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ALL OF HIM // MJ by mikemoonwalkerz
One day Y/N finds herself in a very strange situation... seven eras of Michael Jackson appear in her home.They all go through a lot together and they all are fighting fo...
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The bad boy wants to protect me? by helendusty
The bad boy wants to protect me?by helendusty
He looked over at me with a hard look, probably pissed at the fact I had seen him so weak. But I didn't see him as weak right now, it feels like I know him now, the real...
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Michael Jackson This Is It by Judah98
Michael Jackson This Is Itby Classof2021
Michael Jackson The King of Pop planning for a return to the stage. He calls for a comeback tour called "This Is It". The tour was suppose to last until 2010...
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This Isn't It by MemorableMichael
This Isn't Itby mamasay mamasa mamacoosa
Michael Jackson falls unconscious from a Propofol overdose on June 25th 2009. While everyone around him scrambles for answers, Michael is struggling to make ends meet an...
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Interesting Facts About Michael Jackson by _MichaelLove__
Interesting Facts About Michael Ashley
Interesting Facts About The King Of Pop Michael Jackson??♥♥♥
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Frequency  by filipinafairy
Frequency by a.j.
mystery, sci-fi When time becomes your enemy... Paris Jackson has carried around the sorrow and resentment of her father's death for eight years, believing that the ove...
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Cover Story by dangerousdreams58
Cover Storyby Dangerous.Dreams58
Bianca Rogers, A reporter for the a local news station in LA covers the Conrad Murray trial following the death of superstar "King Of Pop" Michael Jackson. Alw...
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They Call Him Peter Pan by ahage9501
They Call Him Peter Panby A
A young detective named Chasity Gilson has just found out her idol Michael Jackson has died. She's heartbroken and is completely devastated, but after getting the news s...
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More That Friends//S.2 by MichaelJHistorys1982
More That Friends//S.2by MichaelJHistorys1982
New people, loves, more conflicts... That will happen?
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Capture by desubrat
Captureby desubrat
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Our Manager's A Vampire  by BriahnaHoran
Our Manager's A Vampire by @NiallSepticeyeHoran
One Direction has finally come back from being on Hiatus. But, when they hear the news that they've now got a new manager, things get pretty crazy. Turns out, Mafalda, t...
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It's Destiny by kathreng_16
It's Destinyby kakaka
Just vote guys! It'll be worth it:(on-going) Slow update Reasons *busy ang author *tinatamad
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This Is It || l.h by hemmo-luke
This Is It || l.hby no f(lex) zone
"I'm already dead on the inside anyway" Caution: contains mentions of suicide, cutting, depression, etc.
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The Legend Never Dies by KPLov3r
The Legend Never Diesby KPLov3r
After making a wish, you meet Michael face to face even though he's already dead. Maybe it's your chance to save him from a terrible fate. # 6 thisisit # 790 dangerous...
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I Already Knew| #TKBMovieContest by exclusivelyvenice
I Already Knew| #TKBMovieContestby Venice Cole♡
Laney Brooks is fourteen and having trouble learning the ropes of highschool. On the first day her apparent best friend starts spreading rumors about her, and everyone b...
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Bahja X Nique X Princeton X Bre X Tameka by Nicarra
Bahja X Nique X Princeton X Bre Nicarra Ahmoni Jaay White
This is it we all decided to work independently and work on ourselves
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Behind the Scenes by LouisTomlinson_babe
Behind the Scenesby LouisTomlinson_babe
Sophia Smith has been a huge Michael Jackson fan for as long as she can remember. On June 25, 2009 she walks into her living room to find out in the news that her favori...
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This is it! ( a Michael Jackson fan fiction) by BeckyLRose
This is it! ( a Michael Jackson BeckyLRose
(Complete) Michael Jackson announces that he will do a 50 leg tour starting in July.. Single Mother (Y/N) additions and makes it to be a back up dancer for the king of...
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