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Attestation To Testimony  by IndigoJanuari
Attestation To Testimony by VoidLoid
This book will basically be me attesting to previous testimonies about problematic people, noting things they did, why I'll never forgive them (if it be I am one of the...
Ngoại Truyện Tình Yêu by loveolalove
Ngoại Truyện Tình Yêuby loveolalove
Những câu chuyện nhỏ ngoài lề của các cặp đôi trong truyện đã viết XD
A Hero's Game- My Hero Academia by Madison_Phoenix
A Hero's Game- My Hero Academiaby Madison_Phoenix
"He can do it! He just needs people- needs you to believe in him! He's so strong! He can take anything!" "And what if someone, someone strong came after...
The lost princess of sparks by Crystal_and_Krysten
The lost princess of sparksby Krysten & Scarlet
Bloom and Marinette are sisters and heirs to the throne of sparks. Neither know of there relation or heritage while bloom grew up in Gardenia and Marinette in Paris. Cry...
REVENGE/BFB AU by PastelLittleWlfy
WARNING! This fanfic contains gorey images and depictions of violence and death. IF THIS MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ THIS!! A story inspired by Exper...
Just some awful wdy stuff by RigBikk
Just some awful wdy stuffby RigBikk
Apologies for the terrible everything in this book
Once Upon A Time by Micca_Swag
Once Upon A Timeby Micca_Swag
When the first time I saw him, My hurt beats so fast... And I can't explain it. When I saw him the only words that comes in my mind is to "LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT...
Sister Town: The Staff by LilacChild1002
Sister Town: The Staffby LilacChild1002
Kara,Emma, Icey,Jane, and Mono go on a journey in this book 1! To retrieve a Staff of magic! The Magic holds many useful stuff for Sister Town.
A Hero's Sequel (A HERO'S GAME SEQUEL)- My Hero Academia by Madison_Phoenix
A Hero's Sequel (A HERO'S GAME Madison_Phoenix
As the Sports Festival is announced, Kuro is forced to deal with the fears that have been looming over her head since the USJ incident. With the darkness in the world co...
Ask and/or dare my ocs  by Creepypasta-Fan1209
Ask and/or dare my ocs by CpFan
Ok so one of the ocs is NOT a Creepypasta oc ok? Enjoy asking/daring them! :) I'll try to do as many as I can
little miss lily | a bfb au  by bfbqueen
little miss lily | a bfb au by bfbqueen
Not much really happens in goiky besides leafy and fireys fighting after the bfdi series ended. The host went back to where they came from, and others just really chille...
Icey Siick Love by without_gravity
Icey Siick Loveby .ender.
Chrissie's your average orphan. Well, except that she doesn't live an orphanage and lives with best friends Kenna and Anja under no parental supervision. Oh, and I guess...