Melania Haynes by har118
Melania Haynesby Harley
It's been 15 years since Sirius Black got sent to Azkaban for the murder of 12 people and being a known death eater. It's been 2 years since Sirius Black was the first...
  • melania
  • black
  • harry
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In Love With My Best Friend by sassylol
In Love With My Best Friendby Love01
WARNING: Some chapters are a little risky. If you cannot handle it please skip the inappropriate parts, or do not read. (slow updates) --------------------- "I'm i...
  • heartbreak
  • haynes
  • colton
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Alpha Blake Night by Belieber11021
Alpha Blake Nightby Mrs.Bieber
Emma Shaw is the daughter of Alpha James Shaw, Emma is a 19 year old girl with a special blood line that no one has, not even the wolf committee combined. Emma life chan...
  • colton
  • haynes
  • palvin
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Broken Hearts by lillyxx00
Broken Heartsby lillyxx00
In which a broken girl meets a broken guy and they suddenly realize everything's different. ...
  • haynes
  • gilinsky
  • mystery
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Meet The Suckers by SinisterSushi
Meet The Suckersby Adenosine Triphosphate a.k.a...
Picture this: You're walking in the middle of the night carrying napkins because it's your time of the month when a hot guy suddenly offers you a hundred bucks for your...
  • meet
  • obrien
  • humor
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