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Deku, Why?! by AnimeBitxh2025
Deku, Why?!by AnimeBitch.2025
"Take a swan dive off a building, you might have a quirk in your next life." Katsuki laughed maliciously. Izuku had finally had it, that was the last straw. Iz...
  • villainmidoriya
  • villaindeku
  • izukuxbakugo
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Deku's Angel Quirk  by Eh_Pocky
Deku's Angel Quirk by Eh_Pocky
At the age of 4 Midoriya Izuku was to young to produce his quirk because Of how many quirks he has. When, his quirk appeared the doctor told them they have to go I-Isl...
  • crossover
  • class1-a
  • midoriya
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BakuDeku - You Stupid Nerd!  by Trish_FantasyLand
BakuDeku - You Stupid Nerd! by Trish_FantasyLand
Bakugo has been getting low grades lately! Aizawa decides to pair Bakugo up with a tutor. However this tutor was the person he least expected... =======================...
  • kacchan
  • mha
  • katsuki
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Rewind (villain Deku) by Lazy-Smartass_02
Rewind (villain Deku)by Lazy-Smartass_02
All for one breaks out He destroys everything He destroys his son's life He passed everything on to him, trying to make him into the most powerful weapon Izuku doesn't y...
  • kirimina
  • deku
  • izuocha
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That One Coffee Guy by Alleycat1024
That One Coffee Guyby Alley-chan
Izuku Midoriya has a very random quirk, He can create coffee out of thin air. With his quirk you can imagine his dream to become a hero was crushed, but he found his pea...
  • midoriya
  • sleep
  • coffee
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what doesn't kill you (is bound to come back for another) by vigilantedekus
what doesn't kill you (is bound to...by dipshit disaster™
In which one Aizawa Shouta is tasked with capturing one vigilante Izuku Midoriya, mostly to make sure he doesn't get killed, and partially because Nezu has been playing...
  • iida
  • eraserhead
  • shouto
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Ring-ring by Gabigabit
Ring-ringby Gabriela Chamova
Hi guys! As you might have guessed this book is a insane deku AU. Where deku (Izuku Midoriy) has a quirk called "control". The way it works is the user says so...
  • class1-a
  • gore
  • insanedeku
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~Recovering~    |BNHA/MHA Story| by tieRD7
~Recovering~ |BNHA/MHA Story|by I’m Tired
This is a story where little Izuku (literally) bumps into Eraser Head, or Shouta Aizawa when he was escaping his kidnappers. Izuku is brought to a hospital considering t...
  • wattys2019
  • kidnapped
  • aizawaxyadama
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Boku no hero academia chatroom (Bakusquad x reader) (Dekusquad x reader) by sleeplessInc
Boku no hero academia chatroom (Ba...by DABI
When the salty (Y/N) (L/N) creates a chat for her UA friends, she soon realizes that this may or may not have been the best idea. Chaotic conversations, weird topics, an...
  • kirishima
  • bisexual
  • bokunoheroacademia
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Primal Instinct Izuku by LazyAnimaniac
Primal Instinct Izukuby Lazy Author-san
Everyone thinks Izuku is quirkless... even himself. When All Might crushes Izuku's dreams of becoming a hero, Izuku shuts himself into his house for a year, and emerges...
  • izukucat
  • shindeku
  • dekuquirk
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midoriya and the infinity stones by thatpwnagepotato
midoriya and the infinity stonesby thatpwnagepotato
I previously had a fanfic of the same name but I ran out of good ideas so I deleted it so I'm trying again The p.o.v. will always be izuku unless stated otherwise Also...
  • bnha
  • mha
  • confidentizuku
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It's Just Sex by the-anime_kid
It's Just Sexby Sammy 😀
Deku is in a Friends with benifts relationship with his childhood friend. Except its just sex, Bakugo still hates Deku. But what happens when a new kid transfers into th...
  • lgbt
  • yaoi
  • boylove
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Tododeku sex slave by darkthorns_roses
Tododeku sex slaveby darkthorns_roses
*Mature content* Todoroki Is looking for his first sex slave, that so happens to be Izuku. No strings are suppose to be attached but what if he falls hopelessly in love...
  • smutwarning
  • bnha
  • slave
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➹Katsudeku Spirit Animal AU➹ by -Olive-Branch-
➹Katsudeku Spirit Animal AU➹by -Olive-Branch-
At the age of five, kids begin to get their own spirit animals. These animals form based on there owners personality and many other important variables. Your animal fo...
  • midoriya
  • bakudeku
  • spiritanimal
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Izuku Midoriya: One Punch [Hiatus] by DPSupnet
Izuku Midoriya: One Punch [Hiatus]by Tamaguki
My Hero Academia X One Punch Man
  • onepunchman
  • fanfiction
  • bokunoheroacademia
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The Successor by NatashaBoynton
The Successorby Midnight Monsters
After finding out Izuku Midoriya's father is All For One, Allmight has become unsure about Izuku and starts to reject him. Izuku turns from hero to villain knowing he wa...
  • myheroacademiafanfiction
  • izukumidoriya
  • newtowattpad
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Izuku: The shadow hero by zath51
Izuku: The shadow heroby Zath51
The shadow hero An AU where izuku has a quirk and he's very powerful. (ONGOING) Izuku was born with a quirk, a shadow type quirk. People whisper and talk about him, call...
  • darkness
  • teen
  • dadmight
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ICHOR by queeniemayeah
ICHORby queeniemayeah
"i·chor: the fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods." Y/n L/n was never keen on becoming a hero, but it seemed to be her destiny because of her f...
  • todoroki
  • bakugo
  • bokunoheroacademia
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The unknown is now known but why now? by ItachiUchihaEmz
The unknown is now known but why n...by Itachi Uchiha (Emz)
izuku's father has come back but why now? and whats this Izuku's quirk finally awaken?
  • midoriya
  • deku
  • ofa
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A different kind of hero by Naruto-Dragneel
A different kind of heroby Naruto Dragneel
My teacher walked around handing back our career choices to make any last minute changes. As soon as he handed me mine I got to work erasing pro hero. My dream school wa...
  • allmight
  • fanfic
  • shot
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