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BoyxBoy Oneshots by ButteryBreadsticks
BoyxBoy Oneshotsby 🌼O l i v i a🌼
Just a collection of boyxboy oneshots I made! Happy reading! :) *** These stories contain romance between two boys. If you're not okay with that then I suggest you leave...
mini lemons || haikyuu smuts by trekktock
mini lemons || haikyuu smutsby jule lein
❛ don't make me force you. ❜ compilation of short smut hq!! shots. - l e i n higest ranking: #332 in fanfiction
rivals in the sheets by imaginatorbxb
rivals in the sheetsby ♔
Meet Ethan and Lucas, rivals of two different football teams, who just happen to be childhood best friends and teenager rivals. Basically, a mix hot jocks, football, and...
Peter Parker and His Overprotective Family by shanhanD
Peter Parker and His Overprotectiv...by ShengD
oneshots about Peter Parker and His Overprotective Family , there Will be - Stucky - Stony - Peter x Harley - Irondad and Spiderson - Field trip - Angst - Loki meeti...
since back when ➸larry stylinson (temporary hold) by uniquelyxlarry
since back when ➸larry stylinson (...by kayla marie
Louis and Harry were childhood friends. From the moment they met on the bus in kindergarten, it was clear that they would be close. What happens when Harry starts havin...
lunch || larry by latenightlarry
lunch || larryby latenightlarry
In which Louis' mum does not have enough money to provide school lunch, so Harry gives him an orange everyday instead.
BTS littlespace oneshots by _http_myg_
BTS littlespace oneshotsby vickie
Requests are open! Please enjoy <3
Eren and the Big bad wolf ((Levi x Eren)) by animeislife1011
Eren and the Big bad wolf ((Levi x...by Secret
A love story between a human male Eren Yeager and a wolf named Levi Ackerman! After Eren saving Armin from a wolf in the woods long ago when they were kids, that wolf f...
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Solangelo One Shots by write-your-life-away
Solangelo One Shotsby nina!
literally just solangelo one shots (cover by @grasstains)
FIRST LOVE by solarkoo
❝ you're my first love. ❞ a taegguk fanfiction. ©solarkoo 2019
Gift From God- (mxm)/Mpreg by BbANDLOVRr
Gift From God- (mxm)/Mpregby BbANDLOVRr
WARNING- M-Preg and no smut. Marked mature because of language. Oh and not for grammar freaks, sorry but it ruins my fun to write! Oh and... Having a Happy ending is th...
long vacation; meanplan - END √ by peakachupeem-
long vacation; meanplan - END √by peakachupeem
Mean and Plan, two people who hate each other. But who knows what actually happened. In one night Mean Phiravich saw Plan that was so riveting, and made him unable to co...
Hell To Heaven [ BXB ] by _Fallen_Angel_4122
Hell To Heaven [ BXB ]by Dark Moon
*** COMPLETED *** Michael, a young boy of 17, has an abusive father and rough school life. Bullied at school and tortured at home, no escape from hell. Proper definitio...
wolfstar oneshots 💕💕 by renforeal
wolfstar oneshots 💕💕by renforeal
its all about Sirius and Remus ! TELL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS !!
Daddy's Princess || BTS Fanfiction↣KookV || by Taesthetic_bij
Daddy's Princess || BTS Fanfiction...by sᴜɢᴀʏᴀɴ ✧*。
"I t-thought K-Kookie won't l-love me anymore.." Taehyung whimpered whilst tears rolled down to his shaded pink cheeks. Jungkook hugged him with love and kisse...
The Criminal and The Vigilante (boyxboy) Bk 3 by DoUbLeZone
The Criminal and The Vigilante (bo...by DoUbLeZone
Lucas is a Shape Shifter who prides himself on being a man of the law. He's the one who puts away the criminals and makes the streets safe for the everyday citizen, so...
Riren Oneshots by ineedhelplikealotpls
Riren Oneshotsby Egg Mistress
This is a book of oneshots that I have been either thinking about or have been wanting to do. I will not be posting very much, but I am open for requests. Like I just sa...
Levi's owner (yaoi levixeren) by animeislife1011
Levi's owner (yaoi levixeren)by Secret
"How cute, don't be scared I'll make you feel good" He smirked at me as he unzipped my pants and put his hand inside rubbing my cock. I open my eyes with tea...
Fourteen Days by boobieloobie234
Fourteen Daysby Bri🖤
"2 weeks, alone, handcuffed sounds like the description of a shitty porno!" I never post stories but I've been working on this one and just said fuck it so he...
Fun dengan Cowok Normal by police__man
Fun dengan Cowok Normalby police__man
Karya kedua ku ini akan kuceritakan kisahku dengan beberapa cowok normal,mereka benar-benar normal bukan gay ya...😊