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head over heelys (h.s) by harryssurprisenipple
head over heelys (h.s)by harryssurprisenipple
"I'm sorry i almost killed you with my heely's" Harry shyly apologized while walking me to my porch. "my pleasure" I reassured him. He blushed and lo...
  • onedirection
  • romance
  • cutie
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A love story ( oneshot) by Mavelis_de_Finture
A love story ( oneshot)by Mavelis
Một câu truyện tình yêu...
  • short-story
  • oneshot
  • love
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Echo on the Rise  by Ccf_Sketch
Echo on the Rise by Ccf_Sketch
Echo grew up in a colony with all sorts of forest animals who were trained to use a special power. You catch my drift? Everything was peaceful, and the colony was faced...
  • nature
  • emperor
  • echo
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Sonic Iguana by planes77emil
Sonic Iguanaby planes77emil
  • iguana
  • sonic
  • quixote
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...İGUANAHUNDAE... by ohsehyunaaa
...İGUANAHUNDAE...by Gossip Queen
Wattpadd'de tanıdığım en mükemmel insanlardan bir tanesine ithafen :)
  • filan
  • hun
  • falan
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1,000,000 pregnant iguanas by iguanafrog
1,000,000 pregnant iguanasby iguanafrog
This is the story of when a million pregnant iguanas had one million different dreams in the middle of the night and then woke up feeling happy/confused
  • iguana
  • iguanas
  • reptilescantgetpregnant
Reptile Wars by SeasonalDragon
Reptile Warsby Seasonal Dragon
It is a sunny day in New York City as a man by the nickname of Reptile Dude starts his pet store themed around reptiles only, Lizard's Luxury. However, in a strange turn...
  • chameleon
  • iguana
  • lizard
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Aurora by so1o77maX9
Auroraby Max
Jenna banged on the sides of the tent and screamed. No-one came. She threw herself against the walls, but she had never been heavy and bounced back immediately, landing...
  • readit
  • book
  • pie
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Overdrive: a Maximum Ride story  by RWBY_Faunus
Overdrive: a Maximum Ride story by RWBY_Faunus
In a MAXIMUM RIDE alternate universe, Max and the flock meet another winged teenager, who goes by the name Jason. Max falls in love with him almost instantly. (Sometimes...
  • iguana
  • flight
  • love
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Reptilian by Svartalfar_Maddie
Reptilianby Maddie
Ever since the humans disappeared from planet Earth, the Zaak tribe of reptilians and the Rilak tribe of feathered humanoids both struggle to gain dominion. In fact, hum...
  • zaak
  • hjuirr
  • evolving
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How to Communicate with your Pet // twotumblrbesties  by twotumblrbesties
How to Communicate with your Pet...by twotumblrbesties
By: Valerie and Caramel
  • funny
  • animals
  • dog
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randall x lefou beauty and the beast  by ihatepixar
randall x lefou beauty and the bea...by my wife left me
randlal and lefou are cannon clings, if you dont like it, EAT MY WHOLE RANDALL CAKE. that everybody loves frollo moment?? purple and white make croissant???????? romanti...
  • minecraft
  • iguana
  • francophobia
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The Adventures of Bob the Cow by CinderHawke
The Adventures of Bob the Cowby Sanaa
  • weird
  • cow
  • kekeke
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Exposing Annie Lamgdon  by exopsingnazijews
Exposing Annie Lamgdon by exopsingnazijews
Hiss hiss iguana bitch
  • iguana
  • abbieexposed
  • exposed
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The Color Of Inheritance by Jmoctopus
The Color Of Inheritanceby James
  • peacock
  • scary
  • iguana
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THE NEW GIRL? by deeawesomest
Kabeer Kapoor thinks he has everything he could ever want.... looks, brains, money, loving family and friends and let's not forget the girls drooling at his feet! that i...
  • somerhalder
  • rainbows
  • grounded
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Lo que yo pienso sobre... by KarenMosmen
Lo que yo pienso sobre...by K-chan
Bueno, mi segundo intento de escribir aquí. :u Como dice en el titulo, escribiré lo que pienso sobre algunos temas... Ya saben, celos, amor, desamor, amigos, internet...
  • aburrido
  • tiempo
  • iguana
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Animal Poem by kathrynthomas1903
Animal Poemby Kathryn Thomas
  • fun
  • acrostic
  • iguana
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