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My Broken Spiderboy (tasm! spiderman x reader) by riesespieces
My Broken Spiderboy (tasm! riesespieces
"Who's this?" Spiderman points to an old polaroid on my desk. I glance at it, before going focusing back on Spider's shoulder, "Just a boy I was friends...
Time to Fly by Livvv063
Time to Flyby Olivia
Time to Fly is a collection of poetry that I wrote about my own thoughts and feelings. I hope this will help you find comfort and make you not feel alone in this journey...
No Harm List | BTS Mafia AU by Crazy4myshelf
No Harm List | BTS Mafia AUby Wally
The Bangtan family believes in life debts, it was one of the few traditions that they value enough to maintain and honor. If someone were to save a member's life, that p...
second chance by Keziah1feruka
second chanceby keziah feruka
just when she thought it would be the best day of her life. Everything went down. Iris is a girl who was betrayed by her family and fiance. The only way she can get he...
I go La La, Lalalala La! (Tommyinnit Au) by Flareongirl360
I go La La, Lalalala La! ( UltimateStoryteller
(I guess?? Basically if Tommy never betrayed Technoblade. Basically inspired by a lot of stories similar to this. Anyway here's the actual description below ⬇️) Exile. O...
Flora daughter  by marymary-diva17
Flora daughter by Mary
The winx club use to me the close of friends but that all came to end when the girls had kept a secret from flora, this secret had ended the very long friendship and no...
More Than Friends by im4n3v3r
More Than Friendsby Imnotyours
18+!! Condo buddies Mix signals
Bring Me To Life  by Adra_R
Bring Me To Life by Adra
serial track ....... Guilt is the hardest emotion anyone can ever feel which is now sanskar is feeling he blame himself for destroying and innocent soul which make is h...
'Cause When You're 15 [ Fearless Girls Tapestry #1 ] by iyelylies
'Cause When You're 15 [ Fearless iyel
Kiesha Vie Serrano, a 4th year student at Del Perez National High School, is drowning in the relentless waves of life. Her world feels like a constant struggle, and the...
ක්ෂිතිජ ඉම  ( SOPE ) 🌟🌻        by Parksoyon98
ක්ෂිතිජ ඉම ( SOPE ) 🌟🌻 by IUIU
වේදනා වින්දෙමි සතුටක් නොමැති ප්‍රේමයක් ලග හැඩුවෙමි මම නුබට නොඇසෙන්නට සිනාසෙන්නට වෙර දැරුවෙමි මම නුබ අභියස...🍂 අවසරයි නුබට පිටව යන්නට ඉගිල බලා හිදිමි මම ඈත සිට නුබට පෙ...
The light engulfed by the darkness by bluebellclock
The light engulfed by the darknessby bluebellclock
What if something broke inside valt... The Day shu broke valtryek . What if it caused a corruption to his soul? Find out for yourself
I Am Hated, Or So I Thought Volume 1 by Cyclone499
I Am Hated, Or So I Thought Farin Cyclone
A mother who once tried to kill me. A sister who always found wrongs in me. A childhood friend who insulted me every time she talked to me. Classmates who accused me for...
From thozhi to Kadhali by shashanliya
From thozhi to Kadhaliby dreamer
It's a love story between two friends who met online tamil Tanglish
Ninjago : Kai's dark secret  by Dream-Cypher
Ninjago : Kai's dark secret by Kaneki
Book one ; What will happen after all these years that Kai reveals his darker self, that not even his parents or sister are aware of? Will he stay with the ninja once it...
The President's Presence  by justlivinlife963
The President's Presence by Just living life
Joe Biden and Donald Trump have been lovers for their entire lives. The two are undoubtedly soulmates. Until, one day, Donald is found dead. Now, he is reincarnated as a...
Tangled Relations by shaddy_45
Tangled Relationsby shaddy
" I never want to see you again. Whatever ... whatever friendship was between us end this moment. I regret befriending you. " " Listen to me,---". ...
BROKEN SOUL 💔 by Jayden_Samuels
BROKEN SOUL 💔by Jayden Samuels
The days that followed were a blur of emotions, a rollercoaster of sadness, anger, and confusion. My dad tried his best to hold it together, but I could see the pain in...
Me and my peeps💅❤💫 by unwantedFchild001
Me and my peeps💅❤💫by Monika Patel
This is a hinata harem. Hinata finds out his team didnt exactly want him so he secretly moved back to America with his family. He soon comes back for a volleyball and ic...
I'm not the one who you knew once (Highschool DxD X Male Reader) [Discontinued] by TheOmegaLife
I'm not the one who you knew TheOmegaLife
Y/N L/N was a normal student and was part of Rias' peerage. He tried everything that they would notice him. But luck wasn't with Y/N's side. After thinking about a long...
Meant to Be by pakeverything
Meant to Beby Peborin Marak
"She stole my heart so I'm gonna steal her surname " "But I don't know how to do that " This is a g×g romance type book. If some of you have read my...