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Dragon Lover | B X B X B X B by buttercuppoptop
Dragon Lover | B X B X B X Bby whitebay
He gained a crush on three dragon-shifters of three warring tribes and received the same feelings. Now he could be the key to bringing an end to an ancient war. Too bad...
Daddy's Chance (bxb/ddlb) by BbANDLOVRr
Daddy's Chance (bxb/ddlb)by BbANDLOVRr
Attention: NOT FOR GRAMMAR FREAKS, I REPEAT, NOT FOR GRAMMAR FREAKS or people who likes to correct mistakes. Sorry but it just ruins my fun to write. ... [A spin off o...
My Bully Boyfriend(bxb) by monk_zin
My Bully Boyfriend(bxb)by Zin
No description.... Just read the book. I promise it's kinda good but keep your standards low😑.
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The Gay Nerd Who Stole His Heart by bemuah
The Gay Nerd Who Stole His Heartby Blanko
I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com!!!! DISCLAIMER: There are only 48 chapters, the rest are extra chapters! "I don't know how I feel towards you," J...
The Moonchild by littleotter23
The Moonchildby littleotter23
Ethan is the only human in one of the most powerful and ancient werewolf family. He's a shame to them and his pack, which use him as a slave. That why he ran away in the...
Choosing Mr. Destiny (boyxboy) [To Be Re-written] by PurpleBunnyBear17
Choosing Mr. Destiny (boyxboy) [To...by Rainbow Bunny
First book of the Crescent Moon series. "Destiny; The events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or a thing in the future." With that said, wh...
Academy Of Sins (GirlxGirl) #Wattys2020 by cold_french_fry
Academy Of Sins (GirlxGirl) #Watty...by Alexis ♥
Hayden knew when she came out, eveything would change she didn't expect to be pinned against the wall with someone's lips on hers in a conversion camp -----------read d...
Playing Rough by winterhx
Playing Roughby winter
Two rivaling towns, two rivaling teams and one football field. What could possibly go wrong? Cross barriers, find resolutions, and go on an adventure with Michael Griffi...
Auctioned Off  [Boy X Boy] by kelizabeth2002
Auctioned Off [Boy X Boy]by Katherine
Ethan and almost every other sixteen year old that is under class is auctioned off to one person or a family. Even if you or your family doesn't want to go, you must. It...
My Stepbrother's Gang (Jikook/kookmin) by anikalovesjikook
My Stepbrother's Gang (Jikook/kook...by Anika
Jimin is a high school student who lives with his mom but what happens when there is an accident and he has to go live with his dad? Finding out his dad has remarried an...
~Mine~ bxb by animaticspade
~Mine~ bxbby 《♠》𝓢𝓹𝓪𝓭𝓮 《♠》
Lucario or more likely known as Luca was only 10 years old when he moved away from his old town he could never remember the name of, when he was 17 he moved back to his...
Saving the one I Love [MxM]|√ by Anonymous_Summers
Saving the one I Love [MxM]|√by Summers
Scott Finnegan is trying to get his life back together after an accident two years ago and the split with his boyfriend. He started attending a poetry group and got to k...
Blood Stains (Sakamaki X Seme!Male!Reader X Mukamis) by PartyJapanNeko
Blood Stains (Sakamaki X Seme!Male...by .
(Y/n) is the oldest son of Karl Heinz, but his father abandoned him and left his mother to die. (Y/n) swore to kill him and everything he loves. After hundreds of years...
Pest Control ✔ by gxxkie
Pest Control ✔by LYN.
❝it's 3am, what do you want?❞ ❝there's a roach in my room, kill it for me?❞ 〤 Alvin, despite being 24 years of age, is terrified of bugs. Which is why he resorts to forc...
Drarry Short Stories (and One-shots) by redbloom6
Drarry Short Stories (and One-shot...by redbloom6
A collection of short stories and one-shots of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. This is Drarry and will feature both boys in a romantic and sexual relationship together. P...
To Share You (manxman) by kyayna
To Share You (manxman)by kyayna
Donny has to move. Because his mother gets a promotion in another country and he knows he can't leave her alone, he starts at a new university for his second year. Donny...
Midnight Birdsong  [Dreamnotfound AU] by _dreamnotfound
Midnight Birdsong [Dreamnotfound...by _dreamnotfound_
George is hopelessly in love with Clay, but he doesn't know how to express his feelings. Clay is concerned and confused about why his friend is avoiding him. High schoo...
Daughter of Lucifer (GirlxGirl) |Editing| #Wattys2020 by cold_french_fry
Daughter of Lucifer (GirlxGirl) |E...by Alexis ♥
"Forgive me Lord for I had sex with Lucifer's daughter" It's Hell on Earth when the Dark Lord's daughter starts Highschool and she's nothing you'd expect *War...
Aquamarine (GirlxGirl) #Wattys2020 by cold_french_fry
Aquamarine (GirlxGirl) #Wattys2020by Alexis ♥
"You fucked a mermaid?!" *Highest Ranks* 1- lesbianromance 5- gaystory 5- wattpadpride 10- girlxgirl