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~sanders sides ship one shots~  by enbyqueen23
~sanders sides ship one shots~ by Em
•Sanders sides one shots, all ships welcome (no remrom, no sweet home Alabama on THIS Christian Minecraft server) •I update at least once a week •no ship hate allowed...
Sanders Sides Parenting/Kids One-Shots by ElSandersWrites
Sanders Sides Parenting/Kids ElSandersWrites
*This is my first one shot book so bear with me* Just a few one-shots based on Sanders Sides characters being Dads or being kids or both (including Remy and Emile) This...
Sanders Sides Sin <3 | Smut shots (Requests open)  by dapper_snek_boi
Sanders Sides Sin <3 | Smut dapper_snek_boi
Dm prompts or requests to me! Kinky one shots I guess, I'm new to writing this kinda stuff. Most will probably ignore this but dont read if you're too young please I'm...
He Was There (A Logicality Story) *completed* by dumbgay666
He Was There (A Logicality Story) dumbgay666
Patton has been in a relationship with Remus for 10 months and they hadn't had sex once. This makes Remus upset and he decides to fix the issue. Some drama and horrid th...
Sanders Sides One-Shots by NessanityIsReal
Sanders Sides One-Shotsby gaybo
~ every ship except remrom, thomas x sides, and no x reader :) (a lot of poly ships aren't in here but that's just bc there's so many variations that it'd be hard to get...
Sanders Sides One-Shots!! by jowritesthings
Sanders Sides One-Shots!!by Jo (she/her)
What it says on the tin: Sanders Sides one-shots. Various ships and shenanigans. Everything from platonic to romantic and everything in between! I write platonic, romant...
Arrangements (A Sanders Sides AU) by Loganofthenorth
Arrangements (A Sanders Sides AU)by Loganofthenorth
Thomas and Nico Sanders are the loving parents of Logan, Roman, and Patton. The family of five is well known for their intelligent, charming, and kindhearted children, a...
Sander Sides One Shots (requests closed/on hiatus) by Halloween_Everyday
Sander Sides One Shots (requests Roman🐍 (they/them)
Hey I have too many ideas and too little attention span to focus on just one so let's create a one shot book! 💜 Requests Open 💜 *i own no art unless stated* *no smut*
Sander Sides Oneshots, B**** by GremlinNumNomB
Sander Sides Oneshots, B****by Vae
Yeah, don't expect frequent updates but here's the tea: I'm learning to write better self contained stories through sander sides oneshots! they're just having fun and i...
Sander Sides OneShots by whqreformoonknight
Sander Sides OneShotsby 🦋🧘🏽‍♀️🦋
Ships about the Sander Sides that come to mind
Remus-Centric by theRatstm
Remus-Centricby Blurg
My boi Remus deserves so much love and appreciation and I'm here to give it to him. This will be a bunch of one shots (angst, fluff and occasional smut), all about Remus...
Killed With Kindness - Loceit by allycatreadytowrite
Killed With Kindness - Loceitby Allycat
janus' life is great. He has a lovely group of friends he's known since college and the most caring boyfriend in Patton. At the same time Janus' life is like a vase fill...
Comfort - Intruality Vore by Percimmon
Comfort - Intruality Voreby Perci
Patton can't stop thinking about his fight with Janus and an unlikely side offers them comfort in a unique way. tw: heavily detailed descriptions of vore Note: This take...
Snail's Sanders Sides Stories, Oneshots, Headcanons, and what-not by SnailsRightHere
Snail's Sanders Sides Stories, 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕚𝕝 𝕊𝕒𝕪𝕤 ℍ𝕚
Basically the title- Hi! My first story heh heh- So this pretty much just a bunch of Sanders Sides related things - like writings, art, headcanons - all that! Sanders...
We Love you (Yandere DRLAMP oneshots)  by WeirdoBirdGamer
We Love you (Yandere DRLAMP Sailor Sardonyx
Patton, Emile and/or roman is the victim. Logan, Remus, Janus, Roman, Remy, and Virgil are the yanderes. These are oneshots. 💙Fluff 💔/💜Angst And... 💕Smut
Saving Prince Chariming by Solangelo0potterhead
Saving Prince Charimingby SanderSidesKids
Roman is depressed. that much was clear now. After POF, he was distant. he was different. he was distant. he wasn't ok... Rociet Analogical Intruality
Sanders Sides Oneshots  by CookiesAndMeme
Sanders Sides Oneshots by Jask
This will be a series of my favorite oneshots from my quotev account. (And some things you can only find here :) ) It will mostly be fluff and angst because I'm basic bu...
Sanders Sides Oneshots by space_enbaby
Sanders Sides Oneshotsby MagnificentMax
All ships and requests are welcome