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Laws of Magic (SanderSides magic au) by SiaCallisto
Laws of Magic (SanderSides magic Callisto
In a world where magic and mythical creatures is the normal, follow 8 teenagers who are enrolled in the Imperium high school. The witches and werewolves despise each oth...
Shifter~Prinxiety by StitchedIvy
Shifter~Prinxietyby Roman Relyea
In a world where powers are common, Heroes are needed to fight those who use theirs for evil acts. In a small town in Florida those heroes just so happen to be the three...
Screams and cry's | A Demus story | by Dorito_child359
Screams and cry's | A Demus story |by Dorito child
Deceit new that Remus isn't the most sane person in the world, but while talking to Logan about him Thomas summoned the both of them. What Thomas told them made Deceit p...
Intrusive Parenting by StitchedIvy
Intrusive Parentingby Roman Relyea
Roman fucked up... Again. He and the others took a picnic only to get attacked by the dragon witch who took it as a great opportunity to put a curse on them... or well o...
Forced Liar ~ Sanders Sides by Uncertain_Inadequate
Forced Liar ~ Sanders Sidesby V/Uncertainty
Deceit- Lies- That's all he was- A liar- Right? #1 in Receit (02/05/2020) #34 sides (12/07/2020 - ???) #60 sides (27/07/2020 - ???) #49 sides (06/08/2020 - ???) #38 side...
The closest thing to him ~ Demus by Iam_Rebecca_Tozier
The closest thing to him ~ Demusby Not... Okay....
Janus has had these kinds of melt-downs before, and Remus was always there to set him straight once again. But when he is finally accepted by the Light Sides his room ha...
Ask and Dare The Dark Sides by Shadow101921
Ask and Dare The Dark Sidesby Remus
Ask or dare Janus, Virgil, or Remus Cover art credit: ghosttb0y
Isn't Revenge Meant to be Sweet? by ThatPastelTrashbag
Isn't Revenge Meant to be Sweet?by Maria Werner
Deceit missed him. They all missed him. They had to get him back, they were going to make them pay. The light sides took everything from them, but taking Virgil, taking...
Accepting The Darkness (Anxiety x Deceit x Remus) by Rainboom181
Accepting The Darkness (Anxiety Dee
As Thomas begins to lie more and more, the sides get curious as to why, and things start to spiral out of control when Anxiety shows signs of going back to the Other Sid...
Zombie apocalypse- Sander Sides by ShortBoiCam
Zombie apocalypse- Sander Sidesby ShortBoiCam
It's been 5 weeks since the apocalypse nobody had been in sight but some people where in groups trying their best to survive but what happens when someone gets bitten an...
Sanders sides smut(Requests Closed) by MoxietyismyLife1222
Sanders sides smut(Requests Closed)by Simon Buchonis
As the title says and I will take requests. I'll take any ship. Just type in the ship you want and a little prompt
Demus One Shots  by RamenSanders
Demus One Shots by Ramen ~Janus simp~
Just a load of Janus x Remus 💛💚 Fluff, Angst and Smut I'm keeping the tile as Demus because that ship name is iconic 🥰
Daggers and Crowns (Sander Sides Fantasy au) by SiaCallisto
Daggers and Crowns (Sander Sides Callisto
Set in a medieval kingdom which is split between the poor and rich meet Virgil Pierce, a 15 year old assassin. Marked as a prodigy in his guild the Black Orchid. Virgil...
Sanders Sides sMUT [very slow updates] by Gay_child_here
Sanders Sides sMUT [very slow Mr. Kazoo
Guess who's going to hell???? ME and you for reading this ha Sanders sides smut!! I take requests, kinks and ships. Time to go die I guess-
You're Not Allowed To Fall in Love With Me by Creepypasta_fander
You're Not Allowed To Fall in Queenie
Two hearts. One bet. £20.
Prinxiety 💜❤️ by Looney_looser221
Prinxiety 💜❤️by Looney_looser221
This book can be very cringe, it has a lot of typos, and characters do things that they probably wouldn't do if it were cannon but it's my first book so yeah! Sorry!
Can I Fly Too? | Sanders Sides | Prinxiety by Harper_TheLoveQueen
Can I Fly Too? | Sanders Sides | Harper
Everyone here has their own pair of wings they are born with. It can be the same color, or it could be different colors. Roman has beautiful red wings, though he can't f...
Sander Sides oneshots by RandomWriterLD
Sander Sides oneshotsby RandomWriterLD
My old ones suck, I'm sorry. My new ones are better, I swear. I will write fluff, angst, comfort, and smut. I will write any ship (besides Patton x Virgil. I'm sorry...
Welcome to Hell {Prinxiety} by Shawny32
Welcome to Hell {Prinxiety}by PrinxietyIsMySh!t
Welcome to the Castillo mines, also known as Hell on Earth. The mines are the number one buyer of kidnapped orphan children, I mean it's not like anyone will notice them...