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Reader X Eteled (Austinled) - Satire. Read desc. by VerZephobe
Reader X Eteled (Austinled) - VerZeph
Hello 2024 WDY community (there anyone here??)- I became a fanfic writer because I was sad there was no more story since TMC got pushed off the internet. My first ever f...
EVOMER ~ Eteled x Mii!Male!Reader by ADRIYEBR
EVOMER ~ Eteled x Mii!Male!Readerby Adrian Yebra
After being brutally killed in an alleyway, you roam the streets before the dawn breaks. In the village of Toronto, you find an sd card on the sidewalk.
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The Crazy Adventures Of Austin And Henry by JustACorruptedMii
The Crazy Adventures Of Austin Auzo⁉️
After three years of the whole 'eteled and Corrupted Mii' incident, Henry and Austin reunite after all of this time and starts over with their rivalry. They reunite with...
Wii Deleted You Images- by TXNDEMO-WXNDERZ
Wii Deleted You Images-by silly
As the title says... Wdy pictures. Either cursed or good fanart, ykyk Also credits to the artists. Most of these don't belong to me.
Ask Eteled/ Random Wii Deleted You Oneshots by QuietWriter13
Ask Eteled/ Random Wii Deleted QuietWriter13
Random Oneshots of what happens when Eteled and everyone else aren't answering questions other players are asking, and random Wii Deleted You Oneshots in general.... Oh...
Ask Eteled by QuietWriter13
Ask Eteledby QuietWriter13
Hello... Ask mii any questions you have about me... (DISCONTINUED DUE TO LOW MOTIVATION)
Caught red handed (Henry x Austin) by Wiideletedyourmum
Caught red handed (Henry x Austin)by Wiideletedyourmum
Just before Henry takes his final swing Mike catches him in the act, and he gets sent to prison. What happens next? Read to find out! THE START DOSENT HAVE HENRY X AUSTI...
Wii deleted you: Love potion AU by Wiideletedyourmum
Wii deleted you: Love potion AUby Wiideletedyourmum
Just as Austin is about to shock eteled for last time, something unexpected happened. (Art is not mine) There are some spicy scenes, but there will not be any smut. Stor...
Wii deleted you Austin x Eteled by Miki_Fishy
Wii deleted you Austin x Eteledby Fish¥ Fish¥
nothing better than off brand transformers and bald miis
Eteled x Reader by slipmus
Eteled x Readerby psycho
so basically you buy a wii and it goes on from there does contain smut, back the fuck off abcdefu, fuck you and your family too <3
Cursed and Wholesome Eteled x Austin images- by SpadesnAce
Cursed and Wholesome Eteled x Ace
Again, Art isn't mine. It belongs to their rightful owners.
Wii deleted you x Reader oneshots but im not taking this seriously by doctorbubby
Wii deleted you x Reader Six
i am in physical and mental pain AC: @/Little_Geecko || @/TheMaskedChris
WDY: Forgiveness (AU) by divinesolarity_
WDY: Forgiveness (AU)by he's on AO3 now!
Go read Wii Deleted You: REMISSION this book has too many flaws and that one has a far better story that makes more sense. Here's a link!
Wii Deleted You: Swapped by CorruptedAust
Wii Deleted You: Swappedby Not Austin, maybe
There are many ways things could be different.
 The Sam and Eteled Spinoff (A Wii Deleted You AU) by QuietWriter13
The Sam and Eteled Spinoff (A QuietWriter13
What would happen if the Wii- somehow- stopped melting after the deletion of the Corrupted mii? Well, a lot of things end up happening after that... A Demon by the name...
Just a small change (wdy au) by Funkysillygoofyfunky
Just a small change (wdy au)by Funkysillygoofyfunky
If Eteled never told Austin he was Henry 😱 (Didn't know what to put as the cover)
Wii Deleted You: A New Start (Not Finished) by cloudberglovr666
Wii Deleted You: A New Start ( Wiionthego
Was the Wii melting really the end? No, they have been put into a new Wii. A week passed by since "The Incident" with the Wii. Read to find out more. Character...
WDY: Locked Away - AO3 WDY Story by YaizaWdyFan
WDY: Locked Away - AO3 WDY Storyby YaizaWdyFan
This is the continuation from a book called "WDY: Locked Away" from the website AO3. The book is not mine, credits to the original writer by TH3PVRG470RYGV4RD...
If Things Were Different {Wii Deleted You AU} by kyletheauthorslashj
If Things Were Different {Wii Kyle
I'm not sure if this AU has already been done but basically it's somewhat like a swap AU. In this AU sam gets the wii first, then Kyle does. This would definitely affec...