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FOUR QUARTERS by InkPrincessMarcia
FOUR QUARTERSby InkPrincessMarcia
Simone's life changes when her best friend Maddison presures her to date the schools senior quarterback. Sixteen years later Simone's life is turned upside down when sh...
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best friends brother by beibifairy
best friends brotherby s a b r i n a<33
Just read it ;)
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Lost Friendship Quotes by _Haenamiiiiiiii_
Lost Friendship Quotesby Dorothyyy
Two girls' friendship is put in the test, it turns out that, they're once bestfriends, now strangers with memories
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First heartbreak  by marydiva17
First heartbreak by marydiva17
Y/n a chubby girl who been in love with her seven mafia bosses friends since they been little, soon her friends will start dating a girl who hated y/n with a passion. Th...
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My vampire stalker bxb by Lilli_gothicgirl23
My vampire stalker bxbby Lilli_gothicgirl23
Alex is just a normal 17 year old he has lots of friends and is loved by his family. So what happens when he finds out that he has a stalker. What will he do when one ni...
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our let it be ( Katsudeku) by tsunade31
our let it be ( Katsudeku)by tsunade31
a random story I just made. inspired by the bakudeku video at YouTube that I found. it was entitled " our let it be"
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Diary of my life by MadyRose14
Diary of my lifeby Mady.Rose.14
This is going to be a diary for myself, of every note I have written and I will update every time I write something new in the notes
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Manan FS: A Break by EmpireBlueBB
Manan FS: A Breakby Agapanthus
It's a short story of Manan, married yet strangers... They all have their pasts, dark one, happy one, passionate one. Then suddenly, there comes the break! Will this bre...
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starboy |lil mosey| by DaddysReine
starboy |lil mosey|by DaddysReine
"You're a star boy, you started commenting stars on my posts and now you are one"
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The betrayal  by kraunnabeth
The betrayal by Keaunnabeth
Harry gets betrayed and is given to Voldemort to marry
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Confessions Of The Brokenhearted by ThaKid_Snapback
Confessions Of The Brokenheartedby ThaKid
🎶While I'm lonely, brokenhearted. Life's not over. I can start again. While I'm lonely, brokenhearted. It's a hurting thing to get over.🎶 These are the confessions.
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If Only He Knew by YouGotSanta24
If Only He Knewby YouGotSanta24
Scarlet Campbell, she's your average teenager with an average life with the typical high school drama. One day, Scarlet makes some friends in school. Scarlet takes an in...
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Salted Tears | ✓ by trinitystories_xo
Salted Tears | ✓by ❤︎ trinity sunalee ❤︎
❝Sometimes, the twisted truth hurts less.❞ A short story in which a girl loves her ex-boyfriend, from afar as he now loves another. The twisted truth, a lie, tore them a...
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Diary of a forgotten girl by Mariana-Lillian
Diary of a forgotten girlby Mariana-Lillian Rodriguez
Past friendships in Maddison's life had crumbled, it felt like everything was just drifting away. Or just out of reach. But maybe it was for the best, since the incide...
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The light engulfed by the darkness by bluebellclock
The light engulfed by the darknessby bluebellclock
What if something broke inside valt... The Day shu broke valtryek . What if it caused a corruption to his soul? Find out for yourself
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Lethal Lust ✓ by acetylcholinee
Lethal Lust ✓by acetylcholinee
Elijah and Jess had been unbreakable since high school, so it comes as no surprise to anyone when the young couple decides to tie-the-knot. But when Jess's feisty and vo...
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Tainted Souls Sequel{Damon Salvatore Love Story} ⚜️ Book 2  by hogwartsmylife
Tainted Souls Sequel{Damon hogwartsmylife
This book is the Sequel to Tainted Souls {Damon Salvatore Love Story} ⚜️Book 1. Enter this adventure once more with Lyanna Mikaelson-Gilbert making her way through thi...
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Wishing Of EUPHORIA  by Ardini_Kuzayaki
Wishing Of EUPHORIA by Dinie Zull Cherryaki 2019
"I believe that he will the most lovely by people with his smile" "I know what your wish" "Stay strong Kook" "Jungkookie!you so talent...
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Darker Side of Love by Kaylue_Lee
Darker Side of Loveby Kaylue
Part two of my second poetry book in the "You" trilogy, from "Love You" comes "Darker Side of Love". Because my poetry books are of a leng...
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Soft Glass ✓ by emmalimes
Soft Glass ✓by #BlackLivesMatter
❝ash trays & lonely nights.❞ エマによる POE8 | MAY 2018 (i wrote this a long time ago, you've been warned)
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