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Invincible: SuperBoy Rises (Mary Grayson x Male Reader) by Victor_TheRiper
Invincible: SuperBoy Rises (Mary Victor Hernandez
Mary Grayson, a female teenager who just turn 18 years old, and in high school, she is friends with Amber and Samantha, also, she happens to be a hero as well, she's li...
Demonic Dragon Of Destruction And Death  by Lirito700
Demonic Dragon Of Destruction Lirito700
Ryu was Part of A ancient Devil Clan that had More Power In the Underworld the The Original Lucifer the Clans Name is Nura And they Had Three Major Bloodlines 1. Of the...
No More Robin, I am Now Kamen Rider Saber!  by PatrickEstvo
No More Robin, I am Now Kamen Patrick Estêvão
(Betrayed Jason Todd X Crossover) It's no surprise that Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd were never in good terms. Because of this, Bruce decided to not save him from The Joke...
True Heroes Rising From Pain by PatrickEstvo
True Heroes Rising From Painby Patrick Estêvão
Six Individuals who knew nothing but pain, became true heroes, and will strike down every criminal or fake hero in a corrupted world.
Michael Jackson Imagines (15)  by MoonWalkerFan1998
Michael Jackson Imagines (15) by Nasty Spaghetti
Thank you all for the support!!! 😊😃😄😁
Shooketh (Memes Made by Me) by MikeyLovesMe
Shooketh (Memes Made by Me)by 𝙎𝙠𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙡𝙚𝙨
All these memes were made by me @MikeyLovesMe These are mostly Michael Jackson memes Meme life BRUH Don't be hatin Highest ranks: #1 in "Moonwalk" #1 in "...
Michael Jackson Q&A (All eras!) by MoonWalkerFan1998
Michael Jackson Q&A (All eras!)by Nasty Spaghetti
A book where you can ask any of the MJ eras a question! Feel free to ask them anything.
Michael Jackson Imagines (11) by MoonWalkerFan1998
Michael Jackson Imagines (11)by Nasty Spaghetti
I just can't stop making these and coming up with awesome ideas. Enjoy!
filter | m. jackson by clcprint
filter | m. jacksonby luka
❝ pick your filter ❞ michael jackson.
Future Stories! by SoKeefe2022
Future Stories!by Sokeefe
Get ready for these stories to appear on my page soon! Obviously werewolf 'cause thats what I'm used to, but YOU get to decide which one I start on first.
You Are My Life by dangerousdreams58
You Are My Lifeby Dangerous.Dreams58
"If you would've told me at 13 that this would be my life, I would have never believed you..."
In Love With My Sisters Bestfriend (MJ FanFic) by MRSMJForever
In Love With My Sisters Marie Jackson
Michael loves Lisa but he doesn't love her the way a husband should love his wife...Avery Dumas has his attention in more ways then one.
MJ Imagines *CURRENTLY NOT Soldiers of Love
~Hey everyone! This book is for any of your imagine ideas to come true. The mind is the full of wonders so why not create those wonders in words! So message me any of yo...
All That I Am  by dangerousdreams58
All That I Am by Dangerous.Dreams58
Continuing our story with Rayne and Michael. All relationships aren't perfect no matter how long your marriage may last.
Secrets by Ylia050508
Secretsby Ylia Channings
Rosalyn and Roman had a hard life. From being abused to being a human test subject, they were almost invincible. What if, one day, their father goes missing and they fin...
"All Mine Forever"  by Sweetlove3399
"All Mine Forever" by
Previous account of Lovelygirl6436 With all the drama Y/N has with being a Victoria's Secret Angel at 19, dealing with her horrible family, her dark past but most import...
"All Mine" Michael Jackson All Era Story  by Lovelygirl6436
"All Mine" Michael Jackson All Lovelygirl6436
18 year old Y/N is a beautiful, and intelligent young woman. She is also a Victoria's Secret Angel, and loves caring for others. When Y/N is home alone, something very s...
The Lost One (Viltrumite x mcu) by rmcfall
The Lost One (Viltrumite x mcu)by GoAtS
A viltrumite oc in the mcu Millions of years after the fall of the viltrumite empire, one lone viltrumite was kept in stasis in order to preserve the empire's legacy. So...
Twin Flames: A Michael Jackson Fan Fiction by annieareyouwokay
Twin Flames: A Michael Jackson kylie jai ✨
twin flame : "a twin flame is your own soul, shared across what appears to be two physical beings. it's one soul split into two bodies." this is the story of a...