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A Tale of Lies | Loceit ✓ by -JustAnEditor-
A Tale of Lies | Loceit ✓by -JustAnEditor-
Janus let his hand and phone fall onto his lap as he got lost in a torrent of thoughts. These soon morphed into self deprication, sharp jabs at his ego. Anyone watching...
The Wizard and The Serpent (A Beauty and the Beast/Sanders Sides AU) by Loganofthenorth
The Wizard and The Serpent (A Beau...by Lady North
Janus Viper was once a handsome king, a cruel ruler that ruled his Kingdom with an iron fist. Even though he had everything he ever wanted since he was born (except, per...
Butterflies (Lociet) by MoonGazer215
Butterflies (Lociet)by Moved to AO3
Deceit always lied, so why would anyone believe him when he says he's stuck in a time loop?
Inside man - Loceit by Poly_and_Proud
Inside man - Loceitby INeedSomeAngst
Janus isn't getting a chance to be truly accepted by the light sides, as Roman calls them. What he needs is an inside man... Logan can be that, for a price of course But...
Stand up(intruloceit) by Poly_and_Proud
Stand up(intruloceit)by INeedSomeAngst
Logan won't stand up for himself, so Janus and Remus will. This is my first story. Cover art is not mine. #1-Intruloceit 8/4/20 #1-Intrulogical 9/2/20 #1-Sanderssides 9...
~sanders sides ship one shots~  by enbyqueen23
~sanders sides ship one shots~ by Em
•Sanders sides one shots, all ships welcome (no remrom, no sweet home Alabama on THIS Christian Minecraft server) •I update at least once a week •no ship hate allowed...
Sanders Sides Oneshots [All Ships] by FandomsUnited_Always
Sanders Sides Oneshots [All Ships]by Orion
Sanders sides oneshots for all the ships because heck I don't only ship analogical lol So much fluff guys, that I can promise as always please point out grammatical or s...
Science Experiments - IntruLoCeit by wog-woman
Science Experiments - IntruLoCeitby wog-woman
When Logan starts doing chaotic Science Experiments and games with the Dark Sides, he begins to fall in love with them! But the Light Sides could never know...or underst...
Sander Sides OneShots by whqreformoonknight
Sander Sides OneShotsby 🦋🧘🏽‍♀️🦋
Ships about the Sander Sides that come to mind
Sanders Sides One Shots by KOTLClover333
Sanders Sides One Shotsby Binx
This is a book of Sanders Sides one shots. Duh. For now, I do everything with the exception of Thomas x side and x reader . No Smut. Please give requests!
Sanders Sides Oneshots by _Self-deprecation_
Sanders Sides Oneshotsby _Self-deprecation_
It's in the name. These are probably badly written with cliche plot lines but you might enjoy them and I do take requests. Some will be angst, some fluff. I will do my b...
Sander Sides Oneshots =) by XxRoman_KinniexX
Sander Sides Oneshots =)by 𝙺𝚊𝚒💛🤍💜🖤
The title says it all. I'm willing to do anything unless it's R3mR0m/R0mR3m bc that ship is literally illegal!! I will try to update as often as possible :) Multi-shipp...
Sanders Sides Parenting/Kids One-Shots by ElSandersWrites
Sanders Sides Parenting/Kids One-S...by ElSandersWrites
*This is my first one shot book so bear with me* Just a few one-shots based on Sanders Sides characters being Dads or being kids or both (including Remy and Emile) This...
Sanders Sides One-Shots by DarkBlue_Roses
Sanders Sides One-Shotsby MxEli
Hi! This is just a collection of my Sanders Sides writting! If Unsypathetic Patton and Roman or Sympathetic Janus, Remus, and Virgil are a trigger for you then I recomme...
Sanders Sides One Shots(HIATUS) by itsjayisntit
Sanders Sides One Shots(HIATUS)by ia
Innovation by TheRandomPenguin
Innovationby Via
Sanders Sides One-Shots --- Smut & Fluff by -cobwebs-
Sanders Sides One-Shots --- Smut...by lem 🍰
Sanders Sides One-Shots. >>>>I take requests for smut, fluff, kinks, anything really-- Unless it's Thomas and a side, because that's just,, weird- You think...
Logan Needs A Break (COMPLETED) by SoundsOfTheDead
Logan Needs A Break (COMPLETED)by Arsonist
Logan is tired of everything. He is tired of acting like nothing gets to him, he wants a break so desperately. But he knows if he claims he is a dark side Thomas won't l...
Sanders Sides One Shots: Volume 2 [COMPLETED] by death-of-a-phangirl
Sanders Sides One Shots: Volume 2...by Death ☠️
Lots of Prinxiety! Mostly fluffy! This is my second book of one shots because I actually ran out of space in my other one! Completed - Volume 3 available!
Sanders Sides One-Shots by Jalaforlife
Sanders Sides One-Shotsby Ally
Just a bunch of random one-shots. I take requests. So request away! You can message me personally or just leave a comment! Whatever works for you! Artwork in the cover d...