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Simone Seville x Amy by tobyray8
Simone Seville x Amyby tobyray8
you are cousins with the chipettes when you meet their friends one in particular caught your eye
Miles away with you ( Miles x Reader ) Plot of Alvin and the chipmunks:Road Chip by Mulannotthemovie
Miles away with you ( Miles x Mulannotthemovie
Hey guys! Here's a Miles x Reader! You are neighbors to the Chipmunks and Chippettes. You have been really close with them ever since you've move in with your aunt. You...
Survivor (AATC fanfic) [✔] by xKawaiiVee
Survivor (AATC fanfic) [✔]by Carolina C.
It was an ordinary day for the Chipmunks and Chipettes until they meet a new girl that is a chipmunk and cat hybrid, who apparently doesn't like them. She has just start...
I'm only human by mafakkinsunshine
I'm only humanby Klara
In this story, the chipmunks are human. It's all about party, feelings and growing up. They are 16 years old in this book, and all have the same personalities and counte...
dave seville x reader by lizzielikestea
dave seville x readerby lizzie
join the seville family!! dave has a special surprise for you...i bet you'll never guess what it is!! soon you'll become a member of the seville family...and all the wac...
i've fallen 4 u || ~alvon~|| by cchriiss
i've fallen 4 u || ~alvon~||by cchriiss
2 brothers starts having feelings towards each other because of an argument that occured between each other. -Alvin x Simon-
Alvin VS Simon (Simonette/Alvinette) by DisneyLovey
Alvin VS Simon (Simonette/ DisneyLovey
Jeanette and Simon are best friends. When Alvin starts developing a close friendship with her, the two brothers seem to spark off tension. Jeanette starts receiving love...
Ask The Chipmunks and Chipettes! by miasfirstworks
Ask The Chipmunks and Chipettes!by Mia
A book for anyone who wants to have a question answered by the Chipmunks or Chipettes:) ***We are now accepting dares as well!*** All you have to do is comment a questio...
Love story... (Simonette) ~COMPLETED~ by serenasuppy6
Love story... (Simonette) serenaelanore
It all started with a dream... WITH LOVE... and hope. Jeanette had a dream. And the thought of Simon made it her best dream yet.... but also.. her nightmare. During thei...
Alvin and the Chipmunks and chipettes ocs by galax_spark_prime
Alvin and the Chipmunks and Glamrock_onyx_cutie
Just ocs about Alvin and the Chipmunks and the chipettes
Alvin and Brittany: love struggles  by Brietjeee
Alvin and Brittany: love struggles by Brietjeee
Now that their siblings have officially formed couples, they're the only single ones left of their group. Will they admit the love they actually feel for each other? Joi...
Alvin And The Chipmunks Story /alvittany by _heyyAdora_
Alvin And The Chipmunks Story / _heyyAdora_
Come take a look in the life of Alvin and his brothers and friends the chippetettes Its based of the ALVINN!! and the chipmunks series but you can imagine them however...
Squealing my heart out | alvin x reader x simon LOVE TRIANGLE by dutchbrioche
Squealing my heart out | alvin x señorita brioche
When you audition for a singing role, you didn't expect to meet your favourite band! But what you also didn't expect is that they would be fighting for your love!!!! Twi...
Only Emptiness Remains by CatieCat503
Only Emptiness Remainsby Catie Cat
After experiencing a series of heartbreaking events in high school, Brittany goes down a dangerous path. Meanwhile, Alvin is struggling with his feelings for her. Can he...
My Broken Heart Brother - An Alvin and the Chipmunks Story by MetalSoul7
My Broken Heart Brother - An MetalSoul VII
Alvin was sad for weeks, and the reason is both shocking and dangerous. After a lot of pleading, Alvin gave up to his brother, Simon, and told him half of the story. How...
Chipmunk Friends by SAVAGECoolBoySquad
Chipmunk Friendsby Dead;;Inactive
Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Slade, Brittany, Jeanette,and Eleanor are best friends with a chipmunk named Kendrick. Kendrick is new to West Eastman High, and the Chipmunks an...
Dave x Ian- Rivals by Plopness456
Dave x Ian- Rivalsby plop
Follow the journey of love between Dave Seville, a lonely man who spends his time with evil chipmunks and Ian Hawke, world's best uncle. When the two are forced to work...
a super seggsy love story (alvin x levi ackerman) by 0profstein0
a super seggsy love story (alvin profstein
My friend (Vikki) wrote the story and i did the cover and gave ideas :3 I am so sorry for what you're about to read 😃
brothers by blood, lovers by choice / alvin x simon / by ganggangooooo
brothers by blood, lovers by Asher
Simon always thought that incest was best, but now has he gone too far? Brittney is Alvin's hot ass grill bend but what happens when he sleeps with her one night just to...