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A Shattered Machine (Percy Jackson and the Avengers) by TheBestMarvelFan
A Shattered Machine (Percy Jackson...by Summer Soldier
Annabeth. Leo. Jason. Piper. Hazel. Frank. Gone. The only hero of the original seven left? Perseus Jackson. Perseus Jackson has suffered many hardships - but non...
  • frankzhang
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Percy Jackson One Shots by omgitshappenning
Percy Jackson One Shotsby Six Fingered Man
*COMPLETED* Demigods and mortals and gods and monsters... Need I say more? DISCLAIMER : I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, nor the Heroes of Olympus
  • argoii
  • annabethchase
  • nomist
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The Invisible Girl by demigoddishness13
The Invisible Girlby demigodishness13
I've always been the girl that no one notices, the girl that no one cares to know, the one that no one cares to see. The girl that no sees the scars on, the invisible on...
  • percabeth
  • thaliagrace
  • heroesofolympus
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Percy Jackson & Harry Potter crossover by sadikurtz
Percy Jackson & Harry Potter cross...by sadikurtz
Just when Percy thought his life would go back to normal- or as normal as it could be for a demigod- he's told that wizards not only exist, but they need help. Join Perc...
  • percyjacksonharrypotter
  • hogwarts
  • nicodiangelo
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Recovering (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)  by Kateslyn11
Recovering (A Percy Jackson Fanfic...by Kateslyn11
What will happen when Percy Jackson is put in a coma? Will he pull through? Or has his luck finally run out? What will happen to Annabeth if he doesn't make it? What wi...
  • leovaldez
  • fanfic
  • frankzhang
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lunar witch · jason grace by -hoemonious
lunar witch · jason graceby - ̗̀ yusra ̖́-
she's mad, but she's magic and there's no lie in the greek fire in her heart. jason grace x oc [ THE LOST HERO | STARTED 7/5/18 - ENDED TBA ] [ #1 IN JASON GRACE - 31/0...
  • willsolace
  • frankzhang
  • pjo
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Fighting (Percabeth) Book 1/3 by LoveLifeBooks4eva
Fighting (Percabeth) Book 1/3by LoveLifeBooks4eva
They didn't know this would happen. Nobody did. But it did. Now they will pay. *LEMON= SEXUAL CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK* *15/6/17 finished editing. It is not the sa...
  • percabeth
  • percy
  • poseidon
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A Loophole (Percabeth Selection) by Muggles_Mortals
A Loophole (Percabeth Selection)by Squirrel
The Selection. A once in a lifetime chance to come to the palace, meet and fall in love with the handsome Prince Perseus Jackson. Or in Annabeth's eyes, the chance to po...
  • percyjackson
  • rickriordan
  • hazellevesque
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Worthy of the Sea ✔️ by KayeM0412
Worthy of the Sea ✔️by KayeM0412
Zeus must've said something because Poseidon visibly sighed and looked away with a dangerous scowl. Perci's father collapsed into a puddle of sea water, disappearing to...
  • femperci
  • pipermclean
  • persephonejackson
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The Newest Avenger (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by greekmarauders
The Newest Avenger (Percy Jackson...by greekmarauders
Percy Jackson is slowly losing his mind, but the others expect him to lead them. So he does, pretending that he wasn't affected by Annabeth's death, his parents death, a...
  • percyjackson
  • reyna
  • hoo
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Two Odd Princes ~ A Solangelo AU ~ by Starlight_88
Two Odd Princes ~ A Solangelo AU ~by Victoria
Nico di Angelo had been shunned by his father, King Hades, for two years after he came out and told him he's gay. Since then, the young boy lived two years as a normal c...
  • nicodiangelo
  • hades
  • hazellevesque
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Flatmates - Solangelo AU by fairyaverage
Flatmates - Solangelo AUby Clara
Nico di Angelo is a forensic pathologist, well, training to be one. He spends his days examining dead bodies and learning how they died. Pretty cool, right? Will Solace...
  • fanfiction
  • kaylaknowles
  • mentalhealth
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One Night... (Percabeth  AU) by smilingxsarah
One Night... (Percabeth AU)by s a r a h
One Night is all it takes to ruin someone's life One Night is all it takes to change someone's life One Night is sometimes all that matters One Night is all it took for...
  • fanfiction
  • onenight
  • leovaldez
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Secrets [A Heroes Of Olympus Fanfiction] by fanfics-and-stories
Secrets [A Heroes Of Olympus Fanfi...by Ames
It's been just over a year since the end of the Giant War. Percy and Annabeth have completed high school and are preparing to move to New Rome to continue their lives. J...
  • hazellevesque
  • frazel
  • pjo
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Heroes Of Olympus Guys X Reader (One-shots) (Completed) by whyso_sirius
Heroes Of Olympus Guys X Reader (O...by 🖤
Because my unhealthy teenage obsession with Nico Di Angelo and the rest of HOO is really getting out of hand....... ~~~ These are just one shots between you (the...
  • ethannakamura
  • wattpride
  • humor
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Potter Jackson (PJO HP crossover) by Penguin__King
Potter Jackson (PJO HP crossover)by Ash
Pretty much the title but it's lit because unlike every other fanfic about the crossover, they're all not in the same house. Also I wrote this like summer after freshman...
  • hazelleveque
  • harrypotter
  • pipermclean
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A Good Kid- Percy Jackson/ The Avengers by Juliet_Nebula
A Good Kid- Percy Jackson/ The Ave...by Juliet Nebula
Yes, another Avengers and Percy Jackson crossover with good ol uncle Tony. Cliche I know. Peter Parker was finally given something to do, a mission sorta. He had to go t...
  • wattys2018
  • tonystark
  • annabeth
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Soulmates (Percy Jackson AU) by DeltexGaming
Soulmates (Percy Jackson AU)by DeltexGaming
When you turn sixteen, you get a tattoo on your upper arm. And when your soulmate dies the tattoo goes black and the name of your soulmate is in black. When you first ki...
  • calypso
  • annnabethchase
  • thalico
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PJO/HoO One Shots | x reader by ohmyolympus
PJO/HoO One Shots | x readerby ˏˋ 𝚊𝚋𝚒𝚐𝚊𝚒𝚕 ˊˎ
•Requests are closed• PJO and HOO demigod oneshots Character x Reader I warn you, prepare to laugh and cry in a few of these one shots. Keep a box of tissues near you be...
  • jason
  • valdez
  • nico
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Alone - A House of Hades Rewrite by ForeverFandomer
Alone - A House of Hades Rewriteby in squad we trust
What if Percy fell into Tartarus alone? Will the remainder of the seven and Nico be able to make the journey to close the doors of death and rescue their friend from the...
  • dark
  • frankzhang
  • percy
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