he will have powers to a energy called dragon energy and can use it in many...
Devil Armed Hero by Leo243410
Devil Armed Heroby Julio Morales
This is a story of Izuku Midoriya becoming the number One hero but also start him being QUIRKLESS and tormented by bakugo for 11 years now two being named Rokuro and Yu...