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The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous Second Son) by PuntersRev
The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous S...by PuntersRev
'Conduits' A word that describes people of the unnatural. This word has been used over time and time again, a word that has been feared by many. However... ever since...
Red Eye Deku by Hanx1590
Red Eye Dekuby Hanx1590
Izuku is a late bloomer who gained his quirk after a year. Izuku now has an optic blast quirk similar to a mutant hero named Cyclops. Let's see what the world has in sto...
izuku midoriya the saiyan of justice and revenge (Discontinued) by 20078907poke
izuku midoriya the saiyan of justi...by The Dark Saiyan of Power
izuku was framed for stealing UA information about their students and teachers. He sent to prison but they didn't stay there for a day. Someone broke him out and decided...
the mechanic book 2 life after jail arc  by WolfSama8
the mechanic book 2 life after jai...by Wolf Sama
izuku Midoriya, a name most of Japan has come to hate, a former prisoner now just a simple mechanic trying to make the most of the second chance he was given, how will h...
the mechanic Book 4 The Wedding Arc  by WolfSama8
the mechanic Book 4 The Wedding Ar...by Wolf Sama
The war is over, the trials are done, now all izuku and tsuyu have to concentrate is on the wedding, but just because there finally finished doesn't mean others are
Froggy Feelings by Yve1111
Froggy Feelingsby Uh Hi
After an unexpected event, Tsuyu Asui starts to develop feelings for a certain someone... (my first book don't bully me uwu)
BNHA betrayed izuku (Crystalline phoenix) by Urslaan1_3
BNHA betrayed izuku (Crystalline p...by Twisted mind
(When Izuku Todoroki and Lida defeated Stain after that they were injured a lot so they were hospitalised from they first fight fight with a villain and they won After I...
Izuku of the Sands (Izuku x Tsuyu) by 0kHomie
Izuku of the Sands (Izuku x Tsuyu)by 0kHomie
Izuku is basically Gaara. He aces the UA exam but is denied entry so he becomes a villain.
the mechanic book one the jail arc  by WolfSama8
the mechanic book one the jail arc by Wolf Sama
Betrayed by his the girl he loved, betrayed by those he used to call friends, thrown in jail for a crime he didn't commit, izuku Midoriya now must fight for his life and...
izuku O'connor by AvengedMoon
izuku O'connorby Avenged
izuku O'connor, originally Izuku Yagi, Abused, Neglected, and fed up. What if he had the chance to live the life he truly wanted? What if he went 'missing' but returns a...
the mechanic book 3 the trial arc by WolfSama8
the mechanic book 3 the trial arcby Wolf Sama
Things were beginning to look up for our protagonist, izuku finally popped the question to Tsuyu and they were going to get married, should be the happiest time of there...
The mechanic (Old Version) by WolfSama8
The mechanic (Old Version)by Wolf Sama
This is the old version of my story the new and rewriting versions are separated into 4 books with book number 4 being the current one. So if you want a story with pictu...
Dekuverse? Sounds Interesting. (On Hold) by Anime-Lover-Meesum
Dekuverse? Sounds Interesting. (On...by Meesum Zain
My turn on the dekuverse. Also it is an izukuxharen story. yeah that is it. just read and find out.
Izuku midoriya the betrayed stand user (Discontinued) by 20078907poke
Izuku midoriya the betrayed stand...by The Dark Saiyan of Power
Izuku midoriya was framed for stealing U.A files. When izuku went to his homeroom. Some people started to yell traitor. One of his classmates try to hit him, but his sta...
the nicest hero ever by Lufocy
the nicest hero everby Lufocy
Holy shit 37.9k reads I never thought that this many people would read my story at all thank you so much also just wanted to let you all know i am currently working on w...
A quirky family Bnha  by GreenNinjaDT1
A quirky family Bnha by Spirit Guardian:Sin
Izuku has decided to adopt eri and now he has U.A work along with fatherly responsibilities he can't help but gain feelings for a certain frog quirked girl who feels the...
The God Of Death And Everything In Love With A Quirkless Mortal  by NltCreative101
The God Of Death And Everything In...by Random
Izuku Midoriya was walking home from what had happened to him, he had just been told by his idol and number 1 hero that he can't become a hero. While he was walking, he...
The infected hero by kamina68
The infected heroby kamina68
After Alex Mercer had almost died ( in the ending of the first game) he realized by talking to his sister about the person he was before all of this and instead of takin...