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An Initiates Baby by d3athbeds
An Initiates Babyby ♡
*some sh*t don't add up because i started to edit, then stopped, then couldn't be bothered to continue and left it with missing paragraphs and plot-holes.* After a one-n...
Dauntless's Assassin  by khuskyk
Dauntless's Assassin by 🍄Mushroom🍄
Eric knew a girl in his year of initiation but he doesn't remember seeing her after they got through it. He also changed and became a lot more hard working only paying a...
Divergent by MrsUrie-Stumph
Divergentby MrsUrie-Stumph
Nilsa Coulter is married to the Dauntless Devil himself and living the life they had dreamed of while in Erudite. Choices will be made and the Coulters will make them to...
✔The Broken Amity [Eric Coulter Fanfic] (COMPLETE) by dreamyxstars
✔The Broken Amity [Eric Coulter 🤍kylie🤍
COMPLETED (EDIT: In the process of being rewritten! Some of the writing might have you cringing! New chapters will be uploaded once they're all edited and written!) Meet...
The Leader's Daughter by d3athbeds
The Leader's Daughterby ♡
Sequel to "An Initiates Baby" Set during Divergent/Insurgent/Allegiant, has situations from both films within so in case this will be tagged as spoilers. When...
Dauntless Bride //Eric Divergent// by fangirl397
Dauntless Bride //Eric Divergent//by —•*𝒩𝑒𝓇𝒹*•—
Eric is a leader,Kayla is a dauntless born.What will happen when her parents arrange a marriage between her and the cruelest dauntless leader? Just hit 5K!!!!!!!
Eric Coulter Imagines by heliads
Eric Coulter Imaginesby heliads
A collection of imagines about Eric Coulter from the Divergent movies/book series. Feel free to leave a request!
Danger is Near by aliceblackbird
Danger is Nearby livvy
He was menacing. He was cold. He was horribly intimidating. And yet he was the kind of person you are instinctively drawn to. Like a moth to a flame. Also I am very sor...
The choices you made | Eric Coulter (Under Reconstruction) by SashaSerpent
The choices you made | Eric A
Eleanor Cabanno comes from Erudite. She is fast, she is smart, she is everything a perfect Erudite would be, but there's a catch: she is also a natural-born fighter, utt...
Divergent Preferences/Imagines:❤️🖤 by 12DaYsOfFaNdOmS
Divergent Preferences/Imagines:❤️🖤by ❤️gReD&fOrGe💛
I'll be doin divergent preferences and some images! They will include Al, Will, Caleb, Peter, Uriah, Four/Tobias, and Eric I will take request and I can do a girl chara...
Short Stories by MelissaWaters17
Short Storiesby Melissa Waters
Short stories happening before, during and after the series. Dragonwatch might be included in later stories. Story requests recomended!
The Aeronaut's Daughter by RubyRoundhouse17
The Aeronaut's Daughterby Arwen the Storyteller
(Y/N) Scoresby and her daemon Aster receive the adventure of a lifetime when they team up with Lyra Belacqua to help her rescue some kidnapped children in the far north...
Lover of a Leader? Eric Coulter love story  by Imdancing__again
Lover of a Leader? Eric Coulter Linz__Is_Here
Lindsey Jones is in Amity but she wasn't born in that Faction and she's not planning on staying there. What will happen when she chooses her new Faction? And how will sh...
New Point Of View by BlankaDopitov
New Point Of Viewby Blanka Dopitová
This story takes place almost three years later since the end of the second book/S2 of the TV show. Lyra Belacqua (Silvertongue) wakes up from a strange dream in a forei...
Tough Love by Nicole-the-slytherin
Tough Loveby Nic
Isabelle Eaton, younger sister to Tobias Eaton, is determined. She is serious, opinionated, protective and under it all, loves deeply. All in all, a true warrior who fi...
Becoming Mrs. Coulter by IdaPersson0
Becoming Mrs. Coulterby Ida Persson
A fanmade prequal to the book The golden compass/Northern lights by Philip Pullman. This work was done by 5 people as a project in our creative writing course. This is a...
Memories Of Us~ Eric Coulter by Chris_P_Bacon12
Memories Of Us~ Eric Coulterby Chris_P_Bacon
What happens when two best friends reunite? Eric Coulter x Oc My timeline
Divergent Love by Smallhog
Divergent Loveby Smallhog
Divergent oneshots (3 OC characters)
Hometown Boy by scarlettMcLeod
Hometown Boyby scarlettMcLeod
Coming home was difficult for every soldier. The change back into civilian life wouldn't necessarily be easy for anyone. But for Coulter Benjamin Davis, it's about to b...
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He noticed - Eric Coulter by prettylittle_babe03
He noticed - Eric Coulterby canreadallday
Luna Cameron was a child caretaker. Eric Coulter was a leader. Eric would noticed her every time he saw her, either when she was with the kids or in a crowd or anywhere...