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Fairy Tail Birthday Scenarios by fandxm_multi
Fairy Tail Birthday Scenariosby alex💔
This book is about Fairy Tail Birthday Scenarios PS: I don't own Fairy Tail or any of the photos I put in this book Thank you :)
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  • fairytail
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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
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  • formula
  • boyfriend
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ANTS(ANT! Reader X RWBY Harem) by ICANREAD265
ANTS(ANT! Reader X RWBY Harem)by ICANREAD265
Y/N is a member of the Fire Nation. An underground secret civilization of Fire Ant Faunus. Sad thing he is the only Male. The whole Colony hates Y/N. He is only used as...
  • rwbyfanfic
  • antscanada
  • malereader
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The Burning Prince Of Midnight (Killua X Male Oc) (Gon X Male Oc No.2) by loveyoutodeath1312
The Burning Prince Of Midnight ( Official kiel + Ciel
"The Night where all of My Life burns away within a second.... But when i met a pair of bluest eyes and a fluffy white hair... why does he fills up My entire mind a...
  • maleoc
  • wattys2017
  • hisoka
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Chapters of Irrationality by supertanu
Chapters of Irrationalityby Mystic
I write emotional poetry and try to create beautiful imagery as I describe all the situations that people deal with in their lives. This is a collection of my true inne...
  • 2019
  • denial
  • pray
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❤️~You'll be Mine~❤️ (Hopper X Reader)  by ShadowVirusCybug
❤️~You'll be Mine~❤️ (Hopper X Robot Lover
Hey guys after watching A Bugs Life I liked Hopper because the voice actor I forgot his name pls tell me...and when I searched up for any fan fiction for this there were...
  • thequeen
  • hopper
  • pixar
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How To Kill Ants by Mimimea16
How To Kill Antsby Mimimea16
For my sis
  • formysis
  • bugs
  • kill
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Temptress by ThomasBerryman
Temptressby ThomasBerryman
They were like Adam and Eve, but it was neither an apple nor a snake that caused the others fall into temptation, it was each other. Despite his flaws Ned found the perf...
  • positive
  • complicated
  • monkey
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Accidentally In Love by XXenanna
Accidentally In Loveby XXenanna
When the ANT's all go to a Camp called Camp Prodigy! For the whole summer! Everyone has to have a camping partner. And what's bad about that? Well Olive and Fletcher hav...
  • olive
  • camp
  • fletcher
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The Ant Bully (Fan-made film) by knguyentran1
The Ant Bully (Fan-made film)by Kathy Nguyen-Tran
10 years old Lucas and 12 years old Kathy (me) are brother and sister in the family. Their parents are leaving from going to vacation and after night Lucas and Kathy get...
  • sister
  • battle
  • wizard
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Hova x Reader (The Ant Bully Request) by knguyentran1
Hova x Reader (The Ant Bully Kathy Nguyen-Tran
Hova and Zoc are getting married at the wedding in the anthill. One year later, Hova got pregnant for birth baby twins named Cora and Nora and live happy for her family...
  • family
  • antz
  • ants
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My ant keeping story. by MooreAnts
My ant keeping MooreAnts
An educational journal from a beginners point of view of keeping ants. In this journal I intend to help newbies who are into this fascinating hobby, and maybe even inspi...
  • insects
  • myrmecology
  • antfarming
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Not a Graphic Novel by notagraphicnovel
Not a Graphic Novelby Not a Graphic Novel
Not a Graphic Novel is a story about cartoons that have been abandoned by their creator and live in their own world in a trash can. The story takes place when their crea...
  • otp
  • cartoons
  • imagines
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The Tribulations of Flik- A Bug's Life Fanfiction by AdminEdward
The Tribulations of Flik- A Bug' AdminEdward
A Bug's Life is unquestionably one of the greatest works of modern society, standing the test of time along with other modern classics such as The Bee Movie, The Emoji M...
  • fanfiction
  • quality
  • lgbtq
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Don't Forget About My Life by horsejmp
Don't Forget About My Lifeby Peyton
This little thing? oh its just my public diary..wanna read? oh sure here just click right there... NO NOT THERE! yes there!!! Congrats You've Entered horse's Public Di...
  • shorts
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not sure by imivenus
not sureby no one special
this fact is just to creep you out. youre welcome.
  • ants
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The book of random by thebeastly82
The book of randomby thebeastly82
A freak tries to write a story/book on nothing in his bed
  • boring
  • stupid
  • ants
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Ant Love by HighbloodsnWaffles9
Ant Loveby George
Will Mr and Mrs Ant's love thrive? Or will it be crushed... ~ Author's Note: I wrote this for a friend because we were being stupid in class and she wanted me to write...
  • compassion
  • lovestory
  • marriage
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Rants and bands  by kys_hoe
Rants and bands by kys_hoe
Get away from your shitty life by making fun of mine :)
  • drugs
  • high
  • rantingaboutlife
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