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Taimanin: The Weakest's Resolve by WriWitJoy
Taimanin: The Weakest's Resolveby WriWitJoy
Fuuma Kotaro was deemed the weakest among the Taimanins, an ordinary shinobi among those with abilities beyond the norms. He had never denied that harsh truth until a se...
New Beginnings by Soccer1944
New Beginningsby matt10
What happens when Mapi younger sister gets moved up to Barcelona first team and no one on team knew Mapi had a little sister.
Blue Fate | Fire Emblem Three Houses Fan-fiction by Edentopia
Blue Fate | Fire Emblem Three Eden
Freya Larkern is a warrior and the successor to the noble Larkern family name in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Choosing to attend the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Mon...
Unspoken Affection  by Iskaelauxx
Unspoken Affection by iskaela
Sera expresses her love quietly, compare to her heart to a guitar that grows louder with each strike. Despite Keanu's musical talent, he remains unaware of Sera's affec...
Star-Lord Male Reader X Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (Alternative) by Ovarth
Star-Lord Male Reader X Fire Ovarth
Basically my other Fire Emblem Three hopes story, but this one takes place with the Blue Lions instead of the Black Eagles. This story picks up right when Y/N meets Rhea...
(Sylvain x Ingrid)Two different Worlds (COMPLETED) by Senpai025
(Sylvain x Ingrid)Two different Osamu☆Tooru
Ingrid and Sylvain are both proud members of the Blue Lions, however they hardly get along. But little does Ingrid know that she soon begins to feel certain things towar...
LIBEROSIS. ━━ S. SALVATORE  by expelumos
"She's as clever as the devil and twice as pretty" [Season 3+] [The Vampire Diaries] [poster made by @ maximovas]
Darkened Arrow 。 Henry Mills by pepperronys
Darkened Arrow 。 Henry Millsby 𝓚.
❝ SHE WAS IN THE DARKNESS, SO THE DARKNESS SHE BECAME. ❞ Once Upon a Time Season 5 AU Henry Mills × OC ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ A SOULMATES SERIES NOVEL In-Progress | Upd...
The Snow Queen's Frozen Heart Book 1 by Alpha-4-Ever
The Snow Queen's Frozen Heart Alpha-4-Ever
Originally on my Quotev account, A Male! Elsa story. I only own Ingrid! Disney owns Frozen. When Queen Ingrid goes to Arendelle in search of a power similar to her own...
Olivara One Shot Book (The Kiss Bet) by DAhnaaaaaaisawesome
Olivara One Shot Book (The Kiss DD
No, you don't get it... I'm obsessed. This is a Sara Lin and Oliver Yang One Shot Book (Olivara) :) The original characters are from "The Kiss Bet" By Ingrid C...
Title: "Renaissance Love: Alyson and Mikha's Extraordinary Journey" by AlryanaMBriones
Title: "Renaissance Love: Alyson kia Lee
In the vibrant city of Metroville, a woman of extraordinary talents and diverse accomplishments, Alyson Isabella Henrietta Ingrid David TanTiu-lim, stood as a beacon of...
Emerald Rain by OhNoMySphaghettiOs
Emerald Rainby DatBoii
Ever wonder how the events in Fire Emblems Three Houses would have unfolded if Byleth had never been offered a position as a professor? Wonder no more, sit back relax an...
Young Dracula// The Charmed Vampire by MichaelCollins320
Young Dracula// The Charmed Vampireby Michael Collins
Being the Youngest out of three is bound to be difficult but you know what makes it harder being the youngest when your Dad is Count Dracula This is the story of Romulus...
Three Houses Reader Inserts by Aqua_Fiction
Three Houses Reader Insertsby Aqua_Fiction
My first x reader stories ever! Lets see how it goes... Cover art is mine. Y/N is female unless specified otherwise.
Le Démon Noir, Tome 2 by SHADOWMASO
Le Démon Noir, Tome 2by Le Démon Noir
Bienvenu dragonniers, assoyez vous et laisser moi vous guidez. Tout d'abord, pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas Le Démon Noir, aller lire le Tome 1 avant de lire celui-ci...
Radio Taimanin CHIBI  by SoundBlastersuperior
Radio Taimanin CHIBI by SoundBlastersuperior
What else is there to say? A spin-off, non-cannon series to Radio Taimanin Alastor, focuses more on comedy than anything else. So come on down and enjoy the misadventure...
You Do Not Want Me, So Why Would I Stay? by Sam5943
You Do Not Want Me, So Why Would Sammie Jade
I could not do it any more he cheats and I don't, he tells me he loves me and I tell him but the differences is that I love him for real unlike him, I think with my head...
Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lions One-Shot Stories by TheArtistSylveon
Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue The Artist Sylveon
A clueless professor that just got the job the moment she walked in the door, An awkward and kind prince that has darkness within, A stoic vassal that loves to cook and...
The Snow Queen's Frozen Heart 1.5 by Alpha-4-Ever
The Snow Queen's Frozen Heart 1.5by Alpha-4-Ever
After the events of The Snow Queen's Frozen Heart, Ingrid has been going back and forth between ruling Arram, and visiting Elsai in Arendelle. These chapters are a few o...