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Cold Blood - Killing Stalking X Sister!Reader by 1800-CatchTheseHandS
Cold Blood - Killing Stalking X NCT 127 BTS STAN
Yoon [Y/N] wasn't creepy or a stalker like her younger brother Yoon Bum, but when he drags her into predicaments she never agreed to, it's up to the siblings to escape t...
  • forced
  • nonconsensual
  • scary
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The Perfect Wife by alwaysstorm
The Perfect Wifeby Storm
Kidnaped from her perfect life, Margo is forced to live in a town that is stuck in the 1950's
  • thriller
  • love
  • housewife
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Arshi FF My Life by amulu05
Arshi FF My Lifeby Joudula sucharitha
  • isspyarkokyanaamdoon
  • barunsobti
  • housewife
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Desperate Wife. Impregnate Her For Me! (By: Shayen S) by DesireInLoveBookClub
Desperate Wife. Impregnate Her DesireInLove ~ Shayen S
Nadia, the barren wife, has an strong urge to have a baby for her loving husband, Tom Mahoney. This desperate wife finally got an idea which she knows it could even real...
  • beard
  • wattys2018
  • maid
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Becoming a Cannibal [discontinued] by yaamyaamm
Becoming a Cannibal [discontinued]by 𝐋 𝐈 𝐙
Avery Davis was alone in the world. She was kicked out by her parents and forced to live on the streets with no money or shelter. She often had to do almost anything jus...
  • murder
  • horror
  • wanted
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Suburbia (h.s) by desertpearl
Suburbia (h.s)by evie
Deena Louise's life up to this point has consisted of college classes, work at the children's store, and suffering through a seemingly countless number of awful roommate...
  • darkharry
  • housewife
  • kidnapping
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The Stolen Wife. by AngelBlueDawn
The Stolen Angel
Elizabeth doesn't have a bad life, in fact she has everything a woman could want from a gorgeous home to two wonderful children and a handsome almost perfect husband. El...
  • gangs
  • suspense
  • triangle
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Deathstroke's mistress (Slade Wilson x Daten-Shi from The Emporer's Muse) by bigirl1000
Deathstroke's mistress (Slade bigirl1000
(This book is meant to be in a whole other book than The Emporer's Muse a Kotal Kahn x reader). After being assigned a mission by the rich mercenary, Slade Wilson, Date...
  • partialarrow
  • sexyslade
  • sladewilson
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"House Wife" by pradhanas
"House Wife"by pradhana
Ranking #10 in husband and wife 25-6-2018 ranking # 3 in housewife 6-7-2018 Ranking#1 in Classics 😍 1-1-2019 is that what you think of me? "YES, I'M A HOUSE WIFE...
  • indianstory
  • children
  • husbandandwife
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House wife Massaged By Servant by telugustranger
House wife Massaged By Servantby Telugu Abbayi
An Indian Housewife undergone massage with her servant and she got more than that. you may like it
  • servant
  • pleasure
  • housewife
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Downfall (JJK and BTS FF) by crystal-2019
Downfall (JJK and BTS FF)by crystal
Jungkook is CEO of one of the biggest company in Korea. You are his beautiful wife. Your relationship is smooth but some things happen and it make your life whole upside...
  • bts
  • jungkook
  • married
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What Actually Happened by veronicasoli
What Actually Happenedby Veronica
Forced into an abusive marriage, Mary must navigate the streets to find someone who will listen when the cops refuse to believe her. She meets Isaac, head of security, w...
  • tension
  • billionaire
  • hate
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Hamsafar by RisingStar__
Hamsafarby RisingStar__
Arjun wants divorce...Will he want one till the end?
  • love
  • arohi
  • billionaire
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Cupid's Pet Shop by DianaSparky
Cupid's Pet Shopby Yoko_Artemis
Mark goes into a pet shop expecting to adopt a pet for his little sister but comes home with a possible lover????
  • talkingbunny
  • gaylovers
  • wattys2018
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The Housewife by thatgirlnsuku
The Housewifeby Prith
Zaria Scott has been married since she was 16 but when her husband Quincy Scott leaves her for a younger woman, Zaria's world is turnt upside down. Zaria makes the best...
  • billionaire
  • money
  • housewife
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The Two Wives(a Hausa  Story) by __marieeyam__
The Two Wives(a Hausa Story)by __marieeyam__
This story is about the two wives called Maryam and safeeya. Maryams the first wife but couldn't give birth and tried to convince the husband to get another wife.This i...
  • attempts
  • bride
  • maryam
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~Child of a serpent~  by OfTruthAndPassion
~Child of a serpent~ by OfTruthAndPassion
The son of the powerful and wise snake god known as Chusi lives upon a large mountain created by his mother with his human father to protect him from the world and keep...
  • life
  • father
  • son
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Walking dead by bellspop38
Walking deadby bellspop38
I made a fear the walking dead book but I decided to make another book but different stuff and a before look of the dead rising. Brooke swan/Otto a married teen housewif...
  • teen
  • housewife
  • thewalkingdead
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The Housewife by TiaMichelle420
The Housewifeby Tia Michelle
{Unedited} Michelle is a killer; not a murderer, but a contract killer. Highest Ranking: #117 in action Golden Nugget Awards -3rd place overall -1st in action/adventure ...
  • death
  • justice
  • female
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Beau and Ladylove by MrsJC84
Beau and Ladyloveby J.C. Paige
"You are forever mine, and I am forever yours." The flower of love needs constant feeding. Marriage is a career that needs proper managing. With a husband and...
  • happilyeverafter
  • featured
  • drama
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