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Would You? - Jin × Hyungsik by Kimjiman23
Would You? - Jin × Hyungsikby Iman
Jin didn't expect his mate to be his bandmate's acting partner, and what was even more unexpected was that it was a he. And what was perhaps the cherry on top, his Alpha...
Secret Revealed (Hwarang Jidwi/Sunwoo) by dawinabieber
Secret Revealed (Hwarang Jidwi/Sun...by taewinterbear96
"Why haven't you kill me yet?" "Why haven't you reveal my identity to the rest?" - Jidwi "Because for now the people still needs their king. I...
𝐌𝐄𝐃𝐔𝐒𝐀. by shzdou
𝐌𝐄𝐃𝐔𝐒𝐀.by seito
Jay x Daniel - You Came With the Spring by ANIMEfreakONE
Jay x Daniel - You Came With the S...by Dream
Sitting on the sidelines was okay. That's just the way it was for Jay. He didn't need anyone or anything. Until Daniel transfered to his school. That was when Jay real...
My Real Self | H Jae Yeol x OC by teddyrou
My Real Self | H Jae Yeol x OCby ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
||FINISHED|| || I don't own some of the photo! I DO NOT own Lookism. If I do own some of the photo I'll tell you guys. Don't steal the storyline, thank you :3 || > H...
Growing Up (Lookism) (Discontinued) by katara5683
Growing Up (Lookism) (Discontinued)by katara5683
AU Park Hyung Suk was forced to transfer to schools because of a fight with the star player on the soccer team of his old school. He was the well-known bad boy, fighting...
mine | taekook by eyeskooktaehx
mine | taekookby isabelle
♂ j.jk + k.th jungkook, król koszykówki oraz szkoły, próbuje (nieudolnie) poderwać taehyunga - kapitana cheerleaderek tags # bts; au; taekook; top!jk; botto...
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Torn between them (COMPLETED) by jasonamy
Torn between them (COMPLETED)by jasonamy
You wanted nothing more than a peaceful life as you transferred schools but that's quite impossible when you're stuck between the most popular guys in the school and the...
Looking Back - A Lookism fanfic by fmriver
Looking Back - A Lookism fanficby fmriver
Zoe Park had grown by leaps and bounds in the last year, from a prime example of a shallow airhead into a pure hearted person that saw people's souls not their exteriors...
Lookism ⇥ Reader Insert by kyuk-o
Lookism ⇥ Reader Insertby yυĸιo ☾
Just a regular girl going to an 'oh so normal school', with such 'normal students'. -First ff so, sorry if anything is wrong.- [Daniel x Reader] [Story Currently Being...
The Sound Of Love 🔚 by sanchaiSC
The Sound Of Love 🔚by haiJi__
- Kisah cinta yang biasa terjadi antara anak manusia- - tidak selalu berjalan mulus- - Park Jiyeon - Oh Sehun
Confusion--[A LOOKISM Fanfiction] by AURIALaChai
Confusion--[A LOOKISM Fanfiction]by Aria LaChai
A lookism fan finds themselves inexplicably sucked into the Webtoon....as none other than Jay Hong. Cover art by @Condensed_milku
A Foreign Influence [Jinheung x Reader] by studio_silver
A Foreign Influence [Jinheung x Re...by Silver Studio
*Interracial included* Silla is a small kingdom, tearing itself apart, but Southern China is in need of all the help it can get. This is how the young and skilled Genera...
Bittersweet - Lookism Fanfic by illicitsoliloquy
Bittersweet - Lookism Fanficby I^S
"You're quiet. You realized, haven't you?" the blonde muttered. He let his free hand wrap around the Hyungseok's waist. It sent shivers along his spine. "...
Common Secrets by Kcymmi
Common Secretsby Kcymmi
everyone has a secret. but what's common about every secret? people find out eventually. Or are told. Jay x Daniel cause its too good a ship.
Mistake [Lookism X Female! Reader] by loli321
Mistake [Lookism X Female! Reader]by Loli Senpai
Reader hopes to be a comic book artist one day, but that seemed to be crushed as soon as she was transferred to the Fashion Department. She would much rather be in the A...
Almost Copies Love {Lookism fanfiction & Vasco Love story~} (On Hold) by WAKANDA_FOREVA
Almost Copies Love {Lookism fanfic...by Avengers trash
[Cover made by lillyre] [If you are reading this in other websites besides wattpad, please know that you are at risk of being attack by a virus-like thing. For more info...
Jae Yeol's Secret (A Lookism Fanfic) by pt-chan
Jae Yeol's Secret (A Lookism Fanfi...by Ana Chrome
Jae Yeol x Hyung Suk Jae Yeol himself had experienced bullying and discrimination in his past, though it wasnt because of his appearance. His reason is a lot more... com...
one last time .:. gukhyuk [swdbs] by iicyjaes-
one last time .:. gukhyuk [swdbs]by 2jae's💖
❝Just let me hold you one last time❞ [closed] 18.02.21